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Google Toolbar
Old Version of Google Toolbar 6.0.1411.1512
Selected Version
Google Toolbar 6.0.1411.1512
Supported Systems
Legacy OS support
Windows ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Release Date
25 February, 2009 (10 years ago )

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Google Toolbar 6.0.1411.1512 was either harmful to your computer or it was pulled from our servers for another reason. We apologize for any inconviniance this may have caused. You can always email us at for more help.

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System Requirements of Google Toolbar 6.0.1411.1512
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
Additional Requirements
  • Internet Explorer 6 or above
Program Information of Google Toolbar 6.0.1411.1512
Version Name:
Google Toolbar 6.0.1411.1512

File Size:
202.27 KB

Released Date:
25 February, 2009 (10 years ago)

MD5 Checksum:

SHA1 Checksum:

Version History of Google Toolbar 6.0.1411.1512
New features:
  • Quick Search Box feature that provides search functionality outside of the browser
  • Internet Explorer 8 support
  • Incremental improvements for search suggestions, Google Bookmarks, Autofill, and Custom Buttons…

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Google Toolbar Screenshots
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About Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar is a product of Google. This addition to Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later adds Google's searching capabilities in a toolbar in the web browser. The latest version includes pop-up ads blocking, automatic filling of forms, the ability to show the Google PageRank value for the current page being viewed, and spell checker, Auto Link and the Word Translator. It has been criticized for being a security risk because it updates itself without user intervention.

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Did You Know?

Keep the power of Google search close at hand. Google Toolbar puts a search box in your browser, making it easier than ever to find anything you want on the Web.