Version Historie vonMySQL Server 5.5.24

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Important Change: Replication: INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE is now marked as unsafe for statement-based replication if the target table has more than one primary or unique key. For more information, seeSection, “Determination of Safe and Unsafe Statements in Binary Logging”.

Bugs Fixed

  • Security Fix: Bug #64884 was fixed.
  • InnoDB: Replication: When binary log statements were replayed on the slave, the Com_insertCom_update, and Com_delete counters were incremented by BEGIN statements initiating transactions affecting InnoDB tables but not by COMMIT statements ending such transactions. This affected these statements whether they were replicated or they were run using mysqlbinlog. (Bug #12662190)
  • If the --bind-address option was given a host name value and the host name resolved to more than one IP address, the server failed to start. For example, with --bind-address=localhost, if localhost resolved to both127.0.0.1 and ::1, startup failed. Now the server prefers the IPv4 address in such cases. (Bug #61713, Bug #12762885)
  • mysql_store_result() and mysql_use_result() are not for use with prepared statements and are not intended to be called following mysql_stmt_execute(), but failed to return an error when invoked that way inlibmysqld. (Bug #62136, Bug #13738989)

References: See also Bug #47485.

  • On Windows, mysqlslap crashed for attempts to connect using shared memory. (Bug #31173, Bug #11747181, Bug #59107, Bug #11766072)