Old Version of WindowBlinds for Windows Vista
Latest Version
WindowBlinds 8.05
Supported Systems
Legacy OS support
Windows 98, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8
First Release
02 October, 2008 (13 years ago )
Latest Release
16 May, 2014 (7 years ago )

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Download Old Version of WindowBlinds for Windows Vista


Version Name
Released Date
10 June, 2010
(11 years ago)
40.87 MB
09 February, 2010
(11 years ago)
37.39 MB
18 November, 2009
(11 years ago)
32.84 MB
11 February, 2009
(12 years ago)
20.97 MB
02 October, 2008
(13 years ago)
17.57 MB
19 September, 2008
(13 years ago)
20.95 MB
24 July, 2008
(13 years ago)
20.92 MB
08 May, 2008
(13 years ago)
22.18 MB
WindowBlinds Screenshots

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About WindowBlinds

WindowBlinds is a program that gives Windows users an option to customize their windows user interface. Using many skins available on its website at you can change look of you Title bars, borders, task Bar, Start button, Toolbar icons, Windows Explorer and almost every visual change in your computer.

WindowBlinds Features

  • Skins virtually every aspect of the Windows GUI 
  • Clean and easy configuration dialog.
  • Tons of configuration options for users
  • Animation supported on title bars, buttons, and many other elements.
  • Change the color of any visual style on the fly
  • Per-application visual styles

Updates : WindowBlinds Updates

Did You Know?

WindowBlinds works by applying new visual styles, called skins, across the entire user interface (title bars, push buttons, start menu, taskbar, etc.) of the operating system. As a result, you gain complete control over the way Windows looks.