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    I've just downloaded Nero 7 - I've never had Nero before. It won't let me install it as it says the code is out of date.

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    Nero started using spacial algorithms a while back so that its softwares are not pirated on major scale. If you bought a Nero 7 software and a serial number came with it then you will be able to use it otherwise the free trial will not work.

    You can download nero 8 from and try it for 30 days for free. Good luck
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    I am a long time legal user of Nero, I purchased a serial number for every version I ever owned. I upgraded my computer , when I tried to install Nero 7 Ultra. I got the (expired serial number) message. What really hurts, I got an auto reply instantly. It stated they would get back to me in a timely manner. It has been three days. I am so tired of no face companies. Yo are at their mercy. Government is so much in our lives, when are they going to regulate the internet companies to protect us. Spam , stealth email ...etc. I am going to free ware from now on. Lots of luck people. Tony

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    I bought an ez-dub cd/dvd rw device a few years ago. It came with the software but of course somewhere along the line I lost the software. I now have a little netbook and want to use my ez-dub on it. The ez-dub folks gave me the software from their company but it requires nero 7. Has to be version 7 evidently as it won't work with nero 9. I found Nero 7 on this site - but like others have discovered, the serial code is out of date. Is there a way to get a working serial number? If not, why is the s/w being offered here? <scratching head> Thanks for your help.

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