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WS FTP 2007
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Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista
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Acerca de WS FTP

WS_FTP is the world's most used FTP Client. This program allows for single file transfers and auto-resume of failed downloads. You can perform remote file edits, CHMODs on UNIX boxes and file moves. It also offers thumbnail views, drag-and-drop transfers, HotDrop and Active Edit.

WS FTP Features

  • Very easy to quickly transfer files from a PC to a server
  • Publish personal websites, blogs and podcasts
  • Ideal for transferring all types of music
  • File Integrity Checking up to SHA256/512
  • Synchronization
  • Email Notifications
  • .Zip Compression
  • OpenPGP file encryption
WS FTP is property of IpSwitch .
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Did You Know?

WS_FTP (WinSock File Transfer Protocol) is produced by an American company called Ipswitch, Inc. for the Windows operating systems. WS_FTP is one of the oldest Shareware FTP clients still around today dating back to the early 90's. It was originally developed in 1993 by John A. Junod, who sold the marketing rights to Ipswitch in 1996 and worked there as a CTO until 2003.