Old Version of ACDSee for Windows XP
Latest Version
Supported Systems
Legacy OS support
Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista
First Release
30 November, 1996 (18 years ago )
Latest Release
26 September, 2014 (6 days ago )

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Version Name
Released Date
26 September, 2014
(6 days ago)
63.16 MB
30 September, 2013
(1 year ago)
61.41 MB
26 May, 2010
(4 years ago)
59.26 MB
21 February, 2009
(6 years ago)
39.31 MB
01 October, 2008
(6 years ago)
38.82 MB
05 November, 2007
(7 years ago)
34.16 MB
13 March, 2007
(8 years ago)
26.84 MB
25 April, 2006
(8 years ago)
24.28 MB
04 October, 2005
(9 years ago)
11.11 MB
02 February, 2005
(10 years ago)
14.87 MB
22 May, 2002
(12 years ago)
11.47 MB
22 May, 2002
(12 years ago)
10.81 MB
12.13 MB
ACDSee Screenshots
Welcome screen of the ACDSee Photo Manager Setup, read the instructions and click "Next" to continue. More
Select the License options you wish, if you have license code then put it in or you can try the trail version. More
Select the setup type you wish to install and click "Next" to continue. More
About ACDSee

ACDSee is a shareware image viewer software for Windows developed by ACD Systems. The current version (as of September 2005) is 8. Besides the usual thumbnail viewing of folders and file type conversion, key features of ACDSee include slideshow presentations, CD/DVD burning, HTML gallery creation, image folder syncing and editing/indexing of image metadata like Exif. It is also possible to do minor image manipulation like cropping, scaling and rotating.

ACDSee Features

  • Fast and customizable photo browsing
  • Simple to use
  • Edit images quickly
  • Share pictures instantly
  • Great photo storage, archiving, and storage.

Updates : ACDSee Updates

Did You Know?

ACDSee is available in separate versions for English, German, Dutch and French. Released in April 2010, the current version of Photo Manager is 12.0. There is also an enhanced version which is dubbed ACDSee Pro, which adds Raw image format post processing. It has an own version numbering (the current version is 3.0).