Version Historie vonRoboForm 7.9.7

  • Firefox 29+: Fix RF addon may be disabled after installation, due to DB changes.
  • Firefox 30 beta: Fix RF2Go crashes Firefox 30 beta, due to binary API changes.
  • Firefox: Register RF addon in HKCR too, so that Firefox-based browsers can find it.
  • Firefox: Install RoboForm into WaterFox (64-bit FireFox) too.
  • Chrome: fix random crashes in Chrome, related to Basic Auth.
  • Chrome: fix AutoSave not shown when user presses Enter in Chrome Basic Auth dialog.
  • RFO: Fix not showing passcard fields when user picks it up from RFO site.
  • Win32: fix RF is crashing Qt-based Scrivener application.
  • UI: expose captions of RF mini-dialogs to Accessiblity API.