DC Plus Plus
Alte Version von DC Plus Plus 0.828 (x64)
Ausgewählte Version
DC Plus Plus 0.828 (x64)
Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
23 July, 2013 (8 years ago )

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Herunterladen DC Plus Plus 0.828 (x64)
DC Plus Plus 0.828 (x64)

DC Plus Plus 0.828 (x64) (70.86 MB)

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Systemanforderungen von DC Plus Plus 0.828 (x64)
  • Windows XP x64
  • Windows Vista x64
  • Windows 7 x64
  • Windows 8 x64
Programm Information von DC Plus Plus 0.828 (x64)
Version Name:
DC Plus Plus 0.828 (x64)

Datei Größe:
70.86 MB

23 July, 2013 (8 years ago)

MD5 Prüfsumme:

SHA1 Prüfsumme:

Version Historie vonDC Plus Plus 0.828 (x64)
Among a plethora of improvements and bug fixes, DC++ 0.828 includes
the following major enhancements over DC++ 0.811:
  • Expandable transfer and search lists.
  • HTTP downloads in the transfer list.
  • 64-bit version of…

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DC Plus Plus Screenshots
This version add icons (iceman50), fix table header column translations (emtee) and improve chat link menus (poy). More
Firewall and router support is integrated and it’s easy and convenient to use functionality like multi-hub connections, auto connections and resuming… More
Use these settings to manually configure DC++ for incoming connections. Make sure you are familiar with the meaning of each connection mode and with the… More
Über DC Plus Plus

DC++ is an open-source, peer-to-peer file-sharing client that can be used to connect to the Direct Connect network. It is developed primarily by Jacek Sieka. As of 2006, no official statistics exist to verify the proportion of DirectConnect users using DC++. However, it is generally believed to be the most extensively used by a large margin; administrators of popular public DirectConnect hubs generally agree that DC++ is the client used by a significant majority.

DC++ is an open-source alternative to the original client, NeoModus Direct Connect (NMDC). It connects to the same file-sharing network, and supports the same file-sharing protocol. One of the reasons commonly attributed to the aforementioned popularity of DC++ is the fact that it has no adware of any kind; NMDC on the other hand contains adware.

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