StuffIT Expander for Mac
Old Version of StuffIT Expander 10.0.2
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StuffIT Expander 10.0.2
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Download StuffIT Expander 10.0.2
StuffIT Expander 10.0.2

StuffIT Expander 10.0.2 (4.89 MB)

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System Requirements of StuffIT Expander 10.0.2
  • Mac OS X 10.3 Panther
Additional Requirements
  • Works on OS X 10.3 - 10.3.9
Program Information of StuffIT Expander 10.0.2
Version Name:
StuffIT Expander 10.0.2

File Size:
4.89 MB

Released Date:
23 October, 2011 (3 years ago)

MD5 Checksum:

SHA1 Checksum:

Version History of StuffIT Expander 10.0.2
  • Changelog not available
StuffIT Expander for Mac Screenshots

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About StuffIT Expander for Mac

Access StuffIt files, uncompress Zip archives, decompress tar, gzip and bzip archives, and more. Just drag, drop, and you're done! From BinHex to Zip, StuffIt to MIME, Expander accesses more formats, in less time, with zero hassles.

StuffIt Expander opens files created with WinZip®, 7zX, iShrink, SimplyRAR, Rarify, Rucksack (formerly iArchiver), BetterZip, RarMachine, GUI Tar, CleanArchiver, Springy, TarPit, RAR, Ez7z, Keka, and the compression utilities built into recent versions of Windows and Mac OS X.

StuffIT Expander Decompresses Following Filetypes

  • 7-Zip (.7z, .cb7)
  • AppleSingle (.as)
  • Arc (.arc)
  • ARJ (.arj)
  • BinHex (.hqx), all versions
  • BTOA (.b2a, .btoa)
  • bzip2 (.bzip, .bzip2, .bz, .bz2, .tbz, .tbz2,, .tar.bz2)
  • CAB (.cab)
  • Compact Pro (.cpt)
  • gzip (.gz, .tgz)
  • LHA (.lha, .lzh)
  • LZMA (.lzma, .tlzma, .tar.lzma)
  • MacBinary (.bin, .macbin), all versions
  • MIME/Base 64 (.mime)
  • Private File (.pF), Aladdin's encryption file format
  • RAR (.rar, .rNN, .cbr, .partNN.rar), including segmented
  • SpaceSaver StuffIt compression format used in versions prior 5.x
  • StuffIt (.sit, .sitx, .sit.N, .partNN.sitx, .sea, .exe) v1.5.1 to 8.0.x, including encrypted, segmented and self-extracting archive
  • tar (.tar, .gtar, .gnutar, .ustar, .cbt)
  • Unix Compress (.Z, .z, .taz)
  • UU (.uu, .uue, .enc), PC/Unix 8 bit to 7 bit encoding similar to BinHex (.hqx)
  • yEncode (.ync, .y)
  • ZIP (.zip, .zNN, .cbz, .exe), including encrypted, Zip64, segmented and self-extracting archive

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