Version History of Adium 0.86

SVN revision: [13845]
  • Resolved rate limiting error with the AIM protocol #1780
  • Fixed issues when the default download folder does not exist or is not writable #1823
  • Fixed duplicate install messages when installing a zipped Xtra which contained a __MACOSX folder
  • Fixed incompatibilities when using multiple text-to-speech synthesizers #1929
  • Added indication to the File Transfer Progress Window of upload vs. download #1987
  • Middle names can be imported from the Address Book. #1118
  • New log files can now be opened with Firefox. #706
  • .Mac: We no longer add \'\' to ICQ and mobile screen-names #1832
  • ICQ: Aliases are now saved to the server #466
  • Resolved some truncating issues in the status menu. #1782
  • Catalan, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Swedish translation updates