Version History of RoboForm 7.4.0

Installer and Licensing Changes:

  • Merge RoboForm Everywhere and RoboForm Desktop installers into simply RoboForm.
  • Synchronization via RoboForm Everywhere (Online) account is now a software option, not related to licensing.
  • RoboForm Everywhere license can activate RoboForm on several computers of the same user, even without syncing them all.
  • RoboForm Desktop license activates one computer and now it allows syncing too.
  • RoboForm2Go license allows running RF2Go on one USB key, with or without synchronization.
  • New Activation dialog and Activation sequence: RF goes directly to server, not via browser.

Chrome and Opera:

  • Chrome: Fix favicons are not saved in Chrome.
  • Chrome: fix monitoring of document status.
  • Chrome, Opera: better detection of when page loading ends.
  • Chrome, Opera: fix Fill command of Password Generator dialog does not work.
  • Chrome, Opera: reduce memory consumption, load RF only into frames where it's needed.
  • Chrome, Opera: fix custom fields do not work.
  • Chrome: fix No toolbar in popup windows.
  • Chrome: fix RF toolbar may not match to current page.
  • Chrome, Opera: fix bugs in form filler.
  • Opera: Fix RoboForm installer can not find Opera browser program folder sometimes.
  • Fix $AnyValueHere$ field still fills.
  • Fix clicking of Submit buttons.
  • Save/Fill new HTML-5 email fields.


  • Options dialog now runs un-elevated, elevation happens only when needed.
  • Fix mini-dialog does not disappear automatically sometimes.
  • Fix tooltip gets stuck even when its underlying window disappears.
  • Remove synchronization pre-pass that was dealing with smpenc.rfo.
  • AutoSave: when saving over existing Login (Passcard), do not offer to save as Bookmark.
  • Fix sync does not start automatically after forced save (Alt+Click).
  • Fix bug in detection of default browser on Vista/Window-7.
  • Expand width of Passcard Mini-Dialog window so that long passcard names are not truncated.
  • Fix login on a passcard always opens new window in IE if protected mode is On.
  • Fix Login from the taskbar always opens new browser window.
  • Fix '&' symbol is not shown in virtual keyboard.
  • Add current input language indicator next to password input box.
  • Fix Editor Navigator pane and Mini-Dialogs are white on white in high contrast theme.