Version Historie vonMySQL Server 5.1.30 (x64)

Bugs fixed:

  • Partitioning: A SELECT using a range WHERE condition with an ORDER BY on a partitioned table caused a server crash. (Bug #40494)
  • Replication: Executing SHOW BINLOG EVENTS increased the value of max_allowed_packet applying to the session that executed the statement. (Bug #55322)
  • Replication: Row-based replication failed with nonpartitioned MyISAM tables having no indexes. (Bug #40004)
  • With statement-based binary logging format and a transaction isolation level of READ COMMITTED or stricter, InnoDB printed an error because statement-based logging might lead to inconsistency between master and slave databases. However, this error was printed even when binary logging was not enabled (in which case, no such inconsistency can occur). (Bug #40360)
  • The CHECK TABLE ... FOR UPGRADE statement did not check for incompatible collation changes made in MySQL 5.1.24 (Bug#27877). This also affects mysqlcheck and mysql_upgrade, which cause that statement to be executed. See Section 2.13.3, “Checking Whether Tables or Indexes Must Be Rebuilt”.

Prior to this fix, a binary upgrade (performed without dumping tables with mysqldump before the upgrade and reloading the dump file after the upgrade) would corrupt tables that have indexes that use the utf8_general_ci or ucs2_general_ci collation for columns that contain 'ß' LATIN SMALL LETTER SHARP S (German). After the fix, CHECK TABLE ... FOR UPGRADE properly detects the problem and warns about tables that need repair.
However, the fix is not backward compatible and can result in a downgrading problem under these circumstances:

    • Perform a binary upgrade to a version of MySQL that includes the fix.
    • Run CHECK TABLE ... FOR UPGRADE (or mysqlcheck or mysql_upgrade) to upgrade tables.
    • Perform a binary downgrade to a version of MySQL that does not include the fix.

The solution is to dump tables with mysqldump before the downgrade and reload the dump file after the downgrade. Alternatively, drop and recreate affected indexes. (Bug #40053)

  • Some recent releases for Solaris 10 were built on Solaris 10 U5, which included a new version of that does not work on U4 or earlier. To correct this, Solaris 10 builds now are created on machines that do not have that upgraded, so that they will work on Solaris 10 installations both with and without the upgraded (Bug #39074)
  • With binary logging enabled, CREATE TABLE ... SELECT and INSERT INTO ... SELECT failed if the source table was a log table. (Bug #34306)
  • XA transaction rollbacks could result in corrupted transaction states and a server crash. (Bug #28323)
  • ALTER TABLE for an ENUM column could change column values. (Bug #23113)