Version Historie vonMozilla Phoenix 0.3

  • Image Blocking

To block images from a particular server just right-click on the offensive image and select "Block Images from this Server". This is a quick and easy way to block annoying images.

  • Pop-up Blocking Whitelist

Phoenix has had pop-up blocking since the first builds were available. The Phoenix team enabled blocking as the default and users could turn it off in the Phoenix preferences. A new enhancement to blocking has been implemented in Phoenix 0.3. This new "whitelisting" feature allows you to make exceptions for the few sites where you need to allow the unrequested pop-up (like some banks and some entertainment sites.) As you surf the web, you'll notice a little "i" indicator icon in the bottom left of the Phoenix status bar. This icon tells you that an unrequested pop-up was blocked. If you need to see that pop-upm you can click the information icon and it will bring up a small dialog that will allow you to add that site to your "whitelist" of sites that are allowed to spawn the unrequested pop-ups. You can manage this list of sites from the Advanced panel of the preferences window.

  • Bookmarks Changes

The Phoenix team believes the way that bookmark "groups" were created and used was too difficult a concept for most people to grasp. Bookmark groups are too valuable a tool to not make accessible to a wider audience so the Phoenix team have eliminated the bookmark group as a separate entity, and given the "group" functionality to all bookmarks folders. You can now open a folder of bookmarks into tabs with a right-click and select "Open in tabs", or simply a middle click. This has the advantages of eliminating the confusing concept of groups and folders and giving you bookmark group capability automatically and easily.
In addition to the bookmarks group changes there is a new and much cleaner "Add Bookmark" dialog and a new "Use Bookmark" button for the Homepage prefernce. We also have bookmarks "overflow" in the bookmarks toolbar. Now if you have more bookmarks than will fit in the bookmarks toolbar you will see an overflow button that pops up a menu with the rest of your toolbar bookmarks.

  • Global Go Menu and Other Menu Changes

With Phoenix 0.3, the Go menu makes a return. This new menu includes the back, forward and home menu items as well as a list of the most recent ten sites in your browser history. The Go menu also contains an access point for the sidebar history panel where you can search, sort and delete your history.
In additon to the return of the Go menu, the Phoenix team have made some adjustments to the menu arrangement. The most obvious are that Page Info, Page Source and Preferences have moved to the Tools menu.

  • Tabbed Browsing Improvements

Tabbed browsing behaviors have been adjusted for usability and consistency with Mozilla. In addition to the changes in tab closing and focusing behavior, tabbed browsing preferences have returned -- including the ability to change from the default "replace" behavior when loading bookmark groups to the optional "append" behavior.

  • Size and Speed Improvements

Phoenix 0.3 is smaller and lighter than 0.2. Linux builds are down to 9MB, and Windows to 7MB (not including talkback). These sizes will continue to shrink as time goes on. 0.3 is also faster in various areas like shutdown.

  • Bug fixes

Some people seem concerned that Phoenix developers are just adding feature after feature without fixing bugs. While it's true that they're doing a lot of heavy lifting, redesign and feature work, the time is right -- it's still early in the development cycle. As Phoenix 0.3 is wrapped up, the developers are also wrapping up that big feature push and moving into more of a cleanup and bugfix mode.

  • And don't forget, too, that as Phoenix progresses, bug fixing continues on SeaMonkey (the Mozilla browser application suite) -- and we're picking up many of those fixes. For example, 0.3 contains fixes for such bugs as 21076 (Problem with TABLE frame="border" rules="all"), 28583 (Focusing text widget, except on click, should select widget contents [also form <input> field]), 73970 (Tooltips disappear when at bottom of screen), and topcrash bug 171334 (Unusual non-nested containing blocks causes crash in views [@ nsView::GetClippedRect]).

And there's more to come. The Phoenix team is already working on 0.4, targeted for Monday, October 21st, in which they plan to deliver a couple more features and lots of bug fixing and polish including:

  • Find in Bookmarks

We believe the Netscape 4.x-style "Find Bookmark" provides unique and useful functionality. It will return and coexist with quicksearch.

  • Sidebar Persistence

The sidebar will persist its state across sessions.

  • Smaller and faster

With every release, the Phoenix team works to make Phoenix smaller and faster.

  • Other Assorted Bug Fixes

You may notice that the above list doesn't sound quite as exciting as the 0.3 feature list (which wasn't quite as exciting as the 0.2 feature list). For Phoenix 0.4, we plan to cut down on big changes even more and focus on cleaning up and polishing Phoenix :-)