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RegSupreme 1.4
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Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista
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Acerca de RegSupreme

RegSupreme is the superior standalone registry cleaner. With its ultra-fast operation and state-of-the art registry cleaning engine, RegSupreme represents a new generation of Windows registry cleaners. Of course, don't just believe us - try it yourself and you will be amazed by RegSupreme's speed and performance!

RegSupreme Features

  • Clean your computer's registry with one of the most advanced registry cleaner available today
  • Very easy to use, no knowledge of the registry is required
  • Automatic repair of found problems
  • The multilingual user interface allows you to use the program in all major languages or to translate it into your own language very easily
  • The automatic backup feature makes backups of everything the program removes or modifies
  • Full documentation included
RegSupremeis property of Macecraft Inc..
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Did You Know?

RegSupreme is amazingly fast - RegSupreme scans the entire registry up to 400% faster than jv16 PowerTools!