Version History of Mozilla Phoenix 0.5

  • Multiple homepages

You can now have multiple homepages that will open in tabs upon startup. To use this feature, you can either type in the addresses of the websites you want to use in the Homepage field of preferences (separate them using a "|"), or open the websites you want and then go to Preferences and click Use Current Pages. Please note that this feature is in ongoing development. For example, in the future you'll be able to select multiple bookmarks, and we still haven't decided what to do when you have multiple homepages and open a new window.

  • Intellimouse 5-button support

You can now use your back and forward mouse buttons with Phoenix, thanks to the fix for bug 30431.

  • Sidebar remembers its state across sessions

Phoenix will now remember if you had a sidebar open when you quit and will display it when you next start.

  • Download fixes

Many bugs with the download sidebar have been fixed, including a bunch of cases where downloads remained in the "current downloads" section forever, a bug that caused -1 to be displayed as the progress, and a bug that prevented the progress of downloads with foreign characters in their names from being updated. A download properties dialog has also been added (right click a finished download to access it), as well as some more prefs (one for download directory, one for opening the download sidebar when you begin a download).

  • History improvements

The ability to open history items in tabs has been added, and the longstanding bug that history quicksearch was case sensitive has been fixed.

  • Accessibility improvements

The arrow keys now toggle between focusable elements like buttons, just as on Windows.

  • Size and memory reduction

Phoenix is lighter than ever before, coming in at 6.1 mb on Windows and 8.7 mb on Linux. And that isn't the end: we've knocked down our target to about 5mb on Windows by the time we reach 1.0, and probably somewhere between 7 and 8 on Linux. These are only guesstimates, please treat them as such. You should also see some decreased memory usage compared with 0.4 (but we still have a ways to go in that area).

  • Performance improvements

0.5 is certainly our fastest release ever. You might especially notice a boost if you have a blank page (about:blank) as your homepage.

  • Stability improvements

A number of crashes and hangs have been fixed in 0.5, including but not limited to bugs 173234, 178601, 183784, 180182, 181592, 181692 and 181463.

  • Better Windows appearance

Phoenix users using the Classic (default) theme on Windows XP have long enjoyed a browser that blends in with their operating system. With 0.5, people on other flavors of Windows can experience that too thanks to the fix for bug 172751 (the OS now largely draws our widgets on Windows 9x, NT and 2K).

  • Many more new themes

Phoenix theme development has really taken off. Thanks to all the theme authors! Most themes are available here.

  • Too many fixes to list

But here are some of the most noteworthy. In 0.4, the menubar stayed disabled after customizing the toolbar under certain circumstances, effectively rendering that browser useless. This has been fixed in 0.5. Middle clicking in the content area to go to the address in the clipboard (Linux only) has also been fixed. Some annoying urlbar bugs (like this one) have been plugged, and a longstanding fullscreen bug that made the feature a pain to use is now dead. With 0.5, Phoenix works on Windows 95 again.