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Thread: Challenges Downloading Incredimail (build 2448)

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    Default Challenges Downloading Incredimail (build 2448)

    orI like Incredimail 2448 the best, but its owners/administrtors have erected several barriers to letting me take advantage of OldApps wonderful service. (New problems will be apparent to anyone tring to download Incredimail 2.0, such as an insistance that you replace your search engine with their My Start or else no ncredimail for you.

    Solving the problem. 1) REFORMAT, 2) Then use OldApps. Otherwise, if there is any Incredimail software left on your computer, Incredimail administrators delete your attempted download.

    This strikes me as authoritarian and counterproductive on the part of Incredimail, but to each his own.

    At last I once again have Incredimail build 2448.

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    Angry Re: Challenges Downloading Incredimail (build 2448)

    Same thing happened to me too! I tried 3 times since I did not want to be forced to install a search engine that I don't want but I had no luck and therefore did not install it. It is a nightmare with Incredimail.
    Anyone - ??? what is their goal??? no-body wants the new versions!
    I have changed to eMail Client - good riddens Incredimail!

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