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Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista
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Über Morpheus

Morpheus is the name of a file sharing client for Microsoft Windows, operated by the company StreamCast, that originally used the OpenNAP peer-to-peer (P2P) platform.

Located at, it had a Web-based search interface, just like Audiogalaxy had, though Morpheus searches all kinds of media, not just MP3s. In 2001, Morpheus changed protocols, from OpenNAP to FastTrack. On February 26, 2002, all Morpheus clients suddenly stopped working when the FastTrack protocol was updated and Morpheus users no longer were allowed to log into the network. This was apparently because of a licensing dispute between StreamCast and the owners of FastTrack. On March 2, 2003 a new, less-robust Morpheus client using the Gnutella network and the networking core from the Gnucleus servent was released. After some dispute over the GPL, under which Gnucleus had been released, Morpheus switched to a very outdated Jtella core, and after the disputes had been worked out, Morpheus switched back to the Gnucleus core. Since then, the network core has been updated to include Gnutella2, and StreamCast has created their own network, 'NEOnet,' and has included support for MLDonkey plugins, allowing access to EDonkey Network, Overnet Network, and, once again, FastTrack. Morpheus is property of StreamCast Networks, Inc. .
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Did You Know?

Morpheus automatically resumes broken content streams by finding another source.