Historial de Versiones de qBittorrent 3.0.7

  • BUGFIX: Update max write cache size to 2048MB and set it to automatic by default (closes #148)
  • BUGFIX: Add m4v to the list of previewable file extensions (closes #216)
  • BUGFIX: Fix "Couldn't set environment variable..." message on start up (closes #245)
  • BUGFIX: Use right path separator in torrent addition dialog on Windows
  • BUGFIX: Fix "Set as default save path" setting (closes #254)
  • BUGFIX: Reenable disk cache on Windows since the memory issue seems to be gone - BUGFIX: Fixed several search engine plugins and removed the dead ones
  • BUGFIX: Use https links in search plugins when possible
  • BUGFIX: Bump Mootools to v1.4.5 (Web UI)
  • BUGFIX: Require password to exit qBittorrent from tray icon when locked (closes #311) BUGFIX: Fix possible crash in loadPeers() (closes #222)