Version History of Miranda 0.7.1 *


  • Improved icon skinning engine performance
  • ICQ: Enable ICQ 6 photo handling
  • Jabber: Improved avatar processing
  • MSN: Added per message nickname display
  • MSN: Improved status message processing


  • Image services plugin wasn't loaded correctly sometimes
  • Standard message dialog didn't draw user id button correctly
  • Network log issue creating log file name correctly
  • ICQ: Handle non-standard offline messages
  • ICQ: Buffer overflow vulnerability
  • IRC: Warning message was cut off
  • IRC: Buffer overflow vulnerability in IRC options
  • IRC: Russian nicks parsed incorrectly
  • IRC: Fixed clickable timestamps in group chats
  • Jabber: urn:xmpp:time returns month number off by 1
  • Jabber: Jabber displayed self in contact list
  • Jabber: Wrong timestamp for offline messages
  • Jabber: Crash in Jabber multi-user conference
  • Jabber: Buffer overflow vulnerability in Jabber forms
  • Jabber: Can't change icons to gadu gadu transport contacts
  • MSN: Changed gateway polling frequency
  • MSN: Fixed MSN alert url creation
  • MSN: Remove Yahoo alert
  • Yahoo: Buffer overflow vulnerability