Version History of Adobe Reader XI 11.0.07

Fixed issues

  • 3591274: “CANCEL” & “OK” buttons on Menu Item Dialog of Bookmarks & Weblinks appear off screen.
  • 3578985: PDF Content will re-draw when I scroll the page.
  • 3727650: Scale doesn’t adjust when switching between English and non-English UI.
  • 3732538: The small “X” to close a PDF is too small.
  • 3744386: Convert Colors dialog is way too big.
  • 3719808: Font too small in Encrypt and More Protection sub menu items.
  • 3727734: Icons too small in the Certificate Viewer.
  • 3733668: In IE, the page content redraws half and leaves the half bottom blank each time the mouse hovers over the HUD.
  • 3741533: Scaling Problem in Preview on the Signature Appearance Dialog.
  • 3731205: Sub-Menus under Common Tools Rearrange and Renumber Pages are not Hi-DPI enabled.
  • 3747990: IMS Dialog appears very small.
  • 3740632: The “Preview” label, Text field name, and “All Properties” link are too small, and the items in the pop up do not scale properly.
  • 3591268: Icons & Text on Tool & Sign Panel need updates.
  • 3593129: Images in combined files are not Hi-DPI.