Version History of Empathy IM 0.12

What's New?
- Only update the topic of it has really be changed, avoid diplaying
times "Topic set to:" message.
- Some Jabber chatroom sends messages received before we joined the
room, avoid
displaying those messages if we already logged them last time we
joined that
room. Previous workaround prevented Empathy to log offline messages.


Bugs Fixed:
- Fixed #447467, Configure a Salut account is too complicated (Cosimo
Cecchi, Xavier Claessens)
- Fixed #457660, [Patch] Python bindings (Michael Sheldon)
- Fixed #466377, better jabber icon (Björn Martensen)
- Fixed #467827, Edit menu should be second from the left (Cosimo
- Fixed #469638, Salut's protocol name is going to change to local-xmpp
(Sjoerd Simons)

- Updated fi: Ilkka Tuohela
- Updated fr: Stéphane Raimbault, Frederic Peters
- Updated es: Jorge Gonzalez
- Updated pl: Artur Flinta
- Updated ja: Takeshi AIHANA