Version Historie vonJava 6 Update 22

  • This release contains fixes for security vulnerabilities.

Bug fixes

  • Stress test crashes during HeapInspection using ParallelGC
  • CMS: ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent misinteracts with gc locker
  • JNI_CreateJavaVM crashes under impersonation
  • Corba issue, fail to reload object
  • Regression: JRE identification fails due to Oracle rebranding in java.exe
  • JComboBox and dragging to an item outside the bounds of the containing JFrame is not selecting that
  • Thread.clone should NOT invoke addUnstarted on started threads
  • Update CA (2048) root and add new Entrust Root CA-G2
  • ScheduledExecutorService does not work as expected in jdk7/6/5
  • JPEGImageReader.readImage crash
  • Attempt to dispose jpeg reader form another thread may cause crash
  • Name field missing in mix code security warning dialog for Java Webstart application
  • New Plugin - Vista&XP Focus never returned to browser
  • Namespace gets lost for null scope while using RetQName
  • XML parser omits characters callback to ContentHandler since 6u18
  • JMX memory leak