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    Default CCleaner

    Old Version of CCleaner is available at

    Version History:

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    Default Re: CCleaner

    - Added support for Google Chrome recently closed tabs.
    - Disabled removal of most recent System restore point.
    - Fixed bug with Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View settings.
    - Improved uninstaller support for Windows 7.
    - Enhanced right-click menu options for Cleaner screen tree.
    - Added extra information under title for Options and Tools screens.
    - Added right-click menu to Registry screen tree.
    - Added support to multi-select items in Include, Exclude and System Restore screens.
    - Added language support for Estonian and Farsi.
    - Internal 64-bit improvements.

    To view the complete version history of CCleaner, kindly visit this site
    CCleaner - Version History
    - Minor bug fixes.
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    Default Re: CCleaner

    Hmm, really it is a very good utility software which is need by me.
    This utility software is useful for working your computer smoothly .
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    Default Re: CCleaner

    This great utility never fails to help me optimize my machine
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    Default Re: CCleaner

    - Improved Windows 7 jump list cleaning.
    - Improved Windows 7 thumbnail cache cleaning.
    - Added support for Windows Server 2008 R2.
    - Improved 64-bit support and performance.
    - Fixed issue with Windows 7 task scheduler.
    - Fixed issue with Startup tool, displaying incorrect folder contents.
    - Added support for AVG Antivirus 9.0.
    - Added support for ExcludeKey in INI files.
    - Improved support for wildcards and RECURSE/REMOVESELF.
    - Fixed minor GUI bugs in non-English versions.
    - Fixed minor GUI usability issues.
    - Improved input validation.
    - Lots of minor bugs fixed.

    - Added support for Firefox 3.6.
    - Added file search history cleaning for Windows 7.
    - Improved Opera 10 cleaning.
    - Reduced temp folder cleaning delay to 24 hours.
    - Several bugs fixed to better support Windows 7.
    - Added winapp2.ini filter support to detailed results view.
    - Improved 64-bit support for Registry Cleaner.
    - Fixed minor bug in Uninstall Tool.
    - Fixed minor bug in System Restore Tool.
    - Minor interface bugs fixed.
    - Minor display bugs fixed.

    - Improved Opera 10 support for final release.
    - Fixed the "No Disk" exception error.
    - Fixed %ProgramFiles% bug in 64-bit Registry scanning.

    - Added Taskbar Jump List cleaning for Windows 7.
    - Added history cleaning support for Opera 10.
    - Added icons to Cookie selection to show browser.
    - Improved scrolling in new results window.
    - Improved Avira Anti-virus cleaning.
    - Improved multiselect in listviews.
    - Improved 64-bit support when including/excluding files.
    - Improved 64-bit issue detection in Registry screen.
    - Updated internal icons.
    - Added language support for Armenian.
    - Fixed language bugs with new results window.
    - Fixed bug in Recycle Bin cleaning.
    - Fixed minor bug with help files in Registry Cleaner.
    - Fixed bug when deleting an application in Uninstall Tool.
    - Fixed bug when enabling/disabling in Startup Tool.
    - Minor GUI improvements.

    - Redesign of Cleaner results panel.
    - Added support for Opera 10 Beta.
    - Added support for Safari 4.0.
    - Added search to Uninstall tool.
    - Added search to Cookies screen.
    - Improved User assist cleaning in Windows 7.
    - Fixed bug in OpenOffice cleaning.
    - Fixed IE8 SuggestedSites.dat cleaning support.
    - Fixed UI bugs.

    - Added U3 smart drive support. (Separate installer)
    - Added support for:
    Adobe Reader 9.0, Adobe Photoshop CS3,
    Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Illustrator CS4,
    Nero Burning ROM 9, OpenOffice 3.1,
    AVG AntiVirus 8.0, AntiVir Desktop
    and Vuze.
    - Added Installed date and size to Uninstall Tool.
    - Added support for multiple item selection on Start up tool.
    - Added support for cleaning Windows 2008 IIS log files.
    - Improved Windows 7 support.
    - Improved 64-bit Registry cleaning accuracy.
    - Improved loading of System Restore Tool.
    - Improved various routines in the uninstaller code.
    - Fixed Windows 7 Task Scheduler bug.
    - Fixed "No Disk" bug when using Wipe Free Space.
    - Fixed Win98 support.
    - Minor text and translation improvements.
    - Minor bug fixes.
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    Default Re: CCleaner

    great software utility. thanks

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    Default Re: CCleaner

    thaaaank you

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    Default а как еще

    Вот и получается, что ситуация именно такова, какой я её описали выше...

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