Version History of KMPlayer

 Album Art Upgrade:

  • Changed KMP Plus platform from Flash to web.
  • Proving Album Art Automatic Movie info TMDB matching service.
  • Configuring function for playing FTP server videos with Album Art.
  • Syncing function for KMP Play List with Album Art.
  • Multi-deleting function for Album Art.
  • Proving Image View & List View mode.
  • A variety of content within KMP App
  • Added Plug Web
  • Added YouTube channels and searching service.
  • Provided movie information and critic service.

KMPlayer Upgrade:

  • Improved EVR performance for Overlay subtitle and applied transparency effect
  • Fixed BOF vulnerabilities. (FLAC file) - Provided by: KISA
  • Fixed buffer insufficiency error for playing mp3.
  • Fixed skipping error for MP4 Audio.
  • Fixed RUBY subtitle error.