Version History of Blender 2.69 (x64)


  • Fix #36459: Official blenderplayer can not go fullscreen on Linux. (r59812)
  • Fix #35920: Adding a new node in Node Editor failed for "High DPI" (Only Mac retina now). (r59835)
  • Fix #36593: Crash duplicating window on OS X in some situations. (r59962)
  • Fix #36702: blenderapplication window position and size. (r60046)
  • Fix #36707: Blender Opens in fullscreen and stays like that. (r60067)
  • Fix #36501: Blenderplayer can not change video resolution in Mac OSX. (r60165)
  • Fix #36319: Keyboard Inputs Unresponsive When Using An Overlay Scene. (r60334)
  • Fix #36891: On OS X, cmd+s or cmd+o did not work when pressing them over the text editor. (r60450)
  • Fix #36852: Duplicate window crash on OS X. (r60456)


  • Fix #36270: Crash with pinning. (r58629)
  • Fix #36548: "Grease Pencil" Problems. (r59444)
  • Fix #36551: Camera has wrong rotation in default scene. (r59445)
  • Fix #36685: Crash calculating tangent space data on degenerate geometry. (r59943)
  • Fix #36788: Changing the built in keying set prints "attempt to free NULL pointer" to console. (r60291)
  • Fix #36826: Make screencast with quicktime output gave black flickering areas. (r60402)
  • Fix #36831: Grease Pencil dont create a drawing in current frame less than 1. (r60412)
  • Fix #36830: 'Reset to Default Value' on Current Area Type button causes crash. (r60420)
  • Fix #36859: Grease Pencil - doesn't create frame if frame_number <= 0. (r60426)
  • Fix #36892: Crash running "Sample Color" operator from 3D viewport when the sequencer contained any data. (r60448)
  • Fix #36942: Unfreed memory on trackball widget use. (r60540)
  • Fix #36980: Color space issue when displaying pixel color in a render. (r60582)
  • Fix for crash freeing console history. (r60359)
  • Fix "Sample Color" operator not working in vertex paint mode. (r60447)


  • Fix #36432: Exporting obj with normalmap creates opacity map in the mtl file instead r4691
  • Fix #36268: FBX exporter precision min is too big r4760
  • Fix #36899: cell fracture wasn't correctly copying object materials. (r4780)
  • Fix for io_import_images_as_planes: fix error when finding relative paths on windows. (r4635)
  • Fix for add_mesh_gears raising an error in editmode r4750
  • Fix make-human importer, crash when loading a rigifiable armature (r4758)
  • Fix make-human importer, crash with alpha 7 mhx files. Also restored lipsync for alpha 7 files (r4775)
  • Fix X3D/WRL import of compressed files (r4785)