Historial de Versiones de SeaMonkey 2.25

SeaMonkey-specific changes

  • Newsgroup names can now be entered using autocompletion.

Mozilla platform changes

  • The Gamepad API has been finalized and enabled (learn more).
  • VP9 video decoding has been implemented.
  • Support for Opus in WebM was added.
  • Volume control for HTML5 audio/video has been added.
  • Mac OS X Notification Center support has been added for web notifications.
  • Support for spdy/2 has been removed.
  • Support for multi-line flexbox in layout has been added.
  • Support for the MathML 2.0 mathvariant attribute has been added.
  • Background thread hang reporting has been added.
  • <input type="color" /> has been implemented and enabled.
  • Fixed several stability issues.

Known Issues
This list covers some of the known problems with SeaMonkey 2.25. Please read this before reporting any new bugs.

  • Data loss warning: If you use a profile with this or any later version and then try to go back to SeaMonkey 2.0, SeaMonkey will rename your history file to places.sqlite.corrupt and create a new places.sqlite file, effectively resetting your browsing history. This is because the internal format changed and the upgrade process only works in one direction. Additionally, running MailNews with local folders and POP3 mail filters may produce summary files that are not correctly read by previous versions of SeaMonkey. If you decide to go back to a previous version of SeaMonkey, you should delete the .msf files for your local folders and POP3 accounts or repair the folders using the folder properties dialog in order to avoid potential data loss.
  • DOM Inspector fails to install in fresh profiles (bug 888478). Until this is fixed, you can install it from the Add-ons page.
  • After creating a news account through clicking a news URL, the MailNews account wizard may be broken (the account type will always be News). To work around the problem, set the mail.server.serverX.valid pref (where X is the internal number of the corresponding news account) to true in about:config, or delete the invalid news account (bug 521861).
  • Web pages may appear differently in the MailNews feed reader than in the browser (bug 662907). Workaround: Add a "noscript {display:none}" rule to your userContent.css (note that the Stylish add-on cannot be used here since it does not integrate with the MailNews feed reader).
  • Select Element by Click doesn't flash the element in DOM Inspector on Windows if hardware acceleration is enabled (bug 594299).
  • The option "When opening a bookmark group" / "Replace existing tabs" under Preferences / Tabbed Browsing does not have an effect anymore (bug 664101).
  • Lightning options cannot be opened from the Add-ons Manager. Instead, Lightning preferences can be accessed from Preferences/Lightning (bug 636104).
  • Lightning keyboard shortcuts for accessing the calendar tab from within the MailNews window or from the main menu (Ctrl+Shift+C/D) do not work. (bug 514512).
  • If you try to start SeaMonkey using a locked profile, it will crash (see bug 573369).
  • Some synaptic touch pads are unable to vertical scroll (see bug 622410).
  • Under certain conditions, scrolling and text input may be jerky (see bug 711900).
  • Windows:
    • You may experience text rendering issues on Windows 7 with Platform Update KB2670838 (MSIE 10 prerequisite) or on Windows 8.1 (bug 812695). Workaround: Go to about:config, create a new boolean pref called layout.paint_rects_separately and set it to true.
    • Norton/Symantec anti-virus scanners may report that some parts of SeaMonkey (e.g. the file freebl3.dll) are suspicious. If you downloaded SeaMonkey from one of the official download sites, this is a false alarm. You might experience problems with secure websites when this happens. To fix the issue, instruct your anti-virus software to ignore these files (and move them out of quarantine) and/or switch to another anti-virus software and reinstall SeaMonkey.
  • Linux:
    •  (bug 736811).
  • Mac:
    • When hardware acceleration is off, background colors in the UI (toolbar, status bar etc.) might not update correctly when you switch focus from/to a window. Users running Macs with certain older hardware (e.g. Intel GMA 950) will experience this even if they haven't turned off hardware acceleration in Preferences (Appearance/Content) (bug 626096).