Version History of Songbird 1.7.2

Songbird 1.7.2 build 1667 for Windows XP, windows Vista, and Windows 7 and Mac 10.5.x/10.6.x

  • Songbird now supports the Philips Muse and CAM devices
  • Support for removable SD storage in devices
  • MPEG-4 and WMV encoding support
  • Video playback support for the Mac

Philips MUSE Device Specific

  • Ratings are not properly transferred or displayed on the Muse. ( bug 20795, bug 20804)
  • WMA is not available as a supported audio codec. ( bug 21186)

Philips CAM Device Specific

  • Various failures during device eject and format operations due to firmware bugs. ( bug 20761)
  • Internal and removable storage media will be swapped in the UI due to a firmware bug. ( bug 21063)
  • Bitmap images may display incorrectly on the device. ( bug 21005)
  • Double-byte characters in metadata may display as "?" on the device. ( bug 21007)

SD Card Support

  • Inserting an SD card after device was already connected is not mounted in Songbird
    • This is known behavior; also occurs with Windows Media Player. ( bug 20814)

All Devices

  • There may be a slight difference in the device capacity displayed between the service pane and the device summary page. ( bug 20999)
  • The capacity display and sync buttons are enabled for devices with no available storage media. ( bug 20917)
  • Songbird may freeze for a few seconds when mounting a device when the Songbird library is extremely large (50K+ tracks). ( bug 20985)
  • The "Other" category on the device summary page will increase when the device is in MSC mode and a video is being transcoded to that device. The display will correct itself once the video has finished transcoding. ( bug 21035)
  • When transferring a playlist to a device that doesn't support playlists, a playlist node will appear briefly underneath the device node while the playlist's contents are synced to the device. The playlist node will disappear once the sync is complete. ( bug 21054)
  • Attempts to rename a device in MTP mode may fail with an error that the device does not support renaming. ( bug 21097)

Below are the high profile bugs/issues which are known to still be open for this release.  You can also check the Common Duplicates page for lesser profile known issues.


  • For playback of DRM-encrypted files, make sure you have gone to store from which you purchased those tracks to learn how to authorize your computer to play them.  Songbird will be able to play DRM-encrypted tracks as soon as your machine has been authorized.
  • The following are not yet supported by Songbird (will be planned for future releases):
    • Podcast Subscriptions and Playback, CD Burn

All Platforms

  • UI
    • Dialogs text cropped when OS is using big fonts ( bug 5583)
    • Window min/max sizing does not respect DPI ( bug 6956)
    • Paused tracks intermittently increase playcount ( bug 13615)
    • Number of channels in music files are not listed for some of the file ( bug 18451)
    • Intermittently when downloading tracks, progress bars stop animating ( bug 18595)
    • [search] removed search engines are not removed from the search options UI ( bug 20847)
    • The Safe Mode UI is poorly laid out ( bug 21042)
  • Import/Download
    • Itunes smart playlists aren't imported ( bug 16473)
    • Pause/resume download from skreemr always fails ( bug 20793)
  • Playlists
    • Cannot create a playlist while editing metadata ( bug 20750)
  • Performance
    • [perf] video streaming gets slow and choppy when fetching artwork and playing tracks ( bug 20652)
  • Misc
    • Certain combinations of codepages and unicode characters may prevent xulrunner from launching (Songbird bug 17467, Mozilla bug 413171, Mozilla bug 469856)
    • Inconsistent Music Folder naming based on Locale (18484)

Windows Specific

  • Win 7
    • [win7] UI issue when Songbird is maximized on dual-monitor setup ( bug 15790)
      • Fixed in 1.8.0 release
    • [win7] Show Desktop hides entire Songbird window ( bug 16293)
  • Video
    • Quicktime files with zlib compressed headers will not play back on Windows. ( bug 14170)
    • If the user starts playback of a video, then switches to another video while the first video is playing back, Songbird may not resume playback of the first video at its stopping point. ( bug 18910)
      • Fixed in 1.8.0 release
    • The video window may open on the wrong monitor on systems with multiple displays attached. ( bug 18916)
    • Play/pause controller state change on seek in video ( bug 19904)
    • Empty time column is displayed until after the video has played. ( bug 19442)
    • [vibe] Video files which do not contain an audio track will not show in device video list
      • This is a known limitation of the device. Not a bug to fix. Reference: ( bug 19744)
    • [video:ui] New video window fails to be on top when created ( bug 20287)
    • [OSD] On screen display is missing the play bar when clicking on fullscreen ( bug 20781)
      • Fixed in 1.8.0 release
    • [theora][OGG] theora OGG container is appearing on music instead of videos ( bug 20892)
      • Fixed in 1.8.0 release
  • Transcoding
    • [trcode] Transcoding from ogg to mp3 keeps the file's original bitrate in Songbird ( bug 19756)
    • Progress header not displaying in drag and drop music only transfer ( bug 20030)
  • Device Support
    • General Sync
      • Same files can be added twice to a device if 2 pcs are used ( bug 9803)
      • [msc] Over-capacity transfer fails silently when device is in a bad state ( bug 17416)
      • [vibe] Canceling sync can intermittently take too long and doesn't fully cancel ( bug 18925)
      • [mtp][msc][vibe/Activa] Firmware level reported as 0.00 on first mount
        • This is a known limitation of the device. Not a bug to fix. Reference: ( bug 20068)
      • [mtp][Spark] Playlist is created on device, but not shown in device UI
        • Believed to be a limitation of the Spark device. Not a bug to fix. Reference: ( bug 20113)
      • [sync] Insufficient disk space error Over-capacity autosync ( bug 20273)
      • [newdevice] [Blackberry 9500 MSC Mode] - Media fails to transfer to device when no SD card is inserted ( bug 20658)
        • Fixed in 1.8.0 release
      • [mtp] Autosync to empty library from setup causes indefinite busy state ( bug 20769)
      • [Nokia N97] Ringtones are displayed in Songbird; user can potentially delete them ( bug 20776)
      • [sync] SB hangs when trying to drag/drop 3k+ tracks from lib to device; i.e. Not enough capacity on device for media ( bug 20818)
      • Mixed media playlists not syncing when set from music tab ( bug 20821)
    • UI
      • No known UI issues
    • Performance
      • [perf][mtp] Mounting a large mtp device can take up to 20 seconds ( bug 19802)
      • [perf] Sync 1k songs (many tracks) to device from 10k songs Songbird library (large library) can ~1 hour ( bug 19858) ( bug 19859)
    • Photo Sync
      • Photo files larger than 5k x 5k are not supported on Philips devices
        • This is a known limitation of the device. Not a bug to fix. Reference: ( bug 20893)
  • CD Rip
    • Users must click within the CD Rip media view to activate the CD Rip-specific keyboard shortcuts. ( bug 18267)
    • Cds will occasionally not eject automatically after a successful rip when the auto-eject option is enabled. ( bug 18291)
    • The transcoding preferences UI for CD Rip allows users to select unavailable output bitrates for WMA files. The files will be written with the closest available bitrate to the one chosen by the user. ( bug 18242)
    • [mgtlibrary] manage files location set to dvd doesn't write nor does it error ( bug 19196)
    • CD Rip to My Documents mapped to network drive fails ( bug 20691)
    • Artist/album metadata entered for cd being ripped is not retained ( bug 20781)
      • Fixed in 1.8.0 release
  • Media Lists
    • Some songs display as 0:00 ( bug 9145)
    • Portugese articles not ignored in sorting ( bug 16301)
    • [metadata:mp3] editing multiple items dialog box contains incorrect quantity of tracks selected ( bug 19921)
  • Misc
    • Songbird will not recognize USB CD drives plugged in while the application is running. Quit and restart Songbird to mount your CD drive inside the application. ( bug 18033)
    • First application quit takes over 15 seconds to complete ( bug 19857)

Macosx Specific

  • [mac][ipod] itunes can interfere with mount of ipod in Songbird ( bug 6946)
  • [mac][linux] Songbird does not play MIDI files ( bug 9798)
  • [mac] Mini-player doesn't show up in Spaces (intermittent) ( bug 9819)
  • [key][mac] Keyboard shortcuts for Play/Pause, Next/previous track not shown in Control menu ( bug 12922)