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Thread: 10 Easy Steps on Reformatting a Computer

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    Everyone thinks reformatting should be handle by professionals, but no...that's a big no. Everyone can reformat his/her own PC if she/he wants to. Though reformatting should be done in case no other option is available, what i mean to say is, for example your PC is infected by some sort of virus that prevents you from opening the operating system. In this case, you cannot do anything, can you install an anti virus or even run an anti virus if you cannot even proceed to standby mode or in desktop, no. So i will teach you a few steps on how can you reformat a PC even your PC without the help of the professionals.

    1) All computer has BIOS ( Basic input/output system). Here, you can set up how your PC will run. It is a blue colored full screen with different tabs like general, exit, devices and many more. Go to BIOS by simply hitting del (delete) continuously after restarting your computer.

    2) Once in BIOS, look for the booting set up. Listed there are the devices which computer normally boots. ( Harddisk, CD-rom, Floopy Disk and Network)

    3) Place the CD-Rom as the first boot and see to it that the bootable CD of Operating system you want is inserted in the CD-Rom. Then Place harddisk as the second booting device. Third and fourth booting devices are not usually important.

    4) Save the changes and Exit. This will restart your computer automatically.

    5) When your computer restarts wait until you see a message saying.........
    Boot to CD........<----if this showed up hit any key to boot to CD. This will make your computer refer to the CD.

    6) They will ask you if you want to delete or to create a new partition. For me just delete the partition and do not create anymore partitions. This will only slows your computer down.

    7) After Deleting the partitions, they will ask you if you wanted to format you PC. There are 4 choices in there:

    a. Quick format (FAT)
    b. Format (FAT)
    c. Quick format (NTSF)
    d. Format (NTSF)

    Choose the format either NTSF or FAT. Sometimes quick formatting result to corruption of some files.

    8) The computer will copy the contents needed from the CD to your PC and installs it. Windows will appear but i know when you see one you can understand what to do. It will just ask for date and time and user name if you want to.

    9) After the installation is complete the computer will automatically restart.

    10) Once restarted, set the display in your choice. You can do anything now. Congratulations, you now can reformat PC.

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    do i need a cd to reformat my pc??

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    Default Re: 10 Easy Steps on Reformatting a Computer

    Thanks roipatrick, now I will Reformatting my Computer myself , it seems easy , thanks .

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