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5209 Updated hash calculation for iPhone / iPod Touch sync


4901 Fixed inability to copy music on iPhone / iPod Touch

MediaMonkey RC1

4886 Fixed missing artwork on iPod Touch 2.0
4878 Fixed playlists don't disappear immediately from iPods/iPhone after deletion

MediaMonkey Beta

4782 Added compatibility with iPhone/iPod Touch with 2.x firmware
4829 Fixed Amazon links for non-English builds


4848 Added compatibility with iPod Nano 4G


4821 Fixed sync to iPhone/iPod Touch with 2.x firmware should be disabled to prevent corruption to device db


4751 Fixed scanning of m4a tracks is very slow when done over a network
4737 Fixed Disc burning wizard paths don't account for auto-conversion filetypes
4740 Fixed masks from MM and prior should convert to
4743 Fixed Mass Edit dialog: Ratings appear 'unknown' if tracks have the same rating
4741 Fixed Remove function for iPod is sometimes missing (regression)
4733 Fixed 'Integer overflow' error in some cases when browsing tracklist
4728 Fixed Burn Data CD: "Auto-convert" w/ "Copy album art to track tags" fails
4747 Fixed Burn with auto-conversion fails completely if DRMed track is present
4748 Fixed Burn Data CD: Status bar shows random text e.g. 'Burning U2 - MLK.mp3A0D1'
4739 Fixed changing Album name of multiple-Artist Album triggers freeze (regression)
4729 Fixed mask history dropdown lists: can't select the first item (regression)
4746 Fixed Duplicate tracks are added when '\' is entered as File Monitor directory
3798 Fixed cannot add network shares via browse folders dialog
4738 Fixed missing icons in browse folders dialog: Entire Network + subnodes

MediaMonkey Test build

4726 Added ini file versioning
4727 Fixed Now Playing is undocked at startup
4539 Fixed AA + Details view: Clicking selected tracks causes selection to be lost
4540 Fixed Playlist node doesn't refresh on delete if search filter active
4130 Fixed iPod/iPhone sync: lyrics don't appear in one more case
4723 Fixed Generic USB Sync: FLAC tracks' Album Art isn't written to tag
4721 Fixed Auto-tag from Filename Disc# and Track# Directory masks truncate
4719 Fixed My Compuer has 'Properties' in context menu for some subnodes
4722 Fixed Unskinned mode: Custom Tracklist background isn't applied to NP node
4718 Fixed shortcuts don't work on Now Playing in some cases (regression)
4667 Fixed Help file misc mask-related corrections
4725 Fixed Send to > Folder (Rip) icon

MediaMonkey Test build

4711 Fixed In-place Edits of Artist field don't update correctly for case changes
4699 Fixed Tracks with Title beginning in ' don't display in Title node
4709 Fixed iPhone sync fails when 'Sync all Ablum Art to track folders...' is enabled
4130 Fixed iPod/iPhone sync: lyrics can be lost
4702 Fixed tagging currently playing track can trigger a freeze
4708 Fixed OGG tagging prepends a space before each artist if multiple artists exist
4704 Fixed Date field should show yyyy if system is configured for yy date format
4705 Fixed My Computer > All nodes don't have context menu options
4714 Fixed Get Info/Buy context option often doesn't work in the tree nodes
4707 Fixed Search/Filter for Comments contain xxx returns tracks with Null values
4693 Fixed Context-menu can trigger visual artifacts in some cases
4690 Fixed mask should not truncate >2 digits
4700 Fixed Playlists in Album Art view are grouped incorrectly (regression)
4716 Fixed Edit Auto-playlist called "Accessible Tracks" brings up blank auto-playlist
4712 Fixed incorrect casing for some filetypes
4703 Fixed incorrect context help link
4667 Fixed Help file typo in Introduction
4715 Added skinning options for days/hours in time masks

MediaMonkey RC-8

4692 Fixed Deleting artist from the tree yields incorrect focus
4692 Fixed Deleting artist from main tree can trigger an error
4691 Fixed Filter config that changes view but doesn't filter is slow
4690 Fixed and masks don't display the exact Tag contents
4694 Fixed Skinless mode: changes to Set Destination Wizard aren't accepted
4689 Fixed Undocked/Docked settings don't save correctly in some cases
4668 Fixed help inaccuracies re. masks & misc cleanup
4698 Fixed misc button sizing and icons

MediaMonkey RC-7

4658 Added classical music fields to Advanced Playlist sort order options
4666 Fixed New generation iPods occasionally get mixed up Album Art
4664 Fixed skinless mode-Auto-tag from filename: properties don't update in some cases
4669 Fixed leveling coeffcients aren't shown in properties dialog in some cases
4596 Fixed Send to... still sends wrong tracks from undocked Now Playing in some cases
4683 Fixed Sync config: '\\' at begining of destination path triggers an error
4687 Fixed Clicking 'close' button in undocked Now Playing can trigger freeze
4685 Fixed Auto-tag from Filename includes non-functional mask
4684 Fixed 'Get Info/Buy' > 'Library' doesn't function in regular context menu
4677 Fixed Get info/Buy links only work for Amazon in the Now Playing Window
4680 Fixed Undocked Now Playing Window always remains in foreground
4660 Fixed Podcast subscription cannot be edited / causes duplicates (regression)
4674 Fixed Album Art View: right-click on empty space can trigger error (regression)
4676 Fixed Album Art View: QuickSearch doesn't work when playlist selected (regression)
4678 Fixed Properties dialog: leveling string isn't localized
4667 Fixed Help file 'About Properties / Tags' inaccuracies
4670 Fixed Link to non-existent Help file

MediaMonkey RC-6

4649 Added switch for WAV tagging to use UTF-8 or ASCII
4659 Fixed Volume Leveling fails for very long tracks
4651 Fixed Playback behavior isn't consistent between Now Playing & other nodes
4654 Fixed incorrect search results in some cases for Track# and Disc#
4615 Fixed some operations can be very slow (regression re #4642)
4644 Fixed Auto-tag from Filename: Grouping mask doesn't work
4641 Fixed Tracklist shifts from the correct position on scrollbar release
4640 Fixed Bounce/Scroll config doesn't work for custom skin labels
4606 Fixed Album Art View: Grouping isn't disabled for random sorts
4606 Fixed Album Art + Details View: Playlists/AutoPlaylists display out of order
4648 Fixed Auto-tag from Web / Auto-DJ errors if custom script no longer available
4650 Fixed Click on Length field of selected track shows '1 tracks to be tagged'
4596 Fixed Send to... sends wrong tracks from undocked Now Playing
4653 Fixed File Monitor doesn't detect folder moves (regression)
4647 Fixed Now Playing window pops up when starting MM in some cases (regression)

MediaMonkey RC-5

4604 Added support for Ratings to the Track Browser
4598 Fixed iPhone not recognized when logged in as Limited account user
4635 Fixed changes detected by File Monitor aren't commited to the database
4633 Fixed Sync: Delete Device --> device checkboxes get misaligned
4402 Fixed Album Art View: Quicksearch doesn't search based on sort order
4610 Fixed Skinless Mode: Play/Pause indicator doesn't reflect player state
4612 Fixed Error when deleting folder from DB and HD in My Locations
4638 Fixed searches using ' character don't work correctly
4605 Fixed < Del > doesn't edit tracklist properties in-place (regression)
4607 Fixed Now Playing doesn't 'Dock to window' correctly (regression)
4606 Fixed Album Art view: Custom sorted autoplaylists don't display correctly
4636 Fixed no link in context menu to change 'shortcut' options

MediaMonkey RC-4

4599 Added sort by Album Artist for Auto-playlists
4592 Fixed Burning audio CDs can hang on some VBR MP3 files
4594 Fixed Statistics Report generates overflow error on a newly scanned database
4596 Fixed Send to sends incorrect tracks when used in undocked Now Playing window
4595 Fixed FLAC tracks with incorrectly formatted replay gain info aren't scanned
4600 Fixed Subscribing to Podcast can trigger SQL error (regression)
4602 Fixed Remove playing track in Now Playing view triggers track deletion dialog
4593 Fixed Right-Click context menu is missing Shortcut descriptor for 'Remove'
4590 Optimized Podcast download process: save direct to podcast folder
3024 Updated to Eurekalog 6.0.13

MediaMonkey RC-3

4588 Fixed Podcast workflow for importing external podcasts isn't intuitive
4590 Fixed Podcast download memory utilization is too high
4576 Fixed Podcasts can have square artifacts in Artist tags
4579 Fixed Find More from Same is inconsistent between Now Playing and other nodes
4584 Fixed Lyrics of currently playing track can appear truncated
4586 Fixed Send to Playlist is slow for 100s of tracks
4585 Fixed Unorganized node shows tracks even if they are organized (regression)
4580 Fixed iPhone Sync: Tracks with uppercase extensions don't play
4587 Fixed iPod/iPhone sync: Playlists containing '*' are synced needlessly

MediaMonkey RC-2

4517 Fixed Folder rename operations are very slow on large databases
4560 Fixed Switching to Now Playing node and restarting can trigger an error
4558 Fixed Auto-tag from web bottom window can be enlarged too much
4573 Fixed Player can freeze in some specific tagging/Next operations
4562 Fixed ratings calculations in Statistics report are slightly off
4559 Fixed Tracklist shortcuts should be combined with Get Info/Buy function
4551 Fixed right-click on shortcut icon should give options for other links
4565 Fixed shortcuts appear for all tracks in Now Playing window in AA View
4552 Fixed 'Show Shortcuts' Japanese text is messed up
4554 Fixed Links to based on Japanese strings don't work
4548 Fixed some Podcast feeds are very slow to update
4567 Fixed feed doesn't download episodes correctly
4546 Fixed tracks cannot be deleted from 'Podcast Subscriptions' node
4549 Fixed Podcasts from another podcatcher aren't imported in some cases
4553 Fixed Podcasts shouldn't be saved to the Temporary internet files cache
4547 Fixed Podcasts > Edit Subscription text dropdown too narrow for large fonts
4571 Fixed Podcasts delete differently from root vs individual podcast nodes
4561 Fixed Album Art View with Details info is obscured with large fonts
4570 Fixed Searching with a quote triggers an SQL error for some fields
4503 Fixed Search bar ignores leading/trailing space
4556 Fixed 'My Rating' doesn't show current rating in Glided skin
4566 Fixed Trailing spaces are ignored on Field Search/Autoplaylists (regression)
4550 Fixed AutoPlaylist/Search FilePath doesn't search for disk label (regression)
4545 Fixed Sync > Set Destination Wizard can't set Main Directory (regression)
4574 Fixed Sync: Remove images from tags if larger than... can't be set to 0
4543 Fixed 'Random album' sort order doesn't refresh (regression)

MediaMonkey RC-1

4517 Fixed Folder move/remove operations are very slow on large databases
4516 Fixed Operations on tracks stored by UNC names can be very slow
4499 Fixed Tracks with date tags of the form mm/yyyy appear in 'unsynchronized tags'
4496 Fixed In-Player Art for now playing track flickers when tracks are monitored
4505 Fixed Shift-Delete doesn't delete currently playing track in Now Playing
4543 Fixed Random Album sort order doesn't work correctly
4525 Fixed Artwork isn't properly linked for .aac tracks
4530 Fixed incorrect tagging of multiple-value fields in Id3v2.3
4527 Fixed Search for ';' produces an error (regression)
4498 Fixed iPhone/Touch sync: some tracks with special characters don't play
4515 Fixed iPhone/Touch sync: Videos deleted on iPod can reappear on sync
4507 Fixed iPhone/iPod sync: Ratings & Play history may not sync back to the PC
1878 Fixed iPhone/iPod sync: Virtual CD tracks don't sync (regression)
4502 Fixed sync options: switching tabs can trigger error when editing masks (regression)
4394 Fixed Podcasts should download in parallel (3x) rather than sequentially
4484 Fixed Podcasts 'Add Directory' ui is too ambiguous
4494 Fixed Podcasts subscription removal doesn't auto-delete emptied podcast directories
4519 Fixed is no longer active
4526 Fixed Podcast album art isn't correctly associated / displayed
4475 Fixed Specific corrupted WAV files trigger freeze and can't be tagged
4508 Fixed some podcasts with embedded user/pass in the feed URL appear empty
4512 Fixed Properties dialog: attributes not selectable after 'update & next'
4501 Fixed Tree Context menus are incorrect for some (esp. root) nodes
4500 Fixed '[x] Level Playback volume:' checkbox is cut off when switching languages
4532 Fixed Now Playing: Tracklist rating field sometimes opens a combo box
4521 Fixed skinless mode: Properties > Basic tab: buttons don't display correctly
4523 Fixed skinless mode: Set Destination Wizard sample fails to update
4535 Fixed skinless mode: Set Destination Wizard mask buttons don't close mask selector
4537 Fixed skinless mode: mask selector doesn't place masks at cursor position
4406 Fixed mask selector is missing
4533 Fixed Statistics report Top 10 Albums criteria is confusing
4524 Fixed AAC encoder trial generates dummy .m4a files upon expiration
4470 Added Script handling of view modes and Track Browser
4486 Added links to Amazon or related content in Tracklist
1845 Improved accessibility of Amazon purchases

MediaMonkey Beta 3

4491 Fixed Ignore Prefix doesn't work for Genre subnodes
4490 Fixed Album Art View is unstable with some 3rd party scripts
4495 Fixed some MP3 tracks report incorrect track length
4487 Fixed AAC tracks (*.m4a etc.) can't play after updating to B2 + new Quicktime
4420 Fixed Data DVD Burning: Verification is slow in some cases + cannot be terminated
4429 Fixed Audio CD burning: Total time is still wrong in some cases
4489 Fixed Closing from tray icon doesn't save docked Now Playing window state (regression)
4488 Fixed Selected track's Album Art flickers during scan (regression)
4493 Fixed Podcast node should be populated
4484 Improved terminology/icons in Podcast > Add Directory function

MediaMonkey Beta 2

4416 Added Drag & Drop of Album Art to Album Art View
4438 Improved performance for numerous queries
4413 Fixed Date field resets to 0 in some cases where only Month and Year are used
4458 Fixed 'Track#' and 'Disc#' input in the format x/y fails
4408 Fixed Album Art isn't added when tracks in a folder are from > 1 album
4455 Fixed Album Art isn't correctly added to Virtual CD tracks
4456 Fixed Album Art file cannot be replaced if original is a hidden or system 'folder.jpg'
4436 Fixed Positive replay gain values aren't read from tracks when prefixed by '+'
4440 Fixed Mask entries are added to the start of the mask instead of the end (regression)
4450 Fixed Mask entries lack field
4406 Fixed numerous usability issues with the new masks configuration UI
4451 Fixed Auto-organize doesn't work well for tracks where masked property ends in a space
4415 Added new masks ($RemovePrefix, $Group, $Replace, $Assign, $First, $Len)
4479 Fixed Masks Set Destination Wizard behaves incorrectly in some cases
4461 Fixed Drag & Drop to Tree cause tree to auto-expand, yielding unintended results
4411 Fixed Tree isn't customized as expected if "Show 'All' node..." is enabled
4421 Fixed 'Custom' fields names aren't updated in search criteria dialog until restart
4427 Fixed 'Track#' is sorted incorrectly when in the format 'x/y'
4144 Fixed Track Browser doesn't populate script-created nodes
4467 Fixed Back/Forward buttons don't always work for searches in search bar
4468 Added Missing menu item: View Track Browser
4447 Fixed Comments and Lyrics are included in quicksearch of all text fields
4462 Fixed 'Original Date' field is missing in Auto-Playlist/Search criteria
4463 Fixed Tree nodes can become inaccessible in some cases--scrollbar behaves incorrectly
4458 Fixed Search for 'Track #' and 'Disc #' fails in some cases
4457 Fixed Search for advanced Date formats fails e.g. 'Date' >= '1.3.2005'
4441 Fixed iPod Sync with Rockbox firmware: registry entry doesn't allow .m3u playlists
4473 Fixed iPod sync destroys Album Art for Video clips
4426 Fixed iPod Sync copies Album Art per track instead of per Album
4472 Fixed iPhone reports no tracks for synchronization if old iPod is also connected
4480 Fixed MTP Sync fails for M4A tracks on some devices that support m4a
4188 Fixed Auto-sync list: Location node is still slow for some libraries
4279 Fixed Auto-sync syncs some tracks unnecessarily (regression)
4430 Fixed opening the device profile dialog can take several seconds with some libraries
4429 Fixed Audio CD burning - total time can be wrong in some cases
4434 Fixed Data CD Burning mask doesn't trigger changes on manually edited tracks
4425 Fixed Burning audio CD fails when "Test and Burn" is enabled (regression)
4219 Fixed Label of Burnt CD with CD Text doesn't show Album Name
4452 Fixed Data CD Burning mask displayed incorrectly in Set Destination Wizard
4412 Fixed CD Ripping needs an 'Ignore All' option to avoid repetitive warnings
4310 Fixed scanning is slow and flickers in Album Art View
4439 Fixed Add/Rescan Folders dialog can freeze
4417 Fixed expanding Artist nodes is very slow if filter is active (regression)
4449 Fixed node expansion is slow on large DBs with Filters active
4432 Fixed Podcast fails to download (Times Online UK)
4437 Fixed Podcast-updates takes longer with (regression)
4422 Fixed Podcast episodes can be downloaded in duplicate for some podcasts
3086 Fixed Podcasts previously imported are orphaned. These can now be merged by:
Right clicking greyed out subscription and adding subscription details
Rescanning episodes to automatically associate them with an existing subscription
4481 Fixed Podcast episode titles aren't downloaded for some podcasts
3252 Added ability to import local OPML directory
4301 Fixed Crossfading sometimes triggers repetition of a segment near the track's end
4453 Fixed artifacts in some shoutcast streams (Regression to in_wmp3.dll)
4466 Fixed Playback of inaccessible tracks causes audio artifacts in subsequent tracks
4464 Fixed some tracks don't play gaplessly
4474 Fixed seeking during last 12s of WMA track can cause playing track to end
4232 Fixed Album Art Popups: 'System Error. Code 1400. Invalid Window Handle'
4424 Fixed FLAC playback and conversion fails on some processors without SSE2 support
4428 Fixed Now Playing: 'Clean (remove inaccessible)' can leaves empty rows in Now Playing
4443 Fixed Now Playing: Last played track's playcount is set to zero after MM restart
4444 Fixed Now Playing: can be ordered incorrectly in Album Art View (regression)
4483 Main tree: Now Playing: Double-click a song doesn't start playing the song (regression)
1797 Fixed empty winamp.ini is required to install some plugins
4431 Fixed Statistics Report is horribly slow on some DBs
4460 Fixed artifacts on Close button on ToolWindows (Cover Window, Now Playing Window etc.)
4469 Fixed graphical artifacts on the left side of Search Criteria dialog
4433 Fixed Keystrokes on TSDBUISpinEdit object don't throw an OnChange event
1865 Added basic access to the Amazon MP3 music store (Store node / Buy context links)

MediaMonkey Beta 1

4384 Fixed sync to iPhone/Touch: some tracks don't play
2756 Fixed sync to iPhone/Touch: tracks may not upload correctly to empty device
4398 Fixed sync to iPhone/iPod: incorrect order for Artists with ignored prefixes
4392 Fixed auto-sync: some tracks always sync unnecessarily
1878 Fixed sync doesn't work for tracks stored to the Virtual CD
4396 Fixed sync node via D&D to the device button: only the first track is synced
4388 Fixed links to Album Art shouldn't be saved in AAC tags
4387 Fixed crash on tagging some MP4 files
4400 Fixed changing case in Artist name fails to update the DB (regression)
4391 Fixed Hotkeys: Ctrl+Alt+Del breaks global hotkeys functionality for domain users
4385 Fixed Album Art Views don't work for the My Computer node (regression)
4386 Fixed "#Tracks by Artist" filter is very slow
4389 Fixed Burn ad Device Sync masks only show the right edge of the mask (regression)
4399 Fixed installing a script can cause multiple entries to appear in the Options panel
4071 Fixed DB operations should use more robust SQLite setting by default
4380 Fixed 'search' text descriptions are consistent
4405 Fixed Extensions Descriptions are truncated

MediaMonkey Alpha 1

2756 Added sync support for iPhone / iPod Touch
4353 Added hidden config entry to use alternate connection (TIE) for auto-tag from web
4369 Fixed Global hotkeys stop working after locking & unlocking
4378 Fixed Hotkeys: General: Focus search box doesn't work if search bar is floating
4359 Fixed Hotkey options confirmation dialog has incorrect message
4379 Fixed Album Art + Details View: Get Info/Buy doesn't work
4374 Fixed No way to sort podcasts within a day--Podcast download queue should be reversed
4371 Fixed "Table of Contents CD-ROM Z: not read successfully." is shown unnecessarily
4373 Fixed D&D image into Album Art Window doesn't work in new view
4375 Fixed D&D image to Player doesn't work
4376 Fixed unskinned mode: checkboxes and player background don't use Windows Theme
4365 Fixed Auto-playlists: Integer Property shouldn't accept text (yields sql error)
4368 Fixed "Invalid data type for DisplayName" error can occur at start up
4356 Fixed changing properties of now playing track doesn't update the player
4355 Fixed Player can be seen twice in some cases e.g. using CDArtDisplay-Plugin
4354 Fixed '+' appears beside folders sometimes even when no subfolders exist
4347 Fixed Album Art in popup can have incorrect aspect ratio
4360 Fixed Now Playing: 'Find more from same' is missing Composer, Playlist items
4357 Fixed Search bar text fails to update with mode after text box is exited
4362 Fixed new mask via "" button is added at the beginning instead of at the end
4348 Fixed changing to tree node with numbered tracks shows "0." (regression)
4358 Fixed Burn wizard: "Duplicate filename exists..." label is cut off (regression)
4351 Fixed error when changing column in track browser and tracklist is empty (regression)
4349 Fixed Artist can be inferred incorrectly in format -.mp3 (regression)<br /> 4275 Fixed track number can be inferred as Artist in format <Track#>-<Title><br /> 4350 Fixed Files to Edit>Multiple Artist Albums: albums are split when casing differs<br /> 4352 Fixed Page up in Album Art View sometimes doesn't work correctly<br /> 4364 Fixed Tagging of mp3s on NAS devices can take too long<br /> 4377 Fixed Playlist -> Remove duplicates -> dialog isn't scrollable<br /> 4361 Fixed if filter rules are absent SDB.Database.ActiveFilterQuery yields incorrect query<br /> 4363 Fixed SDB.Tools.FileSystem.CreateTextFile does not work if the file doesn't exist<br /> 4366 Added script functions to return active filter ID & query results for filter ID<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey<br /> <br /> 4343 Added means to disable Album Art cache via .ini file<br /> 4346 Fixed unicode characters aren't properly saved to the .ini file<br /> 4341 Fixed Album Art cache should use MediaMonkey temp directory<br /> 4315 Fixed data import from Winamp DB fails due to unicode format<br /> 4340 Fixed burning fails for some USB burners<br /> 4185 Fixed cannot download podcast with incorrectly formed PuDate tag<br /> 4342 Fixed Total # of Tracks/Discs is lost for WMA tags<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey RC-2<br /> <br /> 4333 Fixed Options | Hotkeys | 'Global' column header click fails to sort correctly<br /> 4334 Fixed Options | Hotkeys | [Apply] can move the current item off the bottom of the view<br /> 4335 Fixed Property 'Rating >=' and 'Rating <=' not working properly for some users<br /> 4293 Fixed Auto-DJ scripts add tracks in shuffled order (again) and optimized<br /> 4336 Fixed clicking on empty space in Album Art View causes an error (regression)<br /> 4338 Fixed Italian context files are missing<br /> 4337 Improved MM2 to MM3 upgrades for machines with DB in non-standard locations<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey RC-1<br /> <br /> 4269 Added hotkey support for switching filters<br /> 4323 Fixed error can occur for corrupted Album Art with zero width or height<br /> 4311 Fixed search Artist & Album Artist doesn't search Album Artist<br /> 4320 Fixed auto-tag from Web doesn't convert special HTML characters<br /> 4319 Fixed Album Artist field is populated with Artist field on rescan even if blanked<br /> 4321 Fixed some ID3v2 genre tags are read twice (regression)<br /> 4322 Fixed album art can be displayed as a thin line in Album art view (regression)<br /> 4324 Fixed Album Art may not show up in Album Art view for Albums with many Artists (regression)<br /> 4309 Fixed Custom fields 4 and 5 can't be sorted in Tracklist (regression)<br /> 4308 Fixed period in Album or Artist name aren't shown in Album Art view<br /> 4328 Fixed import ratings from iTunes fails if tracks in iTunes DB are stored in UNC format<br /> 4315 Fixed import ratings from Winamp fails when DB isn't in expected location<br /> 4327 Fixed extension icon sometimes isn't be visible (regression)<br /> 4325 Fixed Vista navigation bar sometimes incorrectly bolded in skinless mode<br /> 4330 Fixed Pop-up transparency settings are ignored on mouseover<br /> 4313 Fixed spectrograph flickers on pause<br /> 4312 Fixed Browse Folder dialog tree isn't in focus & incremental search doesn't work<br /> 4326 Optimized query performance<br /> 4331 Updated Japanese translation<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey Beta 2<br /> <br /> 4298 Added new mask functions $Left(s,n), $Right(s,n), $Mid(s,i,n), $Trim(s), $Upper(s), $Lower(s)<br /> 4264 Added Japanese installer and language files<br /> 4272 Fixed CDDB and Auto-tag from Web lookup don't work correctly for Japanese<br /> 4290 Fixed Unicode characters in Custom fields cause the field to not be stored in ID3 tags<br /> 4289 Fixed ID3 TDAT year is parsed and stored incorrectly<br /> 4270 Fixed tag operations can fail if connection to track is slow/unreliable<br /> 4285 Fixed Disc burns fail if a track in the burn list is inaccessible<br /> 4219 Fixed Burnt CDs with CD text don't show Album Name as the CD Label<br /> 1666 Fixed Auto-organize doesn't move linked images labelled as system files<br /> 4271 Fixed Auto-tag from filename Track# mask fails when track# contains non-numeric info<br /> 4302 Fixed Rip/Convert/Auto-organize to Desktop shows fields as gibberish<br /> 4292 Fixed Album art addition settings don't properly persist<br /> 4278 Fixed Auto-tag from web only saves to tag if set to also save to folder w/o confirmation<br /> 4278 Fixed Adding Art file only links file if set to tag and save to folder w/o confirmation<br /> 4263 Fixed Changing Artist to existing one in the Tree will cause duplicate entries in the Tree<br /> 4277 Fixed Track time is displayed incorrectly for merged mp3 tracks with faulty header<br /> 4300 Fixed Player shows remaining track time incorrectly near end of track<br /> 4301 Fixed Player can stutter/repeat a segment of the track if crossfading is enabled<br /> 4299 Fixed Podcasts don't display correctly if not formatted to spec (e.g by Dennis Prager)<br /> 4282 Fixed Podcasts don't download in cases where date information isn't formatted to spec<br /> 4274 Fixed .ashx Podcasts can't be downloaded<br /> 4297 Fixed Auto-sync: some tracks are synced needlessly back to PC<br /> 4286 Fixed Auto-sync: child playlists get selected when parent is selected in Auto-sync list<br /> 4267 Fixed Advanced searches on Volume Leveling are incorrect<br /> 2717 Fixed Double-clicking a property in Now Playing can cause it to become editable<br /> 4276 Fixed Year/Date terminology inconsistencies in the search dialog<br /> 4266 Fixed Filter names can change language when language is switched<br /> 4288 Fixed OnTrackProperties event isn't called on rating or PlayCount/LastTimePlayed change<br /> 4293 Fixed Auto-DJ scripts add tracks in shuffled order<br /> 4283 Optimized some queries for Auto-organize<br /> 4306 Updated German translation<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey Beta 1<br /> <br /> 4244 Added Norwegian translation<br /> 4236 Added Italian translation<br /> 4237 Added Japanese translation<br /> 4233 Fixed 'Blues' Genre disappears during upgrade<br /> 4230 Fixed editing tracks in Album Artist node can cause an error<br /> 4238 Fixed application shifts when maximizing at low screen resolutions<br /> 4253 Fixed Track browser can cause sort order to be lost<br /> 4247 Fixed Track browser doesn't filter correctly (hides a track)<br /> 4250 Fixed some mp3 streams don't play (they're ignored as php files)<br /> 4243 Fixed renaming Composer nodes causes other equivalently named attributes to be modified<br /> 4259 Fixed MP3 CD Burns: live size indicator is sometimes incorrect (regression)<br /> 4261 Fixed FLAC tags can be corrupted in some circumstances<br /> 4239 Fixed Genres with '(' aren't properly read from ID3 tags<br /> 4245 Fixed editing folder node in Location node can add extra "\" to the path<br /> 4237 Fixed remaining Japanese Localization Issues<br /> 4240 Fixed Auto-tag from Filename: Disc# field can't be used properly<br /> 4246 Fixed Auto-Tag from Web Album Art settings don't persist for saving Art to a file<br /> 4234 Fixed Auto-DJ: Popup is delayed; Player can be locked; Player embedded art can fail<br /> 4241 Fixed Synchronization of Album Art can consume excessive amounts of memory<br /> 4252 Fixed Search bar doesn't search Album Artist field<br /> 4256 Fixed large fonts don't work well for Album Art/Details view & unfocused/selected node<br /> 4255 Fixed some tracks always remain in unyschronized tags node due to hidden characters<br /> 4254 Fixed Album Art views: Albums are sometimes split<br /> 4235 Fixed Installation package without Install.ini file causes AV<br /> 4257 Fixed scripting problem: can't stop playback in some cases (regression)<br /> 4260 Fixed scripting problem: OnTrackAdded event is never called (regression)<br /> 4262 Fixed INI entries writen by scripts via SDB_OnShutDown are deleted on exit<br /> 4249 Optimized Search bar (2x) & added .ini option to 10x by restricting search fields<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey<br /> <br /> 4229 Changing album in main tree can cause an error<br /> 4225 Fixed canned AutoPlaylists are missing<br /> 4226 Fixed Player cannot be moved (regression)<br /> 4228 Fixed Album Art Window appears empty when navigating tracks via Properties Panel<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey RC-6<br /> <br /> 4197 Fixed system lag occurs on track transitions (regression)<br /> 4216 Fixed drives with Serial Number=0 can trigger duplicates in the db<br /> 4209 Fixed searches can return duplicates in some cases<br /> 4210 Fixed cannot analyze volume unicode APE files<br /> 4217 Fixed Party mode allows web searches<br /> 4188 Fixed Auto-sync list: Location node is extremely slow<br /> 4182 Fixed Synchronization: Location-based Playlists aren't generated<br /> 4172 Fixed iPod sync: updated album art / volume levels don't trigger resync<br /> 4183 Fixed iPod sync: Podcasts are listed as new, even if listened to<br /> 4198 Fixed rebuild iPod DB causes untagged album art to be lost from the device<br /> 4185 Fixed Cannot download podcast with incorrectly formed PuDate tag<br /> 4176 Fixed skinless player has artifacts after minimizing to tray<br /> 3941 Fixed Player: Title can jitter on systems TSC timers are off<br /> 4208 Fixed Album Art views fail to refresh deleted album art in some cases<br /> 4193 Fixed Album Art view: rapid node switching in main tree can throw error (regression)<br /> 4206 Fixed Album Art + Details view: Properties dialog arrows don't work correctly<br /> 4211 Fixed Album Art views change vertical position when Window size is changed<br /> 4213 Fixed Album Art view sometimes has an empty gap<br /> 4186 Fixed Drag and Drop to the player doesn't work<br /> 4175 Fixed Stats report indicates incorrect number of playlists<br /> 4205 Fixed Stats calculation on large library can trigger freeze<br /> 4192 Fixed Navigation Bar: '&' symbol is replaced with '_'<br /> 4196 Fixed Rip/Convert Dialog too narrow<br /> 4177 Fixed Composer subnodes cannot be edited<br /> 4189 Fixed Auto-sync list confusion: 'Artist' should be 'Artist & Album Artist'<br /> 4199 Fixed possible termination on attempted restore from System Tray<br /> 4004 Fixed some file associations are created despite configuration not to<br /> 4195 Fixed Rip/Convert dialogs don't allow unicode characters to be edited correctly<br /> 4200 Fixed Some Skinless Mode Background configs don't work (regression)<br /> 4214 Fixed pressing cancel during the DB upgrade process → apparent freeze<br /> 3965 Improved several default config settings<br /> 3780 Updated Czech translation<br /> 4207 Updated burn engine to 2.10 (fixes CD-RW burn issues)<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey RC5<br /> <br /> 4150 Fixed M4A tagging works incorrectly with some empty fields<br /> 4154 Fixed rescan doesn't update Disc# property<br /> 4108 Fixed disc# and track# handling for FLAC tracks<br /> 4167 Fixed DB conversion: improved handling of unknown fields<br /> 4155 Fixed Album Art + Details: context menu doesn't work in some cases<br /> 3418 Fixed Multiple Value Fields: unused Genres aren't removed<br /> 4161 Fixed Mass-tag Album Art operations in Album Art Views only affect first track<br /> 4093 Fixed Ratings UI allows tracks to be modified accidentally<br /> 4145 Fixed Date column isn't sorted correctly in some cases<br /> 4123 Fixed Properties dialog isn't properly cleaned of unused attributes<br /> 4114 Fixed Some properties can be overwritten accidentally<br /> 4142 Fixed Album Art view doesn't refresh after Auto-tag from Amazon<br /> 4141 Fixed playback of tracks from iPod in MM can cause lost album art<br /> 4130 Fixed iPod sync: Lyrics sometimes fail to display on iPod<br /> 4134 Fixed iPod sync: Podcasts synced by iTunes aren't visible to MM<br /> 4121 Fixed synchronization: auto-conversion rules aren't working correctly<br /> 4127 Fixed synchronization expanding node while ejecting can throw an error<br /> 4128 Fixed Statistics report gives inaccurate Album & Artist totals<br /> 4133 Fixed Album is assigned Album Artist name if Album title is missing<br /> 4132 Fixed 'Album Art' and 'Artist/Album' entries should be disabled in non AA view<br /> 4163 Fixed Album Art Views: Tracks with Unknown Album have wrong album art assigned<br /> 4162 Fixed Album Art + Details view: Albums are often split<br /> 4164 Fixed Album Art Views: 'Unknown' items clutter up the views<br /> 4131 Fixed Track browser should be available in My Computer node<br /> 4126 Fixed changing track in Album Art View can throw an error<br /> 4125 Fixed conversion generates files with .MMSaTe extension<br /> 4124 Fixed Album Art views: '&' isn't displayed<br /> 4103 Fixed Setting Window to not maximized causes now playing to blank out<br /> 4120 Fixed Files to Edit > Unknown Albums node is missing some tracks<br /> 4044 Fixed Podcasts display in the wrong order<br /> 4116 Fixed Now Playing window status doesn't persist (regression)<br /> 4115 Fixed Player flickers in the ratings area on skin change (regression)<br /> 4168 Fixed Enter key doesn't play tracks in Album Art modes<br /> 4122 Fixed MiniPlayer/Now Playing toolbar usability issues<br /> 3939 Fixed French translation Quicktime warning isn't localized<br /> 4117 Fixed Vista is missing from list of OSes supported by File Monitor<br /> 4157 Fixed Filter settings may not work correctly due to plugin<br /> 4160 Fixed Shift-Delete fails to delete tracks from the drive (regression)<br /> 3891 Fixed localized dialog captions don't appear (Asian locales)<br /> 4159 Fixed flickering in lists with 3D border (regression)<br /> 4119 Fixed Dutch installer isn't fully translated<br /> 4158 Updated to SQLite 3.5.4<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey RC4<br /> <br /> 4049 Added Dutch language (thanks to Hans)<br /> 4078 Added .ini configuration to enable/disable date tagging via TDRC/TYER/TDAT<br /> 4000 Added .ini configuration for MTP Sync to Zen Devices<br /> 3855 Added Find more from same Playlist<br /> 4086 Fixed cleaning ID3 tags triggers link to blank artwork<br /> 3393 Fixed drag & drop cannot append multiple definitions for Occasion and Mood<br /> 4095 Fixed drag & drop doesn't work in "Artist"->"Album" node<br /> 4061 Fixed M4P/M4A/M4B properties use non-standard atoms<br /> 4066 Fixed tagging M4P/M4A/M4B fields > 256 characters triggers crash<br /> 4062 Fixed tagging locked M4P/M4A/M4B files can delete them<br /> 4038 Fixed RGAD values should be saved as big-endian floats<br /> 4067 Fixed Auto-tag from web Album Art tagging problem (memory leak)<br /> 4058 Fixed WMA track# tag isn't properly saved<br /> 4058 Fixed FLAC Track# and Disk# tags aren't properly saved<br /> 4080 Fixed FLAC tagging of multiple-definition attributes is incorrect<br /> 4058 Fixed M4A/M4P/M4B Track# and Disk# tags aren't properly saved<br /> 4052 Fixed FLAC album art isn't correctly tagged (regression)<br /> 4087 Fixed Auto-volume analysis shows error dialog repeatedly if media unavailable<br /> 4097 Fixed Auto-volume analysis makes some tracks unplayable due to bookmarking<br /> 4094 Fixed Auto-volume analysis stops working with some FLAC files<br /> 4059 Fixed occasional freezes during scanning<br /> 4056 Fixed occasional freezes during DB operations<br /> 4045 Fixed Album cannot be removed from 'Artist' node (regression)<br /> 3926 Fixed more iPod sync problems with illegal filenames<br /> 4085 Fixed iPod sync config can reset, causing syncs to the root folder<br /> 4073 Fixed Synchronization: Some GIF Album Art triggers errors<br /> 4054 Fixed iPod sync: entire synch list resyncs on upgrade from 2.5 to 3.0<br /> 4043 Fixed Podcast error: problem querying the database (regression)<br /> 4044 Fixed Podcasts sometimes don't download by reverse date order<br /> 4051 Fixed playback of some MP3 streams fails and can cause a freeze<br /> 4088 Fixed search nodes get added when adding/removing letters to search terms<br /> 4033 Fixed Album Art view sorts by Album incorrectly<br /> 4037 Fixed Album Art + Details view: 'Delete' doesn't work for in-place editing<br /> 4039 Fixed Drag & Drop albums in Album Art view triggers error<br /> 4040 Fixed Album Art view buttons should not be active in Now Playing node<br /> 4050 Fixed double-click "Play selected tracks only" doesn't work well if Shuffle is on<br /> 4064 Fixed Options are accessible in party mode (regression)<br /> 4024 Fixed Album Art Window: 'Show Titlebar' toggle → Album Art disappears<br /> 4084 Fixed Deleting > 5000 Songs from a playlist can freeze MM<br /> 4063 Fixed Rip CD: Level Track Volume option doesn't work<br /> 3887 Fixed use of devices (U3 usb key) that emulate CD can fail or trigger freeze<br /> 4041 Fixed Nested AutoPlaylist can freeze in some cases when clicked (regression)<br /> 4034 Fixed Auto-organize fails to generate correct file name in some cases<br /> 4109 Fixed simple mask generation UI doesn't clean extra '\' in subdirectory<br /> 4096 Fixed Glided skin popups may not support unicode characters<br /> 4082 Fixed Skinless mode: Navigation toolbar isn't unicode enabled<br /> 4079 Fixed Album Art Views: Unicode in tracks causes Album Art to not display<br /> 4048 Fixed Chinese Unicode Filenames can't play on Non-Unicode plugins<br /> 3897 Fixed Tree doesn't update with new nodes automatically (regression)<br /> 4035 Fixed misc UI issues with Mask Configuration<br /> 4047 Fixed Device Configuration: Options button gets shrunken in localized UI<br /> 4081 Fixed Player volume control is missing from skinless version of MM<br /> 4091 Fixed Move accompanying files dialog isn't resizable<br /> 4098 Fixed Track Browser "All (x Items)" is broken in Album Art views<br /> 4105 Fixed My Documents is shown as empty node in some cases<br /> 4010 Fixed Now Playing Window: Can display artifacts when resized<br /> 4046 Fixed Now Playing 'Play button' can play wrong track (regression)<br /> 4042 Fixed restoring from tray can throw an error in skinless mode (regression)<br /> 4036 Fixed Duplicate Tracks warning isn't scrollable for long lists of dups<br /> 3966 Fixed Filter node configuration shouldn't allow Search node to be removed<br /> 4057 Fixed Auto-DJ doesn't correctly activate/de-activate in continuous mode<br /> 4055 Fixed editing Options > File Monitor in place can trigger error<br /> 4104 Fixed Resize/maximize doesn't refresh main winodow correctly (regression)<br /> 4103 Fixed Now Playing window sometimes isn't drawn correctly<br /> 4070 Fixed player is higher than should be in some cases (regression)<br /> 4077 Fixed Hotkey settings are re-written with each install<br /> 4099 Fixed Now Playing window can re-appear upon skin change<br /> 3614 Fixed skin artifacts near toolbar and in vertically oriented micro-player<br /> 4088 Optimized search bar performance<br /> 4072 Updated burn engine to v2.07<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey RC-3<br /> <br /> 3991 Fixed DB Upgrade problems (2.5→3.0) related to duplicates in covers table<br /> 4015 Fixed File Monitor occasionally triggers error message if a folder is deleted<br /> 4007 Fixed default Filters are missing after upgrading DB from MM2<br /> 4006 Fixed operations with default filter can throw an error (regression)<br /> 3972 Fixed Auto-conversion/Lame encoding sometimes fails<br /> 3990 Fixed auto-organize sometimes removes '.' from path unnecessarily<br /> 4013 Fixed search by Grouping isn't supported<br /> 3974 Fixed Advanced Search for 'All text fields' → freeze<br /> 3743 Fixed Mass Edit: Grouping isn't checked if edit is made<br /> 3978 Fixed Mass Edit: Comment field sometimes fails to update for the first track<br /> 4025 Fixed Auto-tag from Web: Editing track in tracklist triggers error<br /> 4009 Fixed View>Properties: Deleting track → Properties shows the wrong track<br /> 4008 Fixed Player calculation of track length may be incorrect on corrupt files<br /> 4008 Fixed calculation of track length can be incorrect on huge files<br /> 3998 Fixed Original Year should be Original Date<br /> 4012 Fixed in place editing includes Track# within the Title field in Album Nodes<br /> 3988 Fixed save art to location other than folder.jpg →'Problem with copying file...'<br /> 3988 Fixed Auto-tag from Web cannot save art to any location other than folder.jpg<br /> 3988 Fixed Auto-tag from Web includes deprecated option to save Art to shared folder<br /> 4029 Fixed AAC tagging for new fields: full date is written incorrectly<br /> 4029 Fixed WMA tagging for new fields: original date isn't tagged correctly<br /> 4029 Fixed FLAC tagging for new fields: Grouping and full date are tagged incorrectly<br /> 3986 Fixed ID3v2.4 tagged album art isn't supported properly<br /> 4027 Fixed Disconnecting device can cause AV<br /> 4022 Fixed Sync error: Unable to open database file (14, 14)<br /> 4018 Fixed Sync Selected can overwrite tracks on iPods (regression)<br /> 4005 Fixed iPod can't be ejected if playback/edits have been done by MM on the iPod<br /> 4011 Fixed iPod Sync can trigger 'Ignore error and continue'<br /> 3926 Fixed iPod sync sometimes still fails due to illegal filenames<br /> 3928 Fixed Podcasts synced to iPod have 'Unknown Release Date'<br /> 3958 Fixed podcast subscribe dialog may not open when clicking rss link in Firefox<br /> 3898 Fixed Track Browser columns aren't generic to specific (Browser, Artist, Album)<br /> 3898 Fixed Track Browser miller columns aren't restricted when a search is done<br /> 3993 Fixed Album Art Details view: added [System] option to ExpandAlbumsByDefault=1<br /> 4014 Fixed Album Art Details view: Tracklist has editable text boxes for non-entities<br /> 3666 Fixed Album Art Details view: 'Show All x Tracks' can lead to accidental edits<br /> 3985 Fixed Album Art view: Sort by multiple attributes → incorrect Sorting/Grouping<br /> 3979 Fixed <HOME> key in Album Art Views doesn't work correctly<br /> 3989 Fixed persisting the last used node after restart is not unicode ready<br /> 4028 Fixed Player flickers during skin change<br /> 3977 Fixed Player Album Art isn't redrawn after skin change<br /> 3981 Fixed skinless player appears with blank space in some cases<br /> 3980 Fixed player spectrograph state doesn't persist after restart<br /> 3467 Fixed some unicode m4a files still fail to play<br /> 3975 Fixed Now Playing slows down/freezes if removing large number of tracks<br /> 4002 Fixed Ignore Shuffle setting for Filter=Podcasts doesn't stop podcasts playing<br /> 4020 Fixed occasional freezes due to db layer<br /> 3826 Fixed Font size issues (with ClearType enabled)<br /> 4021 Fixed Unskinned mode: Screen state doesn't persist<br /> 4023 Fixed Unskinned mode: Now Playing background is orange/brown<br /> 4026 Fixed occasional crash on start up (related to Asian systems & ini file)<br /> 3891 Fixed some Asian localized UI elements still display incorrectly<br /> 3971 Fixed some Japanese podcasts don't work<br /> 3793 Fixed Gold key settings fail to migrate to 3.0<br /> 3976 Optimized some queries further<br /> 3967 Optimized tracklist update/deletion operations (thread callbacks)<br /> 3970 Optimized Track Browser performance<br /> 3024 Updated to Eurekalog (6.0.10)<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey<br /> <br /> 3964 Fixed Pressing 'Next' when the 'Quicktime missing' dialog appears → freeze<br /> 3908 Fixed expanding Podcast with many episodes can make MM appear frozen<br /> 3968 Fixed Podcast directories: expanding a feed twice causes episodes to appear twice<br /> 3963 Fixed Deleting a large number of tracks triggers an AV<br /> 3969 Optimized performance of the Track Browser for large collections<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey RC-2<br /> <br /> 3899 Fixed 'on track start' scripts don't work properly<br /> 3872 Fixed some Podcasts (e.g. Scientific American) aren't recognized / downloadable<br /> 3934 Fixed should be possible to use Podcast's default filename if no mask is set<br /> 3944 Fixed some Japanese Podcasts don't update<br /> 3926 Fixed failed iPod synchronization caused by prohibited filenames<br /> 3745 Fixed iPod auto-sync always deletes playlists that aren't on the sync list<br /> 3954 Fixed auto-sync: user isn't given the option to delete old playlists<br /> 3909 Fixed wmdm synchronization sometimes freezes<br /> 3924 Fixed sync size sometimes fails to refresh<br /> 3948 Fixed read-only Tracks aren't deleted from iPod during auto-sync<br /> 3892 Fixed MTP sync problems related to auto-conversion/level volume<br /> 3910 Fixed possible SQL Error when selecting filter on the Sync List<br /> 3874 Fixed iPod: M4B Audiobooks don't appear under Audiobooks menu<br /> 3851 Fixed Auto-tag from Web: focus is lost after looking up art<br /> 3273 Fixed no way to set rating to unknown in Now Playing node<br /> 3943 Fixed Disc# field isn't sorted correctly if not numeric<br /> 3925 Fixed cannot edit Album Artist if Album Title is missing<br /> 3920 Fixed some .ini file configurations cause lyrics to be truncated<br /> 3923 Fixed MP3 Tagging can cause an access violation<br /> 3913 Fixed Album Art is saved to tag when no save options are chosen<br /> 3650 Fixed Add album art sometimes defaults to a folder other than the tracks folder<br /> 3950 Fixed Properties dialog: tab order incorrect<br /> 3912 Fixed Save Album Art to Folder.jpg triggers AV on currently playing track<br /> 3878 Fixed year isn't read correctly in some APE/MPC tracks + leveling problems<br /> 3873 Fixed Album Artist > Various appears for tracks that have a common Album Artist<br /> 3956 Fixed Tracklist doesn't always refresh with newly added tracks<br /> 3866 Fixed In-place editing disabled for Now Playing (regression)<br /> 3869 Fixed Now Playing tracklist has different header<br /> 3906 Fixed failure to remove multiple Albums from a playlist in Album Art + Details view<br /> 3906 Fixed Album Art + Details view changes position when deleting tracks<br /> 3639 Fixed Album Art + Details view: playlist tracks are out of order<br /> 3639 Fixed Album Art + Details view: column settings are confusing & don't persist<br /> 3639 Fixed Album Art + Details view: quicksearch doesn't work correctly<br /> 3897 Fixed Tree doesn't automatically update with new nodes (regression)<br /> 3907 Fixed search during volume analysis appends erroneous results<br /> 3898 Fixed Track browser functions incorrectly<br /> 3824 Fixed Track browser clears column values in response to 'Search Selected'<br /> 3815 Fixed Search Bar doesn't clear on 'Search Selected' & Track Browser is updated<br /> 3911 Fixed switching Album Art modes can trigger freeze<br /> 3961 Fixed Location node shows My Documents even if no Tracks exist there<br /> 3468 Fixed Composers can appear in Album Artist node (caused by Maintain DB)<br /> 3721 Fixed filters applied incorrectly to Playlists<br /> 1448 Fixed DRM-protected m4b and m4p files don't play<br /> 3467 Fixed m4a files with 59+ character or unicode filenames/folders cannot be played<br /> 3893 Fixed Album Art isn't displayed in Player when Playing tracks from iPod<br /> 3889 Fixed Playing corrupt MP3 causes crash<br /> 3930 Fixed Quicktime download dialog doesn't work correctly<br /> 3937 Fixed occasional error when restoring from minimized state<br /> 3883 Fixed Player Jitters in some error conditions<br /> 3918 Fixed Visualization after pause/resume doesn't work (regression)<br /> 3917 Fixed 24 or 32 bits per sample streams don't play sometimes<br /> 3904 Fixed 24-bit FLAC files don't show visualization<br /> 3912 Fixed Unskinned mode: on first run, empty space appears at the bottom<br /> 3864 Fixed scrolling Player title takes too much CPU<br /> 3792 Fixed error on closing<br /> 3857 Fixed various unlocalized strings<br /> 3895 Fixed Conversion problems in some Asian locales<br /> 3891 Fixed Some localized UI elements don't appear (japanese)<br /> 3857 Fixed Extensions panel not fully localized<br /> 3863 Fixed various strings<br /> 3919 Fixed error when installing multiple extensions<br /> 3886 Fixed Scripting: Installation/Update/Uninstallation can cause wide range of problems<br /> 3901 Fixed Script uninstallation can cause 'List index out of bounds (5).' error.<br /> 3875 Fixed several memory leaks<br /> 3900 Fixed error: 'Invalid argument to date encode.'<br /> 3793 Changed all registry keys to HKCU>Software>MediaMonkey<br /> 3915 Update FLAC to 1.2.1<br /> 3024 Update to Eurekalog 6.0.9<br /> 3870 Optimized string handling/sorting + image processing<br /> 3933 Optimized SQL queries for various nodes<br /> 3922 Fixed progress bars sometimes don't refresh properly<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey RC-1 (Update)<br /> <br /> 3860 Fixed unskinned version crashes as soon as it is run (regression)<br /> 3857 Fixed installer: file associations panel isn't fully localized (regression)<br /> 3859 Fixed missing spaces in album art + details view (regression)<br /> 3861 Fixed Auto-playlists don't work correctly (regression)<br /> 3780 Updated French translation to v1097<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey<br /> <br /> 2930 Fixed Audio CD burns have occasional gaps on some systems<br /> 0023 Fixed Shuffle doesn't allow user to use 'back' to see which track was last played<br /> 3777 Fixed restore from micro player corrupts player skin<br /> 3769 Fixed playing Album from Virtual CD adds cataloged CDs to Now Playing<br /> 3752 Fixed MicroPlayer not available as a toolbar in Vista x64<br /> 3809 Fixed MicroPlayer: Play/Pause on multimedia keyboard maximizes MM<br /> 3775 Fixed rare freeze when initiating playback immediately after tagging<br /> 3828 Fixed some corrupt mp3s can trigger an Access Violation and Decoder.exe doesn't terminate<br /> 3772 Fixed Files to Edit\Multiple artist albums throws SQL error if filter active (regression)<br /> 3768 Fixed DB error: "Cannot load query data: Could not find field. result: 1"<br /> 3739 Fixed user is occasionally asked to perform a DB upgrade even though the DB exists<br /> 3810 Fixed Maintain DB → Error executing SQL statement "COMMIT" : SQL logic error...<br /> 3799 Fixed threading problem when adding huge numbers of Tracks to a Playlist<br /> 3423 Fixed AAC tracks aren't scanned by default after upgrade from 2.5<br /> 3808 Fixed Advanced search for criteria = / |= "" doesn't return any values<br /> 3814 Fixed Track browser: criteria disappear when 'search selected' returns no values<br /> 3506 Fixed search of 'now playing' shouldn't be additive / isn't cyclic<br /> 3814 Fixed Track browser criteria disappear when search selected returns no values<br /> 2520 Fixed iPod sync: metadata doesn't synch bi-directionally for manual sync<br /> 2520 Fixed iPod sync: resync of tracks that were manually synced → duplicates<br /> 3783 Fixed iPod sync: Tracks not in Library are synced to iPod as Podcasts<br /> 3784 Fixed iPod Sync: Some Album Art is tripled on iPod Classic<br /> 3746 Fixed iPod sync: Tracks synced with MM don't work with Music Quiz 2<br /> 3820 Fixed iPod sync: Disc Number field isn't used for sorting tracks<br /> 3801 Fixed iPod sync of large files can fail if # samples don't fit in 32-bit integer value<br /> 3836 Fixed iPod sync can create duplicates in some cases<br /> 3834 Fixed iPod Sync: Manual Sync of Podcasts causes duplicate entries on the iPod<br /> 3727 Fixed iPod Sync: Album Art can get mixed up in some cases on the iPod<br /> 3845 Fixed iPod Sync: Bookmarking and Shuffling works only for Audiobooks<br /> 3797 Fixed browsing iPod or other external nodes can cause AV (regression)<br /> 3779 Fixed ratings not updated on the device database when rated on the device via MediaMonkey<br /> 3717 Fixed File Extensions configured as supported on the device don't sync<br /> 3789 Fixed non-music files are shown for external wmdm devices in the tracklist (regression)<br /> 3811 Fixed SQL error in Device configuration > Auto Sync list<br /> 3813 Fixed wording of 'Generate .m3u playlists' is incorrect<br /> 3776 Optimized DB Queries at initialization of synchronization<br /> 3795 Fixed cannot terminate preparation for synchronization on WMDM devices<br /> 3796 Fixed multiple Manual sync operations initiates too many threads<br /> 3794 Fixed deletion of folder in WMDM device can result in AV<br /> 3790 Fixed podcasting: possible to start downloading an episode twice<br /> 3790 Fixed podcasting: grey download queue icons disappear on node switch<br /> 3790 Fixed podcasting: slow termination<br /> 3822 Fixed some podcasts still fail to download (regression)<br /> 3806 Fixed podcast functions aren't available via the menu/toolbar<br /> 3747 Fixed Volume Analysis (per Album) fails if Tracks have different sample rate<br /> 3771 Fixed Auto-levelling status indicates more tracks than actually need to be analyzed<br /> 3802 Fixed Level Track Volume: Album Leveling values are not updated<br /> 3807 Fixed Analyze Volume always adds tracks to the DB<br /> 3803 Fixed silent failure on Level Track Volume breaks playback until restart<br /> 3821 Fixed Send To > My Documents paths are incorrect<br /> 3744 Fixed Properties > Album Art tab appears to freeze if many tracks are selected<br /> 3762 Fixed MPC Tags read incorrectly (e.g. upon changes to 'year' field)<br /> 3848 Fixed cannot read incorrectly formatted Album art from some ID3v2.4 tags<br /> 3773 Fixed it shouldn't be possible to link to the same Album art > 1 time<br /> 3773 Fixed linking/unlinking Album Art refreshes incorrectly sometimes<br /> 3774 Fixed hyperlink colors shouldn't be hardcoded (use underline only--for now)<br /> 3831 Fixed Album Art View loses multi-selection on right-click<br /> 3832 Fixed Album Art + Details view doesn't display Playlists in correct order<br /> 3830 Fixed Album Art + Details view: Hyperlinks are sometimes partially underlined<br /> 3837 Fixed Album Art + Details view: track/album selection sometimes doesn't work well<br /> 3804 Fixed Album Art View: Alphabetic grouping is out of order for some nodes<br /> 3842 Fixed Disc # isn't used to sort Tracks on multi-disk albums<br /> 3847 Fixed Folder Browser isn't unicode ready<br /> 3734 Fixed in-place comment editing doesn't work well<br /> 3856 Fixed cursor doesn't behave correctly when editing fields via cut and paste<br /> 3650 Fixed default location for adding Album Art should be the folder containing the track<br /> 3792 Fixed occasional locking problem that causes freezing on close in album art view<br /> 3817 Fixed Properties > Auto-organize doesn't work (regression)<br /> 3786 Fixed background Auto-organize functions even when disabled<br /> 3786 Fixed background Auto-organize doesn't work with many masks<br /> 3849 Fixed background Auto-organize UI text<br /> 3827 Fixed restore from tray or micro-player should make the playlist active<br /> 3829 Fixed mask controls don't resize properly<br /> 2701 Fixed sync and view functions not available in the menu<br /> 2701 Fixed shortcuts bar is missing some key nodes<br /> 3846 Fixed Playlist flickering when track is changed<br /> 3787 Fixed Scrolling title jumps<br /> 3759 Fixed tooltips appear in blank portions of the UI in some multi-tab dialogs<br /> 3523 Fixed remaining unlocalized strings<br /> 3685 Fixed remaining localization-related formatting issues<br /> 3588 Fixed some general functions aren't available as hotkeys<br /> 3792 Fixed MM sometimes fails to terminate properly<br /> 3770 Fixed mask configuration buttons disappear on mouseover with some skins<br /> 3118 Fixed minimize via the taskbar can trigger UI/focus problems in certain cases<br /> 3852 Fixed threading issue occasional freeze on browsing the Tree<br /> 2360 Fixed freeze + several minor issues in the Extensions UI<br /> 3780 Updated French (Octopod), German (Onkel Enno), Portuguese (Gervasio), Spanish (Pablo)<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey Beta 4 (Test update)<br /> <br /> 3767 Fixed B3 settings don't migrate to B4 if ini file is in non-standard location (regression)<br /> 3741 Fixed Primoburner unregistered copy error messages<br /> 3747 Fixed Album Leveling Fails for some Albums<br /> 3728 Fixed Edit Hotkeys don't work in Now Playing window<br /> 3765 Fixed Album Art Details view: unavailable tracks are shown as available<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey Beta 4<br /> <br /> 0553 Added support for Hidden filters for playback rules with no UI changes<br /> 3681 Fixed MM 2.5 DB Upgrade: some SQL errors in soem auto-playlists<br /> 3704 Fixed Search for '[', ']', '_' doesn't work<br /> 3692 Fixed Find more from same Folder (Library) doesn't work (regression)<br /> 3678 Fixed "Find from more same ..." doesn't scroll to requested node<br /> 3631 Fixed device node searches selected & Web node searches Amazon by default<br /> 3503 Fixed Search Current Selection - can't undo search if focus has switched to the tracklist<br /> 2825 Fixed usability issues with the Vista-style hierarchy browser<br /> 3686 Fixed Search selection doesn't work with logical operators (' '=AND, ""=exact, ';'=OR)<br /> 3686 Fixed Search bar searches some non-visible fields, returning unintended results<br /> 3683 Fixed presentation of multi-artist albums in the tree<br /> 3731 Fixed tracks can't be deleted from Album Art + Details view<br /> 3709 Fixed Track deletion not working correctly for some nodes (regression)<br /> 3679 Fixed Album Art View: selection of multiple albums can throw an error<br /> 3647 Fixed selection is lost when switching views<br /> 3688 Fixed Tree and Track list don't scroll in response to change in focus<br /> 3699 Fixed Album Art View: Playing tracks from iPod bolds all tracks in AA/Details view<br /> 3705 Fixed Unsynchronized Tags node shows many tracks unsynched (regression)<br /> 3721 Fixed filters shouldn't be applied to Playlist nodes outside the Library tree<br /> 3735 Fixed database upgrade doesn't migrate Virtual CD tracks correctly<br /> 3751 Fixed Track browser doesn't handle multiple definitions correctly for Composers<br /> 3677 Fixed Track browser can cause the Tracklist to disappear with Composer heading<br /> 3647 Selection is lost when switching views<br /> 3640 Fixed Album Art Details View: Column settings don't persist<br /> 3758 Fixed Album Art + Details View: Right click on a track → no focus indicator<br /> 3639 Fixed Album Art Views: cleanup of various Columns, Sorting, and Grouping issues<br /> 3639 Fixed Album Art Views: sometimes a single album is represented by multiple images<br /> 3674 Fixed closing MM from miniplayer throws an error<br /> 3478 Fixed bitrate on player still shows '-1' in some cases (regression)<br /> 3682 Fixed player time indicator is inaccurate for long tracks<br /> 3733 Fixed Miniplayer transparency problems<br /> 3712 Fixed multiple definition fields: sometimes spaces are auto-deleted<br /> 3393 Fixed multiple definition fields: cannot Drag and Drop to append field value<br /> 3714 Fixed editing Track Properties in Album Art view creates duplicates<br /> 3675 Fixed some fields are always checked when doing mass edits<br /> 3690 Fixed in-place edit of title field in album node causes DB error<br /> 3273 Fixed no way to set rating to unknown via 'My Rating'<br /> 3749 Fixed tags are saved even when configured not to if using live rating control<br /> 3755 Fixed in-place editing doesn't work for conductor field<br /> 3667 Fixed iPod sync: another access violation while browsing iPod<br /> 3697 Fixed iPod sync: auto-sync deletes mp4 files and these are usually video<br /> 3698 Fixed iPod Sync: album artwork can be corrupted if iTunes syncs video<br /> 3729 Fixed iPod Sync: Filenames can contain a space before file extension<br /> 3750 Fixed iPod Sync: Playlists are prefixed with 'Playlist-' for many users<br /> 3723 Fixed Auto-Sync list: Playlists sometimes appear on music tab<br /> 3724 Fixed Auto-sync deletes tracks that are on the sync list if they're inaccessible<br /> 3719 Fixed possible to delete device while connected → error<br /> 3713 Fixed non-square album art doesn't look good on new iPods<br /> 3696 Fixed Podcasts don't update immediately at startup<br /> 3753 Fixed some podcasts attempt to load perpetually and generate duplicate entries<br /> 3582 Fixed various UI issues in the unskinned version<br /> 2370 Fixed various usability issues with Mask configuration<br /> 3689 Fixed background volume analysis shouldn't pop up error messages on failed tag write<br /> 3722 Fixed background volume analysis triggers db error in some cases<br /> 3382 Fixed can't burn to non-empty CD (regression)<br /> 3680 Fixed opening Extensions dialog triggers an error<br /> 3684 Fixed hints-related failed application termination<br /> 3701 Fixed APE or MPC tracks can throw an exception if year field is missing<br /> 3685 Fixed various localization-related UI issues (space/positioning)<br /> 3665 Fixed some registry entries weren't being removed at uninstall<br /> 3726 Fixed extensions should be installed globally for all users<br /> 2859 Fixed statistics report fails in some locales<br /> 3623 Fixed more problems on Win98/ME<br /> 2360 Fixed several issues in Extensions UI<br /> 3657 Optimized expansion of Artists node<br /> 3676 Optimized cpu utilization in idle state<br /> 3676 Optimized drawing of the player and drawing routines in general<br /> 3676 Optimized browsing / caching in Album Art views<br /> 3700 Optimized audio burning & on-the-fly burn option<br /> 3024 Updated logging component to v6.08<br /> 3594 Updated to SQLite 3.5.1<br /> 3711 Removed unnecesary mask bars in various dialogs<br /> 3399 Reverted Installation of MM3 to Program Files\MediaMonkey3\ to \MediaMonkey\<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey Beta 3<br /> <br /> 3626 Added iPod Sync support for iPod Classic, iPod Nano 4g<br /> 3661 Fixed iPod Sync: Album Art sometimes fails to sync<br /> 3599 Fixed synchronization: size of converted Oggs isn't estimated correctly<br /> 3660 Fixed iPod sync: Album artist isn't correct for browsing iPod via MM<br /> 3609 Fixed database upgrades fail for some users<br /> 3579 Fixed some db fields aren't imported correctly<br /> 3596 Fixed regression Drag&Drop Tracks on Now Playing auto-added to Library<br /> 3615 Fixed Party Mode has some holes that allow MM to be closed<br /> 3619 Fixed Party Mode can't exit with password enabled<br /> 3658 Fixed Party Mode regression: new Player controls aren't disabled if so configured<br /> 3659 Fixed Now Playing (floating) playback doesn't initiate when double-clicking track<br /> 3604 Fixed MiniPlayer's Now Playing list appears offscreen in some cases<br /> 3478 Fixed Bitrate is shown as -1 after switching to MiniPlayer/MicroPlayer<br /> 3616 Fixed disabling Auto-DJ doesn't unload the current Auto-DJ script<br /> 3600 Fixed apparent freeze when NP list contains networked tracks<br /> 3597 Fixed restore from micro player hides Now Playing window<br /> 3595 Fixed enabling equalizer on vista triggers freeze/endless loop<br /> 3585 Fixed player can trigger AVs<br /> 3583 Fixed regression popup info causes an error in skinless mode<br /> 3642 Fixed Album Art view wheelmouse works too slowly<br /> 3645 Fixed Album Art View double-click of down arrow can trigger playback<br /> 3674 Fixed Album Art view scrolling can trigger AVs / UI Freezes<br /> 3649 Fixed Album Art views represent all tracks from unknown albums with their own image<br /> 3640 Fixed Album Art views filter/view settings don't apply<br /> 1612 Fixed Album Art details view: many columns not displayable<br /> 1612 Fixed Album Art details view: double-clicking track plays 1st track instead<br /> 3277 Fixed Album Art views: can't drag and drop a selection<br /> 3634 Fixed Album Art view grouping in Artist/Album Artist node<br /> 3580 Fixed regression: Album Art View doesn't refresh correctly in some cases<br /> 3610 Fixed regression: cannot delete track that is playing<br /> 3617 Fixed regression: Genre node subnodes include tracks that don't match the Genre<br /> 3601 Fixed Filter/Views: main Tree nodes not updated in some cases<br /> 2936 Fixed songs with multiple definition fields can appear > 1 time in query results<br /> 3602 Fixed some queries from MM 2.5 don't work in MM 3.0<br /> 3612 Fixed some queries <Some field> Contains: text1;text2;text3 no longer work<br /> 3631 Fixed Search for some nodes should always default to search current selection<br /> 3627 Fixed regression: Search for Album Artist equals -> list of the artists is empty<br /> 3628 Fixed regression: Search for Date >= 3.6.2007 can throw SQL error<br /> 1325 Fixed Search dialog clears tracklist even if user cancels search<br /> 3501 Fixed unneeded refreshes when searching in current node<br /> 3629 Fixed searching by Type = returns tracks where extension is in the filename<br /> 3629 Fixed searching for Tracks in album = doesn't work correctly for multi-artist albums<br /> 3629 Fixed Composer is unknown doesn't work correctly<br /> 3572 Fixed Search bar doesn't search classification fields<br /> 3603 Fixed aac tagging memory error<br /> 3605 Fixed aac tagging date is read incorrectly sometimes<br /> 1449 Added Grouping support in AAC tags<br /> 2952 Added Grouping support to WMA tags<br /> 2951 Added Grouping support to OGG tags<br /> 3578 Fixed regression: MM throws an error when user deletes album art<br /> 3570 Fixed some tracks cannot be leveled & prevent auto-leveling from working<br /> 3598 Fixed Album leveling doesn't work for albums with the same name<br /> 3607 Fixed in-place conversion doesn't update library with new field values (e.g. bitrate)<br /> 3594 Fixed original file can't be deleted on conversions occasionally<br /> 2806 Fixed Key folders should be accessible in tree/browse folder dialogs (My Documents/My Music)<br /> 3586 Fixed usability problems in Hotkeys for adding new hotkeys<br /> 3663 Fixed closing while podcasts are downloading takes long<br /> 3584 Fixed OPML directory content not parsed 100% correctly<br /> 3669 Fixed OPML directory should be downloaded > 1 time concurrently<br /> 2397 Fixed hashes not generated on rescan for duplicate content node<br /> 3581 Fixed regression opening track properties crashes in non-skinned MM<br /> 3517 Fixed misc skinning issues re. Glided<br /> 3637 Fixed Browse Folder Dialogs display folders incorrectly in Vista<br /> 3196 Fixed possibility to move Album Art dialog into 'forbidden area' in player<br /> 3655 Fixed Album Art background in player is white / not shaped correctly<br /> 3629 Fixed sizing of Search Property field<br /> 3638 Updated German Localization files (Onkel Enno)<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey Beta 2<br /> <br /> 3518 Added Leveling to auto-conversion when burning Discs<br /> 3258 Added Grouping field for classical music (only saved to ID3 tag for now)<br /> 3487 Fixed .m4a scanning problems<br /> 3489 Fixed lack of prompt whether to proceed with DB upgrade<br /> 3540 Fixed error Unknown table "DeletedSongs_..."<br /> 3484 Fixed Error Executing SQL Statement "INSERT INTO DeletedSongs_2..."<br /> 3550 Fixed Add/Rescan folders without tracks triggers 'Remove unavailable tracks'<br /> 3470 Fixed 'maintain library' can cause SQL error (in relation to Virtual CD)<br /> 3498 Fixed ipod sync erases video db<br /> 3538 Fixed Sync settings dialog AV<br /> 3538 Fixed Sync settings dialog performance issues<br /> 3373 Fixed Auto-sync random subset should include Music and Playlists only<br /> 3530 Fixed Nested auto-playlists cannot be synched (regression)<br /> 3522 Fixed header doesn't appear when rechecking Advanced on Auto-sync Audiobook tab<br /> 2441 Fixed iPod Sync: tracks with Genre 'Podcast' should appear as iPod Podcast<br /> 3559 Fixed Podcasts don't sync to a full device when sync random subset is enabled<br /> 3408 Fixed Find more from same fails in some cases<br /> 3408 Fixed Find more from same doesn't support Composer/Conductor<br /> 3512 Fixed missing Composer from basic search<br /> 3551 Fixed Artists/Composer nodes missing + for child nodes<br /> 3574 Fixed scrolling in Album Art view can trigger error<br /> 2996 Fixed Album Art View: Album Properties dropdown appears in Album Art<br /> 3516 Fixed Album Art View: clicking outside an Album selects unwanted Album<br /> 3564 Fixed Album Art shown in fewer columns than expected<br /> 3553 Fixed Album Art View: Art is partially cut off<br /> 3306 Fixed Disc # field can't be edited in-place<br /> 3515 Fixed Auto-tag from Web dialog's lack of directions<br /> 3537 Fixed Properties dialog opens too slowly<br /> 3513 Fixed Mood value not shown if common to multiple tracks (regression)<br /> 3497 Fixed Tracklist sorting inconsistencies<br /> 3038 Fixed autoleveling calculations don't occur when needed<br /> 3474 Fixed web/radio nodes always visible even if disabled in view<br /> 1618 Fixed inserted CD doesn't always trigger CD node creation<br /> 3447 Fixed (again) Track Changes often trigger change in focus<br /> 3542 Fixed interaction between volume and mute function<br /> 2717 Fixed double-click in Now Playing sometimes opens edit dialog<br /> 3531 Fixed regression: Now Playing position doesn't persist when switching players<br /> 3529 Fixed Now Playing Genre list is empty (regression)<br /> 3528 Fixed freeze when changing tracks via System Tray<br /> 3554 Fixed OGG Playback can trigger an AV<br /> 3527 Fixed MiniPlayer flashes and can trigger error on close<br /> 3486 Fixed short tracks fail to trigger the Last Played counter to advance<br /> 3514 Fixed right mouse button can accidentally trigger mouse gestures<br /> 3480 Fixed changing playing album Album Art view can trigger AV<br /> 3476 Fixed Track info popup briefly flashes<br /> 3488 Fixed Auto-DJ crashes when calling nested playlists<br /> 3571 Fixed unicode characters don't display correctly in player skin<br /> 3561 Fixed Filter Player rules don't work<br /> 3471 Fixed Pop-up window doesn't show stream artists and titles<br /> 3469 Fixed Bookmarks don't work correctly in some cases<br /> 3552 Fixed MM can freeze in Podcast nodes<br /> 3549 Fixed overlapping Podcast terminology ('Podcast subscriptions' vs 'Podcast' filter)<br /> 3536 Fixed selection problems in Podcast node<br /> 3496 Fixed possible to accidentally download a podcast twice<br /> 3495 Fixed Global Podcast Options should be the default settings for new podcasts<br /> 3562 Fixed too many error messages in response to internet connection issues<br /> 3541 Fixed alignment bugs in Save Playlist dialog<br /> 3556 Fixed alpha blended mini player doesn't work in < Win2k<br /> 3532 Fixed MicroPlayer Play/Pause button disappears when Taskbar is docked at top<br /> 3482 Fixed shrinking the window in Glided → the time in the player disappears<br /> 3535 Fixed Tracklist can disappear when Player is moved around<br /> 3478 Fixed kbps indicator doesn't vary for VBR files<br /> 3565 Fixed 'MediaMonkey' is missing from Titlebar<br /> 3520 Fixed some buttons are hidden with Glided skin<br /> 3567 Fixed various other issues with Glided & added Vertical MicroMonkey<br /> 3509 Fixed About dialog often stops scrolling and appears frozen (regression)<br /> 3557 Updated German translation (Onkel Enno)<br /> 3024 Updated logging component to v6.0.7<br /> 3524 Updated online help / links<br /> 3523 Updated strings and context help tooltips<br /> 3472 Improved filter defaults<br /> 3423 Improved defaults for file associations and scanning<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey Beta 1<br /> <br /> 2517 Added db upgrade from 2.5.5 to 3.x<br /> 3035 Added support for Default Programs functionality in Vista<br /> 3410 Added Glided Mini and MicroPlayer skins and updated Glided<br /> 3447 Fixed focus switches unnecessarily during playback<br /> 3468 Fixed Composers appear in Album Artist node<br /> 3338 Fixed Global Hotkeys don't work correctly in many cases<br /> 2806 Fixed missing shortcut to 'My Music'<br /> 3404 Fixed Locate Moved/Missing Tracks doesn't work well for full folder deletion<br /> 2814 Fixed cannot delete tracks from AutoPlaylists<br /> 3455 Fixed Now Playing window is lost after restoring from MicroPlayer / Tray<br /> 3463 Fixed Player shows -0:00 for internet streams<br /> 2807 Fixed autoPlay options don't work correctly on Vista<br /> 3458 Fixed occasional AVs on termination<br /> 3465 Fixed AVs when using some old skins<br /> 3459 Fixed occasional AVs with some WMDM devices<br /> 3452 Fixed Pop-up display configuration with empty Now Playing can trigger AV<br /> 3052 Fixed skin engine support for alpha-blended custom shapes<br /> 2958 Fixed misc skin issues in Blue Glass<br /> 3423 Improved defaults for file type associations and scans<br /> 3090 Improved install/config for file type associations<br /> 2809 Removed in_cda.dll plugin (no longer needed)<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey Alpha 8<br /> <br /> 2108 Added on-the-fly volume leveling for synchronization<br /> 1606 Added mass editing of album art to Properties dialog<br /> 1618 Added newly inserted CD should appear as a top level node<br /> 0863 Added missing tracks should be deleted during a scan<br /> 3900 Added mask $First(<Field>,x) for multiple-definition fields<br /> 0553 Added configurable views per filter (columns & nodes)<br /> 0553 Added configurable playback rules per filter<br /> 2822 Added ability to disable Shuffle per filter<br /> 0553 Added new nodes for Composer, Conductor, Album Artist, etc.<br /> 3411 Added support for Original Date (TDOR) tag (instead of just orig. year)<br /> 3413 Added query to search for Status 'is podcast'<br /> 3366 Added query to Search by Disc #<br /> 2408 Fixed Lookup of Now Playing tracks at startup is too slow<br /> 0656 Fixed popup doesn't appear for first played track<br /> 3401 Fixed Player doesn't always reflect tray-initiated changes<br /> 3437 Fixed Sleep mode shouldn't force PC to hibernate/sleep<br /> 3364 Fixed visual artifacts in skins on restart<br /> 3352 Fixed visual artifacts seen in WMP skin<br /> 2958 Fixed skinned fonts don't appear correctly in popup<br /> 2958 Fixed popup artifacts in Blue Glass skin<br /> 3363 Fixed progress bars sometimes don't fill correctly<br /> 3387 Fixed synchronization can freeze if attempt to eject/browse is performed<br /> 3242 Fixed auto-synch list doesn't dynamically update<br /> 3391 Fixed sync rules needs to be configurable for multiple definition fields<br /> 3356 Fixed synchronization: track references sometimes not deleted from iPod<br /> 3373 Improved synchronization: Auto-sync list consistent with filters implementation<br /> 3404 Improved usability of Locate moved/missing tracks<br /> 3122 Improved composer/conductor fields should have auto-complete<br /> 3122 Improved composer/conductor advanced queries for multiple values<br /> 3011 Improved track properties layout (suitable for all music now)<br /> 3434 Improved presentation of playlists section of Properties dialog<br /> 3011 Fixed Genre-based Properties dialog layout switch by removing it<br /> 3400 Fixed Mass Edit: comments field isn't visible even if identical for all tracks<br /> 3433 Fixed Mass Edit: Album Artist isn't visible even if identical for all tracks<br /> 3398 Fixed Auto-tag from Amazon adds empty albums<br /> 2772 Fixed conversion can add tracks to Library even when configured not to<br /> 3412 Fixed using tab key to navigate to search control clears tracklist<br /> 3435 Fixed Track Browser doesn't reflect 'ignore prefix' settings<br /> 3357 Fixed Auto-organize doesn't work for fields containing trailing '.'<br /> 3389 Fixed downloading album art from Amazon can cause AV<br /> 3379 Fixed adding linked album art can names linked images incorrectly<br /> 2475 Fixed hidden folder.jpg Album Art from Windows Media Player not imported<br /> 3380 Fixed selecting first Album in Album Art View puts focus on wrong album<br /> 3365 Fixed searching for non-ASCII characters is case sensitive<br /> 0167 Fixed default track # and disk# should be an empty string (no longer numeric)<br /> 3369 Fixed disc # mask doesn't support $if(, - ,)<br /> 3421 Fixed Album Art doesn't appear in Tracklist if no Album name is given<br /> 3414 Fixed regression: Removal of album art via AA Window consistently fails<br /> 3078 Fixed query re. # Albums by Artist should use Album Artist<br /> 3394 Fixed search of multiple definition fields |= returns incorrect results<br /> 3293 Fixed regression: Find more from same artist fails when filter active<br /> 3355 Fixed regression: Sort order doesn't persist<br /> 3377 Fixed freeze when ejecting CD during playback<br /> 3367 Fixed error when trying to burn CD on some systems<br /> 2930 Fixed Audio CD burns have occasional gaps on some systems<br /> 2938 Fixed no indication of # discs for burns spanning multiple disks<br /> 3384 Fixed possible Rip/Burn errors when > 1 device is used<br /> 3399 Changed install directory to /MediaMonkey3 to avoid accidental overwrites<br /> 3083 Fixed Party Mode config so that accidental track re-ordering is preventable<br /> 2708 Fixed replay gain tag issues in WAV files<br /> 3349 Fixed FLAC tags: Original Year tag cannot be deleted<br /> 3396 Fixed MPC tagging problem re. replay gain handling<br /> 3438 Fixed Bitrate isn't shown for many m4a tracks<br /> 3361 Fixed Auto-tag from Amazon downloads Art even if not required<br /> 2961 Fixed instance of repeating OGG audio stream<br /> 3359 Fixed OGG streams sometimes show garbage instead of title<br /> 3338 Fixed Global hotkeys still don't work for some key combinations<br /> 2211 Improved config panel layout for Library options/suboptions<br /> 3370 Fixed Tripex visualization can't be enabled in MM 3.0<br /> 3358 Fixed CPU Usage 100% with downloading of Podcasts<br /> 3375 Fixed internet connection errors (TIE library not threadsafe)<br /> 3388 Fixed starting while another instance is terminating causes AV<br /> 3439 Fixed occasional freeze on termination (of the out_mmds plugin)<br /> 3310 Fixed freeze related to different threads accessing DB<br /> 3310 Fixed freeze related to File Monitor / threading<br /> 3425 Fixed freeze when searching in some cases<br /> 3376 Fixed error on startup with Filter enabled<br /> 3354 Fixed occasional error when switching from MiniPlayer to main window<br /> 3353 Fixed Read/Write lock problem when selecting albums in AlbumArt view mode<br /> 3368 Optimized some DB queries<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey Alpha 7<br /> <br /> 3253 Added context search within OPML directories<br /> 3307 Added Disc# as a mask option in auto-organize and elsewhere<br /> 3318 Added ability to configure podcast downloads more granularly (e.g. last 10)<br /> 3302 Fixed crash when Toaster plugin is enabled<br /> 3039 Fixed crash when old AudioScrobbler plugin is enabled<br /> 3337 Fixed some MP3s trigger a crash<br /> 3333 Fixed Auto Auto-DJ can trigger a freeze<br /> 3336 Fixed access violation on exit (occasionally with some plugins)<br /> 3305 Fixed random errors on playback of FLAC or MP4<br /> 3299 Fixed player displays tracks with '?' incorrectly<br /> 2763 Fixed Winamp playlist doesn't update if settings are saved per user<br /> 3148 Fixed some OPML directories cannot be imported<br /> 3119 Fixed some podcast feeds appear empty when they shouldn't<br /> 3314 Fixed Podcast episodes don't appear in the correct order on iPod<br /> 3297 Fixed single click of podcast shouldn't open subscription window<br /> 0956 Fixed WMA Pro VBR bitrate settings displayed incorrectly<br /> 3316 Fixed Multiple Albums node doesn't work if filter is active<br /> 3311 Fixed Duplicate Content node is exceptionally slow<br /> 3324 Fixed Track Browser title settings don't persist<br /> 3335 Fixed FileMonitor performance issues<br /> 3332 Fixed Duplicate Content node contains non existent duplicates<br /> 3334 Fixed Auto analyze volume is too slow<br /> 3327 Fixed Auto analyze volume should only attempt to analyze accessible tracks<br /> 3300 Fixed played tracks are added to the tracklist when they shouldn't be<br /> 3345 Fixed occasional freeze while working with Artists<br /> 3346 Fixed occasional freeze related to burning<br /> 0519 Fixed configurable Track tooltips (single field vs all fields)<br /> 0656 Fixed pop-up display configuration usability issues<br /> 3058 Added make Popup Display content configurable (via .ini file only)<br /> 3313 Fixed Equalizer Transparency isn't configurable from the Equalizer<br /> 3309 Fixed options UI (misc cleanup)<br /> 3312 Fixed references to MiniPlayer show 'Now Playing'<br /> 1253 Fixed caption bar graphics have artifacts when displayed sideways<br /> 3215 Fixed MP1/MP2 can be associated even when MP3 plugin doesn't support them<br /> 3319 Fixed Digital Podcast Top 50 should be removed<br /> 3328 Fixed Statistics report: Buttons aren't placed correctly<br /> 3024 Updated to new version of logging code (6.06)<br /> 0656 Code cleanup for popup display<br /> 3077 Added support for password protected Podcasts<br /> 1273 Improved undo functionality in Now Playing<br /> 2961 Fixed audio segment can repeat with some DSP plugins<br /> 3310 Fixed various freezes caused by threading issues<br /> 3304 Fixed random errors on thread destruction<br /> 3343 Fixed error when device is connected on termination<br /> 3342 Fixed album art window can add art to selected track instead of Now Playing track<br /> 3339 Fixed Miniplayer skins are too wide by default<br /> 3341 Fixed length of mp3s with Xing header is incorrect<br /> 1448 Fixed crash when AAC format isn't supported by version of Quicktime installed<br /> 3326 Fixed regression: Auto-Tag from Amazon Titles fail to update if user changes Track#<br /> 2475 Fixed Album Art: Windows Media Player Album Art still isn't imported correctly<br /> 2953 Fixed disc# not saved correctly for ID3<br /> 3303 Fixed DateAdded value disappears when track is changed externally<br /> 3264 Fixed continuous/transparent spelled incorrectly in player.ini<br /> 3125 Fixed BPM not saved for OGG tracks<br /> 3117 Fixed failed burns on standard version due to need to configure low speed<br /> 2859 Fixed more problems in the statistics report<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey Alpha 6<br /> <br /> 3240 Added Blue Glass skin instead of Casino Blue<br /> 0656 Added Configuration options for popup notifications<br /> 3126 Added File > Open menu entry and context menu entry to player<br /> 3116 Added subscribe to podcasts via .pcast web links (no default association yet)<br /> 3116 Added open RSS feeds in MediaMonkey subscribe dialog via Firefox<br /> 3096 Added podcast indicator to show which tracks are queued<br /> 3098 Added ability to play an unsubscribed podcast<br /> 3099 Fixed Podcasts continue to download after unsubscribing<br /> 3102 Fixed Podcast name isn't assigned to the Album field<br /> 3214 Fixed Podcasts with ' are parsed incorrectly<br /> 3289 Fixed occasional errors when browsing OPML directory<br /> 3149 Fixed operations on Location node are very slow on larger databases<br /> 3212 Fixed Duplicate Titles node is very slow<br /> 3046 Fixed scanning of some files with unicode (update to sqlite engine)<br /> 3193 Fixed scanning manual termination takes too long<br /> 3134 Fixed scanning M4P tracks crashes MediaMonkey<br /> 3125 Fixed tagging of some OGG fields (related to multiple Artist / Genre support)<br /> 2954 Fixed tagging of some of flac (multiple Artist/Genre support + Replay Gain)<br /> 3130 Fixed tags are saved even if configured not to when auto-analyzing volume<br /> 3260 Fixed empty Year field appears with garbled data for some OGG tracks<br /> 3127 Fixed numerous freezes reported in alpha 5 (DB, File Monitor, synchronization)<br /> 3213 Fixed Tempo, Mood, Occasion and Quality fields were not written into DB<br /> 3295 Fixed 'Error executing SQL statement "COMMIT" : SQL logic error or missing db'<br /> 3219 Fixed modifying Album properties modifies Artist incorrectly<br /> 3237 Fixed regression: 'All' node sub to Location doesn't work<br /> 3198 Fixed 'Search current node only' doesn't work for 'Now playing'<br /> 3190 Fixed search bar usability issues and added persistence of settings<br /> 3296 Fixed rapid changing of tracks triggers error<br /> 3239 Fixed Next and Back Shortcuts cause skipped tracks in Now Playing<br /> 3146 Fixed equalizer can make sound muted<br /> 3254 Fixed equalizer can cause endless repeat of audio and freeze<br /> 3184 Fixed regression: in_wmp3.dll can't play tracks without ID3v2 tags<br /> 3238 Fixed cannot open some streams via 'Open file or URL' dialog<br /> 3248 Fixed pop up of track metadata doesn't display correctly for streams<br /> 0956 Fixed WMA9 encoding is at incorrect bitrate<br /> 3246 Fixed WMA lossless doesn't offer choice of sampling rate<br /> 3288 Fixed random errors in Now Playing<br /> 3291 Fixed visualization freezes on some tracks<br /> 3218 Improved algorithm for device free space calculation<br /> 3087 Fixed changing confign in Sync options can still trigger an error<br /> 3129 Fixed foreign characters aren't sorted correctly<br /> 3128 Fixed View | Player (<Ctrl><Alt><L>) doesn't always work<br /> 3055 Fixed Track with mulitple Genres/Artists/Classifications don't display correctly<br /> 3142 Fixed Album Art views don't refresh when Album Art is deleted<br /> 3144 Fixed large fonts causes tracklist headings to display incorrectly<br /> 3136 Fixed player can sometimes disappear<br /> 1807 Added Auto-tag from Amazon option to display without changes (context menu)<br /> 3133 Fixed player displays .5, 1.5, 2.5 star ratings rounded up<br /> 3299 Fixed player displays tracks with symbols incorrectly or not at all<br /> 3114 Fixed automatic horizontal shift is excessive<br /> 3255 Fixed mass edit of Disc# / Track# fields don't auto-check<br /> 3186 Fixed 'Find more from same' doesn't work when Artist/Genre contain multiple items<br /> 3145 Fixed Auto-Organize rule options window can freeze<br /> 3175 Fixed regression: Auto-Organize $if() function doesn't work<br /> 3137 Fixed some translations not included with the installer<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey Alpha 5<br /> <br /> 3088 Added Glided skin as default. Special thanks to Morten!<br /> 2957 Added Casino Orange skin.<br /> 3042 Added various new skin objects to support Glided skin<br /> 0897 Added player spectrograph<br /> 0102 Added filtering functionality for multiple collections<br /> 3026 Added ability to auto-delete podcasts based on rating<br /> 1572 Added live indicator of sync list size<br /> 2952 Added support for WMA SharedUserRating tag<br /> 3078 Added queries for # tracks by Artist or in Album and # Albums by Artist<br /> 3054 Improved performance in startup, scanning, tracklist, sorting, etc.<br /> 3089 Improved auto-dj performance<br /> 2825 Improved behaviour of hierarchy browser & fixed several bugs<br /> 2547 Improved automation via auto-organize rules<br /> 2844 Fixed freezes caused by more than one SELECT<br /> 3115 Fixed regression: File Monitor doesn't detect changes to a directory name<br /> 1426 Fixed micro-player sometimes fails to appear<br /> 1449 Fixed scanning some m4a tracks causes MM to crash in Vista<br /> 3087 Fixed Sync list totals fail to update correctly / freeze<br /> 3061 Fixed sync status bar moves to the left sometimes<br /> 3084 Fixed tracks sync unnecessarily if 'save album art to tags is enabled'<br /> 2782 Fixed sync via wmdm doesn't delete empty directories<br /> 3105 Fixed Auto-conversion with 'Save album art to tag' option doesn't work<br /> 3037 Fixed sync album art to WMDM devices can crash if no drive letter assigned<br /> 3085 Fixed sync album art can be in unsupported format<br /> 3067 Fixed eject device can trigger an access violation<br /> 3064 Fixed removing device while tracks are open can can an access violation<br /> 2971 Fixed clicking 'Show all tracks' in Album Art view doesn't work correctly<br /> 3066 Fixed connecting an iPod can cause an access violation<br /> 2859 Fixed more errors in the statistics report<br /> 3062 Fixed Playlists don't sync when tracks within are auto-converted<br /> 2982 Fixed playing flac while converting flac triggers an access violation<br /> 3109 Fixed per Album volume leveling on FLAC tracks doesn't work<br /> 2869 Fixed podcast opml directories should use opml 1.0 where possible<br /> 3100 Fixed Podcast cannot be deleted from within a podcast node<br /> 3094 Fixed various cosmetic issues in podcast functionality<br /> 3095 Fixed podcasting 'download all' new episodes downloads all episodes<br /> 3103 Fixed auto-sync podcast tab is always enabled<br /> 2862 Fixed more OPML parser issues<br /> 2850 Fixed some podcasts still fail to download<br /> 3119 Fixed podcasts subscriptions fail if accepted before episode list downloads<br /> 3119 Fixed many podcast feeds appear empty<br /> 3120 Fixed indentically named podcasts should have unique numeric identifiers<br /> 3099 Fixed unsubscribed podcasts continue to download<br /> 3104 Fixed File Monitor can show List index out of bounds error<br /> 3010 Fixed no error on m4a playback when QuickTime isn't installed<br /> 3045 Fixed playing some corrupted MP3 files triggers a freeze<br /> 3065 Fixed Direct Sound output plugin division by zero error in some cases<br /> 3111 Fixed playing song not in the DB briefly adds it to the DB Location node<br /> 3104 Fixed rare 'list index out of bounds error' for File Monitor<br /> 3074 Fixed error when quickly refreshing the tracklist<br /> 3053 Fixed sorting Now Playing changes sort order of main tracklist<br /> 3070 Fixed regression: Tree doesn't have individual years<br /> 3069 Fixed playlist content can be duplicated in some cases<br /> 3081 Fixed AddTracksFromQuery() function<br /> 3068 Fixed player appears to freeze when trying to play inaccessible files<br /> 3083 Fixed party mode: tracks can be d&d into playlist when re-ordering is disabled<br /> 3049 Fixed regression: cannot play files recorded to Virtual CD<br /> 3039 Fixed many winamp plugins no longer work<br /> 3063 Fixed scanning multiple value ID3 fields can cause other fields to be skipped<br /> 2475 Fixed Album art is sometimes imported out of order if multiple images exist<br /> 3044 Fixed regression: Album Art quality was reduced in Alpha 4<br /> 3113 Fixed Edit Album Art properties can cause access violation<br /> 3122 Fixed Conductors dropdown list contains Artists<br /> 2360 Fixed various UI issues with script installation framework<br /> 3048 Fixed 'Thread Error: The handle is invalid (6)'<br /> 3028 Fixed Track Browser button status can be incorrect<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey Alpha 4<br /> <br /> 2889 Added ability to integrate scripts with Auto-DJ (see wiki)<br /> 2986 Added ability to integrate custom search scripts to Auto-tag from Web function<br /> 3015 Added ability to manually trigger debug log (see Forum for instructions)<br /> 2953 Added support for new fields in ID3 tags (Disc#, Conductor, Album Gain, Rel. Date)<br /> 2972 Added expand/collapse Albums in Album Art view with <ALT>+<Up>/<Down> Use <Shift> for multiple albums<br /> 2983/3012 Added fields to appear in the Tracklist<br /> 3019 Added authenticode signature to stop download warnings<br /> 2099 Added Album Art support to CD Burning<br /> 3018 Added support for multiple classifications per track<br /> 1572 Added live synchronization space indicator for auto-sync list<br /> 2981 Added total duration to statistics report<br /> 1449 Added support for new fields in AAC tags and fixed various AAC tagging issues<br /> 2952 Added support for new fields in WMA tags (Disc#, conductor, Date, classifications, involved people, custom fields, multiple attribute fields)<br /> 2951 Added support for new fields in OGG tags<br /> 2146 Added hotkeys for ratings, search, undo<br /> 2812 Added support for different fonts in menus<br /> 3000 Added tooltips for Track properties in Album Art view<br /> 2971 Added indicator for Total# of tracks in Album Art view<br /> 2924 Added additional custom fields<br /> 0347 Added ability to restrict quicksearch to current view<br /> 3020 Updated CD Burning engine to version 2.04<br /> 2994 Improved empty Album Art image<br /> 2908 Improved Auto-sync list config panel<br /> 2370 Improved mask configuration<br /> 2204 Improved Burn CD Again workflow<br /> 2990 Improved hotkey shortcuts should be reflected in menus<br /> 2988 Improved hotkey panel usability<br /> 2802 Improved ratings representation for Album Ratings<br /> 2963 Improved skinning capabilities<br /> 2969 Improved CPU utilization (better caching) for Album Art views<br /> 2824 Improved accessibility of Auto DJ<br /> 2976 Improved support for Japanese characters<br /> 2955 Improved Album Art window with Maximize button<br /> 2948 Fixed regression: Edit controls in skinned mode aren't Unicode ready<br /> 3005 Fixed regression: toolbar setting in Party mode overwrites regular toolbar setting<br /> 3003 Fixed regression: scrolling property attributes doesn't work correctly in Party mode<br /> 3008 Fixed regression: data in custom fields can be deleted in some cases when editing<br /> 3006 Fixed regression: empty BPM field always has a value of 1<br /> 2989 Fixed regression: hotkeys should not open > 1 instance of a modal dialog<br /> 3001 Fixed regression: Album node is lost when its name is mass edited<br /> 2967 Fixed regression: Cannot clear Album field in tracklist<br /> 2975 Fixed regression: Unchecking 'Infer track properties' causes scanning to freeze<br /> 2859 Fixed statistics report fails with new DB<br /> 3013 Fixed linked Album Art can be deleted in some cases when editing Track properties<br /> 2972 Fixed Album Art view selection problems<br /> 2998 Fixed Album Art view doesn't refresh when art is deleted<br /> 3016 Fixed usability regressions in auto-type dropdowns<br /> 3027 Fixed player image is corrupted when second instance is run<br /> 2808 Fixed iPod synchronization: iPods appear incorrectly in Vista<br /> 3031 Fixed Scanning large wave files can trigger memory leak<br /> 2865/2875 Fixed refresh of tracklist (e.g. scanning) causes view to scroll to the top<br /> 3030 Fixed Party Mode isn't protected for Win key + TAB<br /> 2966 Fixed Hotkeys behave globally even if not set to global<br /> 2941 Fixed SQL error when attempting to browse podcast directory<br /> 2843 Fixed access violation when updating podcast<br /> 2995/2984 Fixed podcast directory can't be expanded in some cases<br /> 2204 Fixed confusing workflow & messaging for multiple disk burns<br /> 2770 Fixed classification subnodes can't be renamed<br /> 2846 Fixed volume bar gets offset when changing skin options<br /> 2982 Fixed playing a flac while converting it triggers an access violation<br /> 2961/2993 Fixed playback artifacts while tagging a track during playback<br /> 3002 Fixed double-click action doesn't always work correctly in Album Art view<br /> 2072 Fixed Disc Burn verification fails when auto-conversion is used<br /> 2220 Fixed m3u playlist files aren't burnt correctly<br /> 2992 Fixed CD rip / playback problems when multiple CDs are inserted<br /> 2985 Fixed quicksearch history / auto-type doesn't work as expected<br /> 2979 Fixed iPod synchronization can fail if iPod DB has > 1 identical track IDs<br /> 2959 Fixed text in Now Playing view not properly refreshed re. Bold text<br /> 2977 Fixed Windows Logon screen can cause MM to freeze<br /> 2844 Fixed various freezes of MM<br /> 2968 Fixed Autoplaylists - condition Played# = 0 does not work correctly<br /> 2945 Fixed resizing of device synchronization settings dialog fails<br /> 2965/2956 MediaMonkey graphics improvements<br /> 2528 Fixed Winamp 5.3+ Unicode Input plug-ins not compatible<br /> 2950 Fixed access violation on shutdown if external device is connected<br /> 2942 Fixed minimize/maximize buttons don't always respond<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey Alpha 3<br /> <br /> 2667 Added Album Art support for flac<br /> 1331 Added search history<br /> 2825 Added Vista-style hierarchy browser (via 'View')<br /> 0347 Added option to restrict Quicksearch to current view<br /> 2774 Added multimedia keys to the hotkey list<br /> 2753 Added album art management for device synchronization<br /> 2417 Improved search node isn't shown unless search history exists<br /> 2933 Improved messages for disk spanning<br /> 1633 Improved album art management<br /> 2904 Improved Auto-sync dialog should be resizable<br /> 2887 Improved description of UTF-16 tagging behaviour<br /> 2921 Improved debug logging so that it doesn't require an email to be sent<br /> 2848 Updated CD Burning Engine to version 2.02<br /> 2490 Fixed burning auto-conversion is at high priority<br /> 1449 Fixed some AAC m4a tags not read<br /> 2936 Fixed queries may show tracks multiple times (e.g. with multiple genres)<br /> 2931 Fixed minimizing mini-monkey triggers error<br /> 1949 Fixed regression: iPod auto-sync can fail to create playlists<br /> 2907 Fixed regression: 'Advanced' option not available on auto-sync list<br /> 2914 Fixed tracks on WMDM devices are sometimes synched unnecessarily<br /> 2858 Fixed deleting many tracks triggers freeze<br /> 2828 Fixed Milkdrop generates an error on visualization startup<br /> 2862 Fixed very large OPML 1.0 directories can trigger a freeze<br /> 2910 Fixed 'Year' queries don't work correctly<br /> 2913 Fixed Now Playing > Edit > Clean can trigger a freeze<br /> 2909 Fixed edits to classification can be lost in the Properties dialog<br /> 2859 Fixed statistics report fails<br /> 2901 Fixed ID3 2.4 tags aren't read correctly for frame > 127 bytes<br /> 2902 Fixed Album Art numbering<br /> 2902 Fixed Album art not added correctly for tracks in different albums / locations<br /> 2903 Fixed some Podcast attributes not read correctly<br /> 2900 Fixed send to Playlist from Now Playing window doesn't trigger update<br /> 2898 Fixed Auto-Tag from Amazon 'Auto-Tag' button is disabled once used<br /> 2899 Fixed extensions on remote files/streams can be read incorrectly<br /> 2897 Fixed progress bar blinks when clicking unsyrchronized tracks node<br /> 2882 Fixed unsynchronized tracks node can trigger a crash<br /> 2896 Fixed prefixes (e.g. 'The') can cause incorrect sorting when switching views<br /> 2886 Fixed eMusic ID3 tags read incorrectly<br /> 2891 Fixed occasional SQL errors when scanning tracks and/or other db operations<br /> 2888 Fixed Volume Bar doesn't work correctly in some cases<br /> 2716 Fixed some streams don't display correctly in the player<br /> 2849 Fixed MP3 files with a long block of zeros can trigger a crash<br /> 2849 Removed in_dsmp3.dll<br /> 2881 Fixed exception after MainTree node is edited<br /> 2880 Fixed access violation when changing album properties in Album Art view<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey Alpha 2<br /> <br /> 2558 Added different headers to Now Playing in minimized mode<br /> 2237 Added total lockdown to Party mode<br /> 2878 Added option to burn same disc again<br /> 1991 Added query by Track#<br /> 1992 Added query by Media<br /> 1985 Added query by Album / Album Comments<br /> 0715 Added query by Type<br /> 2558 Improved integration of the Mini-Monkey with the Now Playing window<br /> 2851 Improved grouping by Album Artist in Album Art views<br /> 2834 Fixed occasional access violations in Album Art views<br /> 2839 Fixed access violations when user adds album art before view has refreshed<br /> 2860 Fixed access violation on addition of Album Art via group properties<br /> 2856 Fixed Track # should be shown in AA view instead of play order #<br /> 2832 Fixed minimizing progress bar can trigger access violation<br /> 2829 Fixed <ctrl><a> in some views triggers access violation<br /> 2836 Fixed access violation when user double-clicks on minimonkey to restore<br /> 2830 Fixed access violation when winamp is used as the player<br /> 2847 Fixed player flickers when docked under tracklist and mouse hovers on it<br /> 2841 Fixed access violation on resizing player<br /> 2867 Fixed minimized status bars not visible in unskinned mode<br /> 2874 Fixed Editing rating from within player triggers apparent change in Now Playing list<br /> 2558 Fixed tracks don't play on double-click in Mini-Monkey if player is stopped/paused<br /> 2866 Fixed 'All' nodes fail to update to reflect scanning progress<br /> 2802 Fixed Album Ratings shouldn't appear editable<br /> 2872 Fixed Access Violation for scripts calling GetNodeData<br /> 2850 Fixed podcasts fail to download if episode title contains > 1 line<br /> 2857 Fixed occasional freezes from some podcast downloads<br /> 2858 Fixed freeze upon removal of many tracks from the library<br /> 2840 Fixed access violation on clearing many Genre fields at once<br /> 2837 Fixed database version check fails in some cases<br /> 2844 Fixed access violation when multiple selects occur<br /> 2842 Fixed 'List index out of bounds' error in virtual tree<br /> 2854 Fixed auto-tag from Amazon doubles up track listings<br /> 2833 Fixed playlist.m3u should be moved from My Music to App Data directory<br /> 2827 Updated to FLAC 1.1.4 libraries<br /> <br /> <br /> MediaMonkey Alpha 1<br /> <br /> 2704 Added Vista compatibility for CD playback<br /> 2754 Added new themeable player (via msz files)<br /> 2389 Added adjustable font sizes in Themes (for Media PC themes)<br /> 2583 Added new status bar framework which conserves space<br /> 2360 Added new client-side framework for easy installation of scripts (via mmip files)<br /> 2399 Added lightweight db (sqlite) for improved performance and reliability<br /> 0848 Added ability to display all fields in the Tracklist<br /> 1856 Added podcast reader (configurable directories and podcasts)<br /> 2253 Added My Documents in the Locations node (needs more work for Vista)<br /> 1313 Added iTunes style browser<br /> 2699 Added in-tracklist editing of ratings<br /> 2524 Added Send-to email<br /> 2366 Added the ability to add new folders via Drag and Drop<br /> 1273 Added ability to sort the Now Playing list<br /> 1273 Added undo capability for changes to the Now Playing list<br /> 1988 Added Files to Edit > Unlevelled tracks<br /> 2623 Added track selection via spacebar to better comply with accessibility requirements<br /> 0104 Added ability to see which playlists a track belongs to<br /> 1797 Added empty winamp.exe file to install directory to facilitate winamp plugin installs<br /> 2614 Added themeable text to better highlight Burn Wizard warnings<br /> 1445 Added ability to burn audio across multiple Audio CDs<br /> 2373 Added auto-conversion for CD Burning (e.g. convert Flac on the fly for an MP3 CD)<br /> 2242 Added optional warnings to appear in burn wizard when when burn path > 64 characters<br /> 2416 Added delete original files option to burn data disc wizard (for archival purposes)<br /> 2374 Added 'cache files from network' option for safer burning of non-local files<br /> 2521 Added ability to delete tracks in audio cd burn wizard<br /> 2173 Added unicode support for disc burning<br /> 2072 Added verify disc function for burning<br /> 2371 Added much faster audio CD burning via on-the-fly track preparation and larger buffer<br /> 1746 Added warning to prevent scanning of a directory containing the Virtual CD<br /> 2772 Added option to add tracks to the library on conversion<br /> 0097 Added automated volume analysis (optional)<br /> 1330 Added Album Gain support<br /> 0849 Added ability to edit volume leveling values<br /> 2659 Added Micro-Monkey player upon minizing to Tray (currently 'MediaMonkey Desk Player')<br /> 0351 Added configurable hotkeys with Global hotkey support<br /> 2476 Added remember last node when closing<br /> 2505 Added hibernate and sleep options to Sleep function<br /> 2180 Added auto-generation of debug logs if MM crashes<br /> 1448 Added AAC playback (requires Quicktime)<br /> 0117 Added native crossfade support<br /> 2545 Added silence removal<br /> 2678 Added playback position is bookmarked based on Genre<br /> 1380 Added advanced search for 'unknown' fields<br /> 2645 Added advanced search for last synched date<br /> 1987 Added advanced search for contained in playlist<br /> 2335 Added logical operators for quicksearch (' '=AND, ""=exact, ';'=OR)<br /> 0096 Added basic logical operators for advanced search ('Any'/'All)<br /> 1449 Added AAC tagging<br /> 1545 Added improved support for classical music (help file to be updated)<br /> 1633 Added global album art configuration settings / improved album art management<br /> 1633 Added support for saving Album Art as folder.jpg globally<br /> 2667 Added Album Art tagging in FLAC files<br /> 2750 Added replay gain support for WMA tags (previously only in DB)<br /> 2730 Added Album Art tagging in OGG files<br /> 2773 Added linked Album Art locations to FLAC tags<br /> 0956 Added WM9 encoding (lossless, Pro, speeach, VBR, CBR-2 Pass, etc)<br /> 2605 Added multiple genres support to ID3 tags<br /> 2440 Added Send-to My Documents<br /> 2147 Added ability to import ratings from jRiver<br /> 2655 Added synch support for iPod Gapless mode<br /> 2231 Added auto-synch should display number of tracks being deleted<br /> 1949 Added synchronization gives more control over auto-generated playlists<br /> 2107 Added synchronization config allows user to define formats supported on a device<br /> 0714 Added support for multiple Genres, Artists, Albums, CDs<br /> 1796 Improved database is stored to Application data instead of My Music<br /> 1627 Improved associated file types are not set to 'MediaMonkey file'<br /> 2490 Improved burn priority set to High for on-the-fly, and uses default thread priority otherwise<br /> 2378 Improved default burn data disk format masks<br /> 2212 Improved CD-text usability in the Audio CD wizard<br /> 1132 Improved configuration in volume leveling screen (needs more work)<br /> 0519 Improved Tooltips behaviour (needs more work)<br /> 2731 Improved layout and icons<br /> 1807 Improved Auto-tag from Amazon to better display changed tags<br /> 2415 Improved Auto-organize with addition masks<br /> 2664 Updated to LAME 3.97<br /> 2737 Updated FLAC to 1.1.3<br /> 2694 Updated Microsoft Windows Media components<br /> 2506 Fixed MediaMonkey doesn't work well in multi-monitor environments<br /> 2377 Fixed Window Positions not persisted when application is closed<br /> 2685 Fixed settings don't persist if application is abnormally terminated<br /> 1437 Fixed switching from Winamp back to MM player should trigger Now Playing list to appear<br /> 2572 Fixed odbc errors when searching using Chinese characters<br /> 2715 Fixed scanning status bar shows track prior to the one actually being scanned<br /> 2760 Fixed MediaMonkey can add duplicate entries when a drive is switched from IDE to USB<br /> 2643 Fixed MediaMonkey isn't correctly associated with tracks in some environments<br /> 2672 Fixed config settings can sometimes be saved to C:\My Music<br /> 2695 Fixed file lengths reported incorrectly when headers are incorrect (e.g. MusicMatch rips)<br /> 2593 Fixed Audio CD is closed even if 'Allow further writing' is enabled<br /> 2575 Fixed if burner/disk fails to initialize, no error message is given<br /> 2560 Fixed progress bar shows 'Burning .m3u file' when burning a Single Data file<br /> 2550 Fixed non-Gold user cannot click burn if CD/DVD isn't inserted<br /> 2549 Fixed Send-to disk has CD/DVD as an available option<br /> 0210 Fixed Drag and Drop / Cut & Paste disabled for virtual CD<br /> 2460 Removed Virtual CD queue (playlists serve the same function)<br /> 2786 Fixed newly added/converted tracks fail to trigger a refresh of the current view<br /> 2751 Fixed leveling RVA2 ID3 tags written incorrectly<br /> 2692 Fixed leveling RVA2 ID3 tags from Foobar not read correctly<br /> 1421 Fixed tracklist scrolls horizontally unnecessarily in some cases<br /> 2280 Fixed focus shifts when tracks are added/removed from the view<br /> 0266 Fixed Location/Network node shouldn't appear unless tracks are contained within<br /> 2526 Fixed wheelmouse works backwards if configured to scroll page at a time<br /> 2512 Fixed tray 'restore' function when MM is in foreground causes 'Now Playing' to become hidden<br /> 0946 Fixed clicking a Tree shortcut sometimes cause node to display at the bottom of the window<br /> 0700 Fixed <Shift><Delete> should trigger permanent deletion without prompting for choice of method<br /> 0021 Fixed empty tree nodes should not have a '+'<br /> 0945 Fixed Now Playing transparency stops working after MediaMonkey is restored<br /> 1127 Fixed Now Playing transparency blocks confirmation dialogs<br /> 0905 Fixed Now Playing doesn't always show the upcoming track<br /> 2767 Fixed folder selection dialog can trigger AV, and is slow<br /> 2489 Fixed usability issues in folder selection dialog<br /> 2548 Fixed invalid MPP files can trigger an access violation<br /> 2815 Fixed track never ends after switching back from party mode/full screen<br /> 2680 Fixed playcount algorithm should only mark tracks as played when fully played<br /> 2726 Fixed playcounts are increased when tracks are paused<br /> 2718 Fixed MP3 input plugin introduces slight gaps<br /> 1670 Fixed editing tag of currently playing track can lead to 5-10 seconds of repetition<br /> 2711 Fixed player timer is stuck at zero if set to count down on a radio stream<br /> 0124 Fixed changes in equalizer setting during playback cause audio artifacts<br /> 2632 Fixed misc issues with MediaMonkey / Winamp integration<br /> 2452 Fixed Auto-DJ performance issues<br /> 2674 Fixed copy & paste of autoplaylists doesn't always work<br /> 1966 Fixed duplicate detection doesn't give any feedback if no duplicates are detected<br /> 2738 Fixed faulty tags in some wave tracks cause them to always remain in unsynchronized tags<br /> 2778 Fixed wave tags written by EAsy CD-DA extractor cannot be modified<br /> 1765 Fixed auto-tag from Amazon generates incorrect artist info for Various Artist CDs<br /> 2165 Fixed My Computer node infers properties of tracks that are already in the DB<br /> 2241 Fixed multiple Album Art windows can open for a single file and retain focus incorrectly<br /> 2696 Fixed File Monitor adds tracks in 8.3 format on FAT filesystems<br /> 2687 Fixed volume leveling information isn't read from LAME info tag<br /> 2434 Fixed Volume leveling peak info not stored to MPC tags<br /> 2621 Fixed auto-organize tries to organize all checked files even when no change is required<br /> 2631 Fixed corrupted MP3 tags are read very slowly<br /> 2499 Fixed tagging of tracks in tagging queue can cause damaged Album art<br /> 2386 Fixed Auto-organize of large number of tracks leads to an apparent UI freeze<br /> 2582 Fixed wording of auto-increment script<br /> 2646 Fixed scripting bug: SDB.UI.NewEdit.ControlName = SDB.UI.NewEdit.Text<br /> 2782 Fixed MTP synchronization: wmdm driver doesn't delete empty directories<br /> 2781 Fixed MTP synchronization: wmdm driver doesn't synch album art from My Computer node<br /> 2276 Fixed synchronization: iRiver H Series inaccurately named<!-- google_ad_section_end --> </blockquote> </div> </div> </div> <div class="after_content"> <div style="clear:both"></div> </div> <div class="cleardiv"></div> </div> </div> <div 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