Version History of Google Chome 29.0.1547.62

Some highlights of these changes are: 

  • Kernel 3.8 landed on Pixel and Samsung 550. 
  • New “immersive” mode - hit the fullscreen button to hide the toolbar and shelf and until you hover at the top for a more immersive browsing experience. 
  • Pin apps to the shelf using Drag and Drop from the Launcher 
  • Default wallpaper selection will sync across all your devices 
  • Monitor Scaling allows you to scale the UI. Especially useful on Pixel to get some more space 
  • Two-finger history navigation 
  • App launcher Search just got cleverer 
    • It will dynamically learn what you search for 
    • Apps are more prominent 
    • It will search for you in the web store if you don’t have an app installed