Version History of Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.1.3 (PPC)

Resolved Issues
Product Area: 3D

  • Incorrect Radial measurement result when using "3D Snap to Radial Edges"
  • Using ZoomToPart or FitVisible on a point model in perspective or orthographic view issue

Product Area: Forms

  • 1576839: method does not immediately return to first page when direct rendering is on
  • Scrolling through a dynamic form with large character offsets could cause crash
  • Tabbing may not visit all objects in bar code forms under direct render
  • Unable to select checkbox after data has been merged
  • Form layout distortion with English Reader on simplified Chinese operating system
  • Extra white pages added to end of document with direct rendering enabled
  • Still able to select checkbox and radio buttons that are set to readOnly with direct rendering on
  • Copying a large amount of data into a multiline text field could cause crash
  • Drop down list shows scroll bar when direct rendering enabled
  • Script written to change the comb property of a text field to true fails when direct rendering is enabled
  • vScrollPolicy = "off" could cause crash
  • Opening particular XFA files that have Text Formatting set to 'Legacy Version 6' can crash Acrobat and Reader 8.1.2 upon open
  • LiveCycle Compatibility Warning: File submission taking much longer with stand alone than if in browser plug-in
  • Some drop-down list items do not show up in dynamic forms with direct rendering enabled
  • Drop-down list arrow is missing on small sizes
  • Cannot type the first letter of a value in a drop-down list and get the value auto-selected
  • Read-only field appears interactive using a Chinese locale
  • Overflow characters used incorrectly in some text boxes
  • Hebrew fonts not displaying properly in some dynamic forms
    LiveCycle Compatibility Warning: Form with signatures takes longer to open in Acrobat 8.x, 9.x than when opened in 7.x
  • Multiple selection listbox does not keep items selected when focus leaves field
  • "Software Error" after adding, and removing sub-forms
  • When using <reference-syntax>.applyXSL() to apply, extended characters can be corrupted
  • LiveCycle Compatibility Warning: When executing saveXML() from within th Form context, the data description for the form is not observed
  • : LiveCycle Compatibility Warning: Resaving form in Designer 8.2 breaks scripting against instancemanager.count property

Product Area: Misc

  • Performance issues with PDFs protected by LiveCycle Rights Management with policies containing dynamic watermark
  • Preflight Droplets are non-functional on Mac platform in 8.1.2
  • Redaction overlay text is disappearing on scanned documents of text
  • Figure in flow chart cannot be indexed or searched
  • An Explicit Mask on a Type 3 Image is erroneously applied to the next image
  • JS Print routine can return an uninitialized value 1673676: LiveCycle Compatibility Warning: Net.HTTP.request() is not a privileged only JavaScript as advertized in our JavaScript manual

Product Area: PDF Maker

  • PDF not getting created from right click menu on a Microsoft Word document using Acrobat 8 3D in 8.1.2
  • Files in Microsoft Outlook Temporary folder fail to get deleted automatically on closing Outlook
  • French language PDF Maker improperly maps heading to <p> tags in resulting PDF
  • Word document is timing out when Acrobat 8.1.2 PDF Maker is used with Office XP SP3 or Office 2003 SP3

Product Area: Printing

  • When printing with print icon in browser, pages are not printed
  • Memory leak while printing large document with images
  • Issue printing multiple documents using the windows context menu option
  • Acrobat was experiencing possible crashes when printing some PDFs that contained a watermark with an opacity of less than 100% with a PCL 5 or PCL 6 printer driver
  • PostScript Error while Printing to Phaser PS 3 Printers: This issue has been resolved as experienced on 6350, 6200 and 7300 printers.Root

Product Area: Document Security

  • IndenTrust OCSP validation works differently between Reader and Acrobat 7 and 8
  • 'Incorrect type encountered during signing ' error signing the OCSP request using the IdenTrust utility credential
  • Signing dynamic form takes longer in 8.1.x Reader then it does in 7.0.9
  • Reader extended documents no longer work after saving from browser when using embed tag
  • Product Area: Viewer
  • Crash clicking link and Previous Page View button with a file that contains a PDF Package
  • With direct rendering enabled, it was possible to create a crash by clicking the print button while processing a preprint event
  • Reader locks up if user checks dialog box to suppress security warning
  • Acrobat crashes when JavaScript used to add and apply signature in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or 7
  • Security Warning message is displayed at preview before PDF buttons are displayed in the browser
  • IAC api fix for AVDoc::Open()