Version History of Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.1.0 (Intel)


  • The ExData dictionary entry for markup annotations is now exported in XFDF.


  • Field Validation to add some methods and properties to the XFA object model in order to give greater control to form authors on how validation messages are handled and separate highlight fields from mandatory fields
  • Signature Validation Performance improvements including Checkers, Mod Analysis, and XFA canonicalization (XFA canonicalization replaced by using the new XFA DOM)
  • Make XFA dynamic forms so that changes are reported in signature-related change reporting as they are for acroform and static xfa
  • Data Binding replaces a Designer registry setting to disable schema validation with an XFA configuration setting
  • Support a new USPS barcode that came into effect in January 2009
  • In XFA documents, fields can be marked as visible, hidden or invisible. They can also be marked as optional or mandatory. When a field is hidden or invisible, it shouldn’t be treated as mandatory since users have no way of entering the information. When creating new XFA documents, the new ‘inactive’ value should be used instead of ‘hidden’. These XFA documents will however only work in Acrobat and Reader versions 9.1 and above.

Hosted Services/Collaboration/JavaScript

  • A reference Xobject is now able to reference a target document which is included in the containing document as an embedded file stream.  As a result, the target document can be found, viewed or printed.


  • In 9.1, full screen mode will be enabled for portfolios when a PDF file is displayed in the portfolio preview window. If a non-PDF file is displayed in the preview window, or the preview window is not visible, full screen mode is disabled. In all cases, when full screen mode is invoked, it applies to the PDF file in the preview window.
  • Preview first file in portfolio when in split view Navigator (used by Portfolios)
  • Integrate Portfolio Navigators from Adobe Labs into 9.1

Security/Digital Signatures

  • A more secure eStatement workflow based around PKI encryption and gave eStatement providers a way to collect public certificate and provide credentials to customers. Improved usability for installing digital IDs for use in eStatements and improved workflows surrounding decryption.
  • New Adobe Policy Server transport format
  • Update to digital signature infrastructure in Acrobat 9.1 to support long-term signature validation.
  • Extended Message will appear to show that the UB is “temporary” or “evaluation” in the UB message navigation panel
  • Mac Keychain Support for interfacing to smartcards/usb tokens/storing software certificates
  • Data Signature support improvements including having the Validate All button also validate data signatures and having data signature validity participate in the roll-up of document signature status
  • Signature Panel usability improvements including moving signature validity state to top level item under the signature moving the timestamp validity message (if any) to a top level item under the signature and changing Certified section to eliminate “Signed by ...” tab and promote everything under it to top level under “Certified by ...”
  • To support forms and documents routing in LiveCycle, including click-through eSignature workflows, the submit button needs to be in the application UI and not in the document.
  • Pencil E-Signatures will typically be used when scanning a paper form to PDF and wanting to put an electronic handwritten signature by using a TabletPC, tablet/stylus or even a regular mouse.


  • Changing the version information in the splash screen to display Security update with descriptive user-friendly strings.
  • MGRS & Nat Grid coordinate displays are added to the Geospatial Location Tool, the Find coordinate Location box, geospatial measuring widget and the Preferences.
  • For 9.1, we included in the patch installer geography specific Search/Redact patterns for French, German and Japanese products. We also created additional patterns for UK English and Canada English, but have not install those in 9.1 because we don’t have a way to tell which English geography.
  • Roaming Profiles on Windows and Networked Home Directory on Macintosh are not supported configurations for 9.0 or 9.1, however we have made several fixes in 9.1. We are looking at the possibility of supporting this for the next major release.