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20 April, 2005 (15 years ago )

The Mozilla Application Suite is a free, cross-platform internet suite, whose components include a web browser, an e-mail and news client, an HTML editor, and an IRC client. Its development was initiated by Netscape Communications Corporation, before their acquisition by AOL. It is based on the source code of Netscape Communicator. The development was spearheaded by the Mozilla Organization from 1998 to 2003, and by the Mozilla Foundation since 2003.

As of version 1.7.x, it contains the following components:

  • Navigator
  • Mail & Newsgroups, Address Book and Palm Tools
  • Composer
  • ChatZilla
  • Several extensions, including DOM Inspector and Venkman

Versions 6 and 7 of the Netscape suite were based on the Mozilla Suite. The last official version is 1.7.x, as Mozilla Foundation is now focusing on the development of Firefox and Thunderbird. The suite is later superseded by SeaMonkey, a community-driven internet suite that is based on the same source code.

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