Version Historie vonTotal Commander 8.51 (Beta 3)

  • Added: New internal command OPENLANGUAGEFILE WCMD_xyz.LNG to open specific LNG/MNU file pair from "language" subdir. Leave out parameter for internal language. Will not be added to .inc (32/64)
  • Added: Changed default value of UploadBlockSize to 1, meaning dynamic from 512 to 32768 bytes. First adjustment after 128k (32/64)
  • Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] AlignNumberFix=0 turns off alignment of size/date/time with Uniscribe (32/64)
  • Fixed: Find files, feed to listbox, delete files: The footer was still showing the number of selected files (64)
  • Fixed: FTP upload file (F5): If user enters name with subdir, e.g. dir/newname, no check for existing files was done (32/64)
  • Added: FTP rename file (Shift+F6): Show overwrite confirmation dialog if target exists (32/64)
  • Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Regular expressions not working in content compare filter dialog (32/64)
  • Fixed: Windows 8.x: Segoe UI font had different spaced numbers, size and date/time fields looked very ugly -> use Uniscribe to display them (32/64)
  • Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] CtrlArrowOpenArchive=5: Controls whether Ctrl+Left/Right arrow opens archives or not: 0=never, 1=if ENTER opens archive, 2=if ZIPlikeDirectory=1, 3=always. Add 4 to put cursor on file if not opened. Does not affect search - feed to listbox mode (32/64)