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Thread: Transferring Songs From iPhone to computer

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    Default Transferring Songs From iPhone to computer

    My computer crashed and after repairing all my itunes backup files are gone.There’re almost 500 songs in it…But I still have those music on my iphone, so can I transfer the music back to computer from my iphone?

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    Default Re: Transferring Songs From iPhone to computer

    You can always use iTunes to transfer the music to computer that is authorized for your Apple ID if those music were purchased from iTunes, because they should be linked to your iTunes account.
    For other stuff that came form outside the iTunes Store, for example those songs you rip from CD's etc locally, you still have to use extra help.You can use iTunes Match, by which
    your entire iTunes library is uploaded to the cloud and so is available to every device using the same AppleID.

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    Default Re: Transferring Songs From iPhone to computer

    The following three methods may help you. I've ever tried.
    Method 1:
    Through iTunes
    1. Link iPhone to COMPUTER.
    2. Open up the iTunes, and synchronize it with the iPhone.
    3. Duplicate the music from iTunes to laptop.

    Method 2: Through iCloud
    1. Set up iCloud both on iPhone and also computer. Set up the Windows edition if your PC is with Windows OPERATING-SYSTEM.
    2. Start the Synchronize feature of the iCloud in the iPhone options.
    3. Sign in the iCloud with the Apple ID on the laptop, and you can to control your iPhone data files at this point.
    4. Pick the music in your iPhone and synchronize them in your Computer's iCloud, if you like to put them in selected folders, you’re able to down load the music to your local folder.

    Method3: Use transfer tool. Just Google.

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