Version Historie vonPostgreSQL 9.0.17 (x64)


  • Restore GIN metapages unconditionally to avoid torn-page risk (Heikki Linnakangas)
  • Although this oversight could theoretically result in a corrupted index, it is unlikely to have caused any problems in practice, since the active part of a GIN metapage is smaller than a standard 512-byte disk sector.
  • Allow regular-expression operators to be terminated early by query cancel requests (Tom Lane)
  • This prevents scenarios wherein a pathological regular expression could lock up a server process uninterruptably for a long time.
  • Remove incorrect code that tried to allow OVERLAPS with single-element row arguments (Joshua Yanovski)
  • This code never worked correctly, and since the case is neither specified by the SQL standard nor documented, it seemed better to remove it than fix it.
  • Avoid getting more than AccessShareLock when de-parsing a rule or view (Dean Rasheed)
  • This oversight resulted in pg_dump unexpectedly acquiring RowExclusiveLock locks on tables mentioned as the targets of INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE commands in rules. While usually harmless, that could interfere with concurrent transactions that tried to acquire, for example, ShareLock on those tables.
  • Prevent interrupts while reporting non-ERROR messages (Tom Lane)
  • This guards against rare server-process freezeups due to recursive entry to syslog(), and perhaps other related problems.
  • Update time zone data files to tzdata release 2014a for DST law changes in Fiji and Turkey, plus historical changes in Israel and Ukraine.