Version History of Songbird 1.9.3


  • An always-available, on-the-fly playlist queueing feature
  • 7digital music store addon redesign
  • Performance improvements
    • Faster search and filtering
    • Quicker metadata editing when changing several files simultaneously


Device Support

  • Re-syncing a track with changed metadata will not update the metadata on the device. ( bug 22241)
  • Attempting multiple over-capacity sync operations may cause an application crash. ( bug 21746)
  • Running the Get Artwork command against tracks on an MTP device will cause a "Get Artwork" playlist to be written and saved to the device. ( bug 22243)
  • If a track in a playlist on a device is deleted entirely from the device outside of Songbird, and then the device is plugged back in and mounted in Songbird, a blank row will appear in the Songbird playlist where the deleted track once was. ( bug 22926)
  • Photo sync is not disabled if "Remove Photos" is selected when the user attempts to disable photo sync.  Select "Don't Remove Photos" to get around this problem. ( bug 22790)

Play Queue

  • The Play/Pause option in the Play Queue's context menu does not toggle to the Pause state when a track is playing. ( bug 22366)
  • Sort order is not carried over when dragging and dropping tracks from the library or from a playlist to the Play Queue. ( bug 22377)
  • Drag and drop operations containing several thousand tracks may cause an "Unresponsive Script" warning to display. ( bug 22379)
  • When the artwork display pane is in "Now Selected" mode, artwork is not displayed for items selected in the Play Queue. ( bug 22234)
  • Clicking the Play button in the faceplate does not start playback of the focused track in the Play Queue. ( bug 22384)
  • Playback controls for the play queue will be disabled after switching feathers. Restart Songbird to re-enable the playback controls within the play queue. ( bug 22984)


  • Playback rapidly skips through some AIFF tracks ( bug 22205)

CD Rip

  • Artwork is not displayed when the Artist and Album fields are populated manually. ( bug 21750)
  • Songbird crashes when quit during rip; CD is un-ejectable. ( bug 22389)
  • On Mac, ripping a CD while an MSC device is plugged in and set to auto-sync will result in sync errors for cdda:// tracks showing up when the user navigates to the device summary pane. Functionality is not affected. ( bug 22596)


  • Window does not stay maximized when restarting Songbird ( bug 22275)
  • The video playback window does not automatically resize to the original dimensions of the video. ( bug 23027)


  • The titles of the columns added to the library by the Concerts and SHOUTcast add-ons may change to "http://www.songbirdnest..." after updating from Songbird 1.8 to Songbird 1.9. This problem will go away after an application restart. ( bug 23011)
  • The links on Artist and Album in the New Releases add-on navigate to the home page, not the correct Artist or Album pages.
  • Some pages in the 7digital add-on load slowly. (bug 22650)
  • The item count displayed in the service pane may be incorrect after restarting Songbird. ( bug 23036)


Below are the high profile bugs/issues which are known to still be open for this release.  You can also check the Common Duplicates page for lesser profile known issues.


  • For playback of DRM-encrypted files, make sure you have gone to the store from which you purchased your tracks to learn how to authorize your computer to play them.  Songbird will be able to play DRM-encrypted tracks as soon as your machine has been authorized.
  • The following are not yet supported by Songbird (will be planned for future releases):
    • Podcast Subscriptions and Playback, CD Burn

All Platforms

Media Import, Export, and Download

  • iTunes smart playlists aren't imported ( bug 16473)
  • Intermittently when downloading tracks, progress bars stop animating ( bug 18595)
  • If tracks are imported from a data CD and Manage Files is enabled, the files will be created as read-only files when they are copied to the Manage Files folder. ( bug 19403)
  • The pause/resume download function for music downloads may fail to resume the download after it is paused. ( bug 20793)

Media Lists

  • Some songs display as 0:00 ( bug 9145, bug 14654)
  • Portugese articles not ignored in sorting ( bug 16301)
  • m3u playlists that are synced to Symbian-based phones may appear empty when browsed through the phone's interface. The playlist's tracks will still be present on the device. ( bug 20964)


  • If a track has both track number and total tracks metadata and one of those fields is edited, the data in the other field is lost. ( bug 19298)
  • Comments added to mp3 files within Songbird may not be imported and displayed within iTunes. ( bug 19914)
  • Device library metadata may not completely load when plugging in a Nokia N85 in MTP mode. ( bug 21566)


  • Video streaming gets slow and choppy when fetching artwork and playing tracks ( bug 20652)
  • Library browsing may be slow on extremely large libraries ( bug 21385)


  • Text in some dialogs may be cropped or cut off if the OS is configured to use large fonts. ( bug 5583)
  • Window min/max sizing does not respect DPI ( bug 6956)
  • Paused tracks intermittently increase playcount ( bug 13615)
  • Item counts in the filter view do not update when items are added or removed from the filter lists. ( bug 17882)
  • The "Clear List" button in the File Downloads window does not work. ( bug 17916)
  • Songbird may not display the number of channels in some audio files. ( bug 18451)
  • Removed search engines are not removed from the search options UI. ( bug 20847)


  • The play/pause controller incorrectly changes state when seeking through a video. ( bug 19904)
  • The Time column for a video may be empty until after the video has played. ( bug 19442)


  • Certain combinations of codepages and unicode characters may prevent Songbird from launching (Songbird bug 17467, Mozilla bug 413171, Mozilla bug 469856)
  • The Manage Files functionality does not report any errors if the user chooses non-writeable media as the destination for managed files. ( bug 19196)

Device Support

General Sync

  • Same files can be added twice to a device if 2 PCs are used ( bug 9803)
  • m3u playlists that are synced to Symbian-based phones may appear empty when browsed through the phone's interface. The playlist's tracks will still be present on the device. ( bug 20964)
  • Device library metadata may not completely load when plugging in a Nokia N85 in MTP mode. ( bug 21566)


  • The "Other" category on the device summary page will increase when the device is in MSC mode and a video is being transcoded to that device. The display will correct itself once the video has finished transcoding. ( bug 21035)

Windows Specific

Windows 7

  • Show Desktop hides the entire Songbird window. ( bug 16293)


  • QuickTime files with zlib compressed headers will not play back on Windows. ( bug 14170)
  • The video window may open on the wrong monitor on systems with multiple displays attached. ( bug 18916)

CD Rip

  • Songbird will not recognize USB CD drives plugged in while the application is running. Quit and restart Songbird to mount your CD drive inside the application. ( bug 18033)
  • The transcoding preferences UI for CD Rip allows users to select unavailable output bitrates for WMA files. The files will be written with the closest available bitrate to the one chosen by the user. ( bug 18242)
  • Users must click within the CD Rip media view to activate the CD Rip-specific keyboard shortcuts. ( bug 18267)
  • CDs are not detected in 64-bit version of Windows. ( bug 19246)
  • Songbird may not be able to write ripped tracks to a network-mounted filesystem. ( bug 20691)


  • First application quit takes over 15 seconds to complete ( bug 19857)

Mac OS X Specific

Media Import, Export, and Download

  • Manually re-importing an already-imported iTunes library may cause some podcasts to be removed from the Songbird library. ( bug 21441)


  • Songbird does not play MIDI files ( bug 9798)


  • Mini-player doesn't show up in Spaces (intermittent) ( bug 9819)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Play/Pause, Next/previous track not shown in Control menu ( bug 12922)