Version Historie vonMaxthon Cloud Browser 4.2.1 Build 800 (Beta)


  • [Main Frame]
    • Maxthon tray icon still remains after closing the browser
  • [Webkit Core]
    • Unable to remember the pop-up window position when automatically playing the next video
    • Some Russian spell checker anomalies
    • Failure to download attachments in certain websites
    • Some speed dials in quick access page are unable to display the page title
    • It may be unable to switch tabs in Developer Tools
    • Inability to scroll on some specific NetEase webpages
    • Some particular pages fail to pop up the certificate prompt
    • The wrong prompt in Taobao Website which will stop supporting IE6 in the near future
  • [IE Core]
    • Support to translate the selected text
    • Automatically finding the selected text when you open the page search
    • Hold ‘Ctrl’ and click on a link may open two tabs in the background
    • Video popup window closed while switching off the tab it belongs to
  • [Extension platform]
    • Permission issue when inserting scripts