Version History of PeaZip 4.8.1


  • Added shared sync folders to predefined system paths for navigation, extraction and compression, automatically detected: Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Ubuntu One
  • Bar toggling buttons (tools, address, navigation) now displays context menu on click for faster switching and better discoverability of alternative bars
  • Navigation menus were uniformed and was reduced duplication of navigation features
  • Details view now by default without thumbnails for more speed and lower resource usage, quicker switching to icons and images mode in Status bar

Improved bookmarking

  • Any file type can be bookmarked, bookmarked non-archive files are opened with associated applications
  • Bookmarks can be added by drag and drop from the system and from PeaZip

Status bar

  • Two icons for faster and more intuitive switching details / icons and pictures styles
  • Password / Keyfile icon on the right side, alongside other icons
  • One click button to close advanced views (bookmarks, clipboard, etc) and return to status bar
  • Reduced amount of information displayed on right side about navigation and selection, for better focus on important information

Address bar

  • Address filed / search filed separator can now be adjusted
  • Search context menu displayed clicking on search button
  • Refresh context menu displays refresh, history and recent archives
  • Improved switching from breadcrumb to classic address field
  • Minor visual enhancements, tool bar buttons with text on the side by default for better use of vertical space

Various minor fixes


  • Set password control displayed as button and moved in output parameters area for better visibility
  • Reorganized Extraction and Archiving status bar information
  • Context menu button in Archiving and Extraction status bar on the left of confirmation button
  • Favourite archive formats context menu in Archiving interface launches directly compression/conversion in the selected format
  • Extract here / to new folder context menu in Extraction interface launches direct extraction
  • Uniformed password information, with same colour code representation of password strength as in Password dialog


  • Fixed some issues of cascaded menu
  • limited maximum number of cascaded menu items as some systems does not handle correctly more than 16 elements
  • for filetypes not associated with PeaZip all the extraction actions are now featured on the bottom of the menu