Total Commander
Versiones Antiguas de Total Commander 8.0 (Beta 9)
Versión Seleccionada
Total Commander 8.0 (Beta 9)
Sistemas Compatibles
SO Antiguos Compatibles
Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
Fecha Liberación
11 November, 2011 (9 years ago )

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Descargar Total Commander 8.0 (Beta 9)
Total Commander 8.0 (Beta 9)

Total Commander 8.0 (Beta 9) (3.17 MB)

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Requerimientos del Sistema de Total Commander 8.0 (Beta 9)
  • Windows 98
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows 8
Información del Programa de Total Commander 8.0 (Beta 9)
Nombre de la Versión:
Total Commander 8.0 (Beta 9)

Tamaño de Archivo:
3.17 MB

Fecha Liberación:
11 November, 2011 (9 years ago)

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Historial de Versiones de Total Commander 8.0 (Beta 9)
  • Change log not available
Total Commander Imagen
This 32 bit version of Total Commander supports Drag&Drop; from and to explorer/desktop, delete to the recycle bin, and Explorer style context menus/property… More
This page allows to turn on and off selected parts of the main Total Commander window. More
Total Commander (former Wincmd) is a file manager for Windows now both 32 bit and 16 bit versions available. More
Acerca de Total Commander

Total Commander is a file manager for Windows, a program like Windows Explorer to copy, move or delete files. However, Total Commander can do much more than Explorer, e.g. pack and unpack files, access ftp servers, compare files by content, etc!

Total Commander Features

  • Both 32 bit and 16 bit versions available!
  • Long filenames in Windows 95/98 and Windows NT (16 and 32-bit version)!
  • Direct access to Network Neighbourhood
  • Supports Drag & Drop with Explorer/the Desktop etc.
  • Extended copying, moving, renaming and deleting of entire trees (Enables deleting "full" directories).
  • Compare files by content.
  • Synchronize directories (with subdirs), or a directory with a ZIP file.
  • Built-in FTP client supports most public FTP servers, and some mainframes
  • FTP and WWW proxies for FTP connections; new also SOCKS4+5.
  • Archives are handled like subdirectories. You can easily copy files to and from archives. The appropriate archiving program is automatically called. pkzip, arj, lha, rar, ace and uc2 are all supported.
  • Built-in ZIP-compatible packer, supports long filenames!

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Did You Know?

One notable feature of Total Commander is that in addition to allowing access to Windows partitions, there is a plugin that allows users to access both EXT2/EXT3 and Reiser partitions on the same machine. Hence, for dual-boot machines with Windows and Linux, Total Commander allows access to files stored on the Linux partition while running Windows.