Firebird (Phoenix)
Old Version of Mozilla Firebird 0.7
Selected Version
Mozilla Firebird 0.7
Supported Systems
Legacy OS support
Windows 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP
Release Date
15 October, 2003 (18 years ago )

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Download Mozilla Firebird 0.7
Mozilla Firebird 0.7

Mozilla Firebird 0.7 (6.04 MB)

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System Requirements of Mozilla Firebird 0.7
  • Windows 98
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows NT 4.0
Additional Requirements
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Program Information of Mozilla Firebird 0.7
Version Name:
Mozilla Firebird 0.7

File Size:
6.04 MB

Released Date:
15 October, 2003 (18 years ago)

MD5 Checksum:

SHA1 Checksum:

Version History of Mozilla Firebird 0.7
  • Advanced preferences panel
  • Download/helper apps preferences panel
  • Cookie whitelisting (through the new Cookie Exceptions window)
  • New password manager
  • Web panels (like Mozilla's sidebar panels)
  • Alternate…

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Firebird (Phoenix) Screenshots
Before Firefox got popular, it was once named Firebird. Here you can see the full browser interface. It also shows you the history about the browser. More
Firebird also has a privacy settings like most browser do. Here you can see the basic history settings. More
Here you can see the full Options menu of Firebird. It allows you to browser through different sub options. More
About Firebird (Phoenix)

Mozilla Firebird is a free, cross-platform, graphical web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and hundreds of volunteers. Before its 1.0 release on November 9, 2004, Firefox had already gained acclaim from numerous media outlets, including Forbes [2] and the Wall Street Journal. With over 25 million downloads in the 99 days after its release, Firefox became one of the most used free and open source applications, especially among home users. On August 15, 2006, Firefox had its 80 millionth download, about 10 months after the release of version 1.0.

With Firefox, the Mozilla Foundation aims to develop a lightweight, fast, intuitive, and highly extensible standalone browser forked from the Navigator component of the Mozilla Application Suite. Firefox has become the foundation's main development focus (along with its Thunderbird email client), and has replaced the Mozilla Suite as their official main software release.

Firefox includes an integrated pop-up blocker, tabbed browsing, live bookmarks, support for open standards, and an extension mechanism for adding functionality. Although other browsers have introduced these features, Firefox became the first such browser to achieve wide adoption.

Firefox has attracted attention as an alternative to other browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. As of April 2006, estimates of Firefox's usage share range from 8% to 10% of overall browser usage (see market adoption section), and is even higher on tech-oriented sites frequented by early adopters. Firefox has reduced Internet Explorer's dominant usage share, and may even reignite the browser wars.

Updates : Firebird (Phoenix) Updates

Did You Know?

The Firebird Project is a commercially independent project of C and C++ programmers, technical advisors and supporters developing and enhancing a multi-platform relational database management system based on the source code released by Inprise Corp (now known as Borland Software Corp) on 25 July, 2000.