Version History of Blender 2.67b (x64)


  • fix stack corruptions in special cases for search popup r56982
  • fix #35547: incomplete tooltips in node editor r57072
  • fix #35374: Region overlap + bugs, was missing keymap for REGION_TIMER, which ended up in missing updates happening. r57118


  • fix #35459: global texture coordinates not working with GLSL shaders. r56967
  • fix #35473: Using Redo panel in View3D after Grease Pencil action moves GP layer to that area r57074


  • fix #35443: : Animation player doesn't play some movie formats r56943
  • fix getting selected bones: wrong list member size for memory setting r56968
  • fix for confusion switching active group when running mirror r57101


  • fix for node-searh menu r56594 r56595
  • fix for node item polling r56596
  • Fix #35495:, Material preview don't update (PyNodes regression) r57050
  • fix for node menu: Show the group input/output nodes in the Input/Output categories respectively, so they can be added with the usual UI in case the user deletes them. r57073


  • fix #35458: crash in image sampling r56960
  • fix #35500: Material Copy Crash on specific scenes r57009

Render (Cycles)

  • fix #35506: enter local view, enable render draw mode, exit local view would keep rendering in the background r57057

Render (Freestyle)

  • fix for a crash due to de-referencing of a StrokeVertex Python wrapper object r56956
  • fix #35478: Spatial Noise crashes Blender on Render r56991
  • fix #35493: Blender crash when rendering freestyle in background mode r56994
  • fix for freestyle bug which happened when the sketchy chaining is used, stroke geometry may contain a 180-degree U-turn. r57068


  • fix #35450: bevel make large spikes sometimes. r57004
  • fix #35513: Multires modifier normal corruption on apply base r57071


  • fix #35451: crash with extrude, grab, grab r56935
  • fix regression in 2.67a, crash in loop-select r56977
  • fix #35462: own regression with ortho-camera adding points r56990
  • fix #35518: UV Mapping crashes the Blender with specific image file r57043
  • Fix #35504: Blender crashes on separating curves with different Evaluation Time / keyframes r57046
  • fix #35503: Bug with edit-mesh and mirror modifier - extruding was creating faces where it shouldn't. r57063
  • fix #35543: Bezier curve width and twist fail to apply when more than 1 point is edited r57067
  • fix #35509: Edit-mesh manipulator median point used bad orientation r57083


  • fix error where selecting mask brush once lead to changes in behavior of other brushes hotkeys. r56957
  • Fix #35426:, masking works wrong in projection painting. r56986 r56989

Game Engine

  • Fix #35480: object without material crash blender when starting game engine r57052


  • fix smoke noise tile was saved in Blender executable directory r56930


  • fix/workaround installing addons (problem with osx permissions) r56971


  • Collada: was missing recalculate of normals after mesh import r57077