Alte Version von PHP-Nuke Für Windows Server 2003 x64
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PHP-Nuke 8.0
PHP, SQL, Apache, HTTP Server
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01 August, 2011
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19 September, 2006
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14 September, 2005
(15 years ago)
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02 June, 2005
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27 April, 2005
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27 April, 2005
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07 April, 2005
(16 years ago)
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21 November, 2004
(16 years ago)
3.78 MB
21 July, 2004
(17 years ago)
10 May, 2004
(17 years ago)
18 March, 2004
(17 years ago)
28 January, 2004
(17 years ago)
5.69 MB
27 September, 2003
(17 years ago)
30 August, 2003
(17 years ago)
5.42 MB
29 July, 2003
(18 years ago)
23 May, 2003
(18 years ago)
4.03 MB
02 April, 2003
(18 years ago)
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23 September, 2002
(18 years ago)
3.67 MB
04 June, 2002
(19 years ago)
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21 August, 2001
(20 years ago)
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14 August, 2001
(20 years ago)
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19 June, 2001
(20 years ago)
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Über PHP-Nuke

PHP-Nuke is a web based automated news publishing and content management system (a 'nuke') based on PHP and MySQL. The system is fully controlled using a web-based user interface. PHP-Nuke was originally a fork of the Thatware news portal system.

The system is released as free software under the GNU General Public License. Until version 7.5, the latest version of the software was freely downloadable from the PHP-Nuke website; version 7.5 is the first version for which a US$10 download charge is made. It requires a web server which supports the PHP extension (such as the Apache HTTP Server), as well as an SQL database (such as MySQL, mSQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, Adabas, Sybase or InterBase).

PHP-Nuke Features

  • PHP-Nuke is to allow a webmaster to create a community-based portal
  • Users can comment on these articles using the comments system
  • Modules may be added to the PHP-Nuke system
  • PHP-Nuke is able to support many languages
  • Powerful search utility
  • Private messaging system
  • Its look and feel can also be customized

Updates : PHP-Nuke Updates

Did You Know?

PHP-Nuke was released under the GNU General Public License as free software however, versions after 7.5, are pay for use. This is permitted under the GNU GPL (providing the source code is included), and the purchaser of the software has the right to freely distribute the source code of the product. This charge only applies to the latest version of PHP-Nuke; previous versions are available free of charge. PHP-Nuke site is no longer owned by the original developer Francisco Burzi.