Version Historie vonAVG Free Edition 2012 2012.0.1831 (x64)

Fixes & Improvements

  • Core: Fixed issue with false detections on HFS+ partitions.
  • Email Scanner: Fixed issue with "dot" character decoding/encoding.
  • Identity Protection: Fixed issue with conflicting applications: 7-Zip, and Radio? Sure!
  • Outlook: Improved Outlook 2010 antispam detection.
  • Setup: Corrected issue with progress bar displaying the installation progress (Dutch version).
  • Setup: Personal e-mail scanner is installed always when MS Outlook 2010 is installed.
  • Update: Fixed issue with The Bat! plug-in removal during update.
  • User Interface: Fixed crash in internal web browser.
  • Virus Vault: Fixed Virus Vault enumeration.