Version Historie vonBlender 2.57a (x64)

Essential Fixes:

  • sculpting partial redraw glitch #26932, r36161
  • crash on entering 3D text editmode (OSX only) #26930, r36179
  • crash on loading 2.4x files #26904, r36148
  • loading file with packed audio crashes #26990, r36213
  • loading large blend files speed-up r36241, r36244


  • black dots with raytrace reflections & bump mapped dupli-objects #26902, r36165
  • render crash when tangents are used with modifiers that remove orco coordinates #26933, r36170
  • incorrect errors for panorama & orthographic camera combination #26906, r36184
  • no output from texture node group #27034, r36251
  • crash setting voxel data to negative resolution #27083, r36256
  • crash when loading invalid voxel data and resource leak - never closing files #27084, r36257
  • wrong sequencer alpha gradient #25713, r36197


  • top bar 'Add -> Mesh -> UV Sphere + Enter' - crashed #27058, r36242
  • buttons with centered text truncating the first characters when there wasn't enough space #26937,r36174
  • single grease pencil points drawing very large in the image editor, r36154
  • incorrect relative path used when opening audio #26949, r36209
  • unpacking sounds with a long ID name #27015, r36214
  • ambiguous operator names in the search popup #26977, r36221
  • crash copying datablocks with ID Property arrays #26967, r36229
  • console is not hidden when start blender #26884, r36243
  • outliner objects showed "active" or "selected" in confusing ways #27026, r36248
  • freedesktop icons, incorrect install location and copying SVG #27086, r36260, r36261
  • sunsky presets used deprecated property names #27094, r36268.
  • non-functional user preference for clamping texture #26955, r36186
  • smooth tangent iteration field in curve panel not responding #26989, r36198
  • text editor indentation correction when when line contained ',' or ':' in a string, r36187
  • text editor copy/paste breaks formatting of script #27014, r36236


  • "make fur" gave errors with multiple selected objects. r36250
  • mesh editmode de-selecting edge loops #26931, r36159
  • dupli-extrude-cursor added wrong location when nothing selected #27016, r36216
  • mesh rip tool access from menu fail #26936, r36226
  • crash copying mesh, armature, lattice and metaball datablocks while in editmode #27096, r36263,r36264
  • explode modifier - apply as shape impossible #27075, r36249
  • add object, localview and undo error #27044, r36245
  • buffer overflow with string lengths for operators that took ID names, r36219


  • 'Hue Correct' composite node saturates #26945, r36201
  • 'Displace Node' composite node crashes Blender when connected to Z-Buffer #26896, r36202
  • lens distortion composite node delivered RGBA out with alpha zero #26901, r36212
  • timeline camera switch failed with compositor renderlayers #26900, r36217
  • rendering non active scenes from the compositor used wrong frame, r36218
  • modified nodes inside edited groups not updating the view #27018, r36227


  • bpy.context.object.collision access crash #26995, r36204
  • crash running the transform operator from python #27011, r36215
  • button input could do incorrect unit system replacements of valid python expressions r36199,r36206
  • bpy.utils.blend_paths(True) crash #27072, r36246

Game engine:

  • blenderplayer wasn't finding bundled python #26951, r36208
  • game engine radar sensor broken #26795, r36234


  • apply scale to armature offset bone children #27006, r36211, r36233
  • action/NLA editor issues with animation data context #25960, r36222
  • particle group object viewport and render scale mismatch #27008, r36224
  • action editor header doesn't update when entering tweakmode on NLA strips #25960, r36225
  • bugs when linking particles/collision/softbody modifiers #27038, r36228
  • separate armature would also separate active, unselected bone r36232
  • available keying set fails in armature pose mode #27090, r36258
  • b-bone doesn't resize correctly with numeric input #27095, r36270


  • API for exporters to write paths with different absolute/relative options. r36155
  • image and compositor now show the color under the cursor as well as HSV and luminance. r36239

Blender Addons


  • Add Corrective Shape Key: api update. r1830
  • Fracture Tools: api update r1835, r1836
  • Povray render export fix for writing invalid names r1842.
  • Unreal Engine (PSA / PSK):
    • fixed mesh rebuild for face id materials and vertex groups. r1839
    • fixed vertex group support r1844
    • fixed uv's and tri and quad mesh rebuild button r1832
  • View3D Copy Menu: fixed for new api r1845
  • 3DS Import: support for files which reference non-existing materials. r1846
  • OBJ Import: loading when in pose mode failed #27019, r1848
  • RenderFarmFI: Added guidelines for submitting the render and fix error where hasSmokeSimulation lacked parenthesis r1850
  • Add Mesh Extras: missing argument to menu operator r1850


  • added OBJ & FBX options for exporting paths - relative/absolute/automatic/copy-file/strip-pathr1828