Foxit Reader
Versiones Antiguas de Foxit Reader para Windows 2000
Version más Reciente
Foxit Reader 7.1.3 Build 0320
Sistemas Compatibles
SO Antiguos Compatibles
Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
Primera Versión
Última Versión
24 March, 2015 (6 years ago )

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Descargar Versiones Antiguas de Foxit Reader para Windows 2000


Nombre de la Versión
Fecha Liberación
26 May, 2011
(10 years ago)
11.98 MB
24 March, 2011
(10 years ago)
7.57 MB
24 February, 2011
(10 years ago)
7.51 MB
20 January, 2011
(10 years ago)
7.51 MB
29 September, 2010
(10 years ago)
7.62 MB
29 September, 2010
(10 years ago)
7.54 MB
06 August, 2010
(10 years ago)
6.69 MB
03 August, 2010
(10 years ago)
6.99 MB
29 June, 2010
(11 years ago)
4.87 MB
04 May, 2010
(11 years ago)
6.68 MB
01 April, 2010
(11 years ago)
6.67 MB
21 November, 2008
(12 years ago)
3.68 MB
16 June, 2008
(13 years ago)
3.66 MB
Foxit Reader Imagen
Foxit Reader 5.3.0 General Preferences setting provides options on Toolbar Settings, Snapshot Selection, Printer, Text Link, Tab Bar, etc. More
Foxit Reader 5.3.0 Build 04223 highly respects the security and privacy of users and will never connect to the Internet without users' permission. More
Foxit Reader fix and issue where users cannot open the attachments of PDF files in XP and Windows 7. More
Acerca de Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a free PDF document viewer and printer, with incredible small size, breezing-fast launch speed and amazingly rich feature set. Foxit Reader 2.0 supports Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003. Its core function is compatible with PDF Standard 1.6.

Version 2.0 introduces many exciting new features, including interactive form filler, multi-language UI support, on-demand download of add-on, self upgrade, Javascript support, improved printing speed, streamlined UI and much more.

In the past, you have to download a huge PDF Reader from other software company, go through a lengthy installation process and wait for an annoying splash window to disappear just to open a PDF document. Moreover, if you want to annotate a PDF document, you have to pay US$299 to buy certain PDF software.

Foxit Reader Features

  • Incredibly small: The download size of Foxit Reader is only 1.5 M which is a fraction of Acrobat Reader 20 M size
  • Breezing-fast: When you run Foxit Reader, it launches instantly without any delay. You are not forced to view an annoying splash window displaying company logo, author names, etc.
  • Annotation tool: Have you ever wished to annotate (or comment on) a PDF document when you are reading it? Foxit Reader 2.0 allows you to draw graphics, highlight text, type text and make notes on a PDF document and then print out or save the annotated document.
  • Text converter: You may convert the whole PDF document into a simple text file.
  • High security and privacy: Foxit Reader highly respects the security and privacy of users and will never connect to Internet without users' permission.

Foxit Reader is property of Foxit Software Company .

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Did You Know?

The Foxit Reader product family has a very good selection of tools to let you do common stuff with PDF files such : Generate PDF files fast, Easily edit PDF content , Spilt & merge documents , Design fillable PDF forms