Version History of Adobe AIR

Fixed Issues

  • Touch events extremely slow on AIR with Stage3D(3536911)
  • [Android only-> GPU] Stage is blank in GPU mode because of rotationY property(3554585)
  • [Android] [Screen Orientation] 'orienattionChange' event is not fired when Stage rotated through setOrientation() method(3572885)
  • [iPhone only] Application crashes when the Microphone is on for 10 to 20 mins(3560721)
  • [Screen Orientation][Android] Application rotates even if tag is set to 'false' and tag is set to 'any'(3562132)
  • StageWebView.drawViewPortToBitmapData draws incorrect bitmap on retina devices(3558603)
  • Support PIE enabled Apps on iOS - Apple now encourages developers to have the PIE enabled binaries - A warning is shared when app is uploaded on Apple App Store(3556281)

New Features :

  • StageVideo for AIR Desktop
  • Datagram socket support(Mobile)
  • Server socket support(Mobile)
  • LZMA compressed SWF support(Mobile)