Version Historie vonWireshark 1.2.2 (x64)

Bug Fixes

The following vulnerabilities have been fixed.

  • The GSM A RR dissector could crash. (Bug 3893)

Versions affected: 1.2.0 to 1.2.1

  • The OpcUa dissector could use excessive CPU and memory. (Bug 3986)

Versions affected: 0.99.6 to 1.0.8, 1.2.0 to 1.2.1

  • The TLS dissector could crash on some platforms. (Bug 4008)

Versions affected: 1.2.0 to 1.2.1
The following bugs have been fixed:

  • The "Capture->Interfaces" window can't be closed. (Bug 1740)
  • tshark-1.0.2 (dumpcap) signal abort core saved. (Bug 2767)
  • Memory leak fixes. (Bug 3330)
  • Display filter autocompletion doesn't work for some RADIUS and WiMAX ASNCP fields. (Bug 3538)
  • Wireshark Portable includes wrong WinPcap installer. (Bug 3547)
  • Crash when loading a profile. (Bug 3640)
  • The proto,colinfo tap doesn't work if the INFO column isn't being printed. (Bug 3675)
  • Flow Graph adds too much unnecessary garbage. (Bug 3693)
  • The EAP Diameter dictionary file was missing in the distribution. (Bug 3761)
  • Graph analysis window is behind other window. (Bug 3773)
  • IKEv2 Cert Request payload dissection error. (Bug 3782)
  • DNS NAPTR RR (RFC 3403) replacement MUST be a fully qualified domain-name. (Bug 3792)
  • Malformed RTCP Packet error while sending Payload specific RTCP feedback packet( as per RFC 4585). (Bug 3800)
  • 802.11n Block Ack packet Bitmap field missing. (Bug 3806)
  • Wireshark doesn't decode WBXML/ActiveSync information correctly. (Bug 3811)
  • Malformed packet when IPv6 packet has Next Header == 59. (Bug 3820)
  • Wireshark could crash while reading an ERF file. (Bug 3849)
  • Minor errors in gsm rr dissectors. (Bug 3889)
  • WPA Decryption Issues. (Bug 3890)
  • GSM A RR sys info dissection problem. (Bug 3901)
  • GSM A RR inverts MEAS-VALID values. (Bug 3915)
  • PDML output leaks ~300 bytes / packet. (Bug 3913)
  • Incorrect station identifier parsing in Kingfisher dissector. (Bug 3946)
  • DHCPv6, Vendor-Specific Informantion, SubOption"Option Request" parser incorrect. (Bug 3987)
  • Wireshark could leak memory while analyzing SSL.
  • Wireshark could crash while updating menu items after reading a file in some cases.
  • The Mac OS X ChmodBPF script now works correctly under Snow Leopard.

New and Updated Features

There are no new or updated features in this release.

New Protocol Support

There are no new protocols in this release.

Updated Protocol Support


Updated Capture File Support


File Locations

Wireshark and TShark look in several different locations for preference files, plugins, SNMP MIBS, and RADIUS dictionaries. These locations vary from platform to platform. You can use About->Folders to find the default locations on your system.

Known Problems

Wireshark may appear offscreen on multi-monitor Windows systems. (Bug 553)
Wireshark might make your system disassociate from a wireless network on OS X. (Bug 1315)
Dumpcap might not quit if Wireshark or TShark crashes. (Bug 1419)
The BER dissector might infinitely loop. (Bug 1516)
Wireshark can't dynamically update the packet list. This means that host name resolutions above a certain response time threshold won't show up in the packet list. (Bug 1605)
Capture filters aren't applied when capturing from named pipes. (Bug 1814)
Wireshark might freeze when reading from a pipe. (Bug 2082)
Filtering tshark captures with display filters (-R) no longer works. (Bug 2234)
The 64-bit Windows installer does not ship with the same libraries as the 32-bit installer.