Version History of Google Chrome 24.0.1297.0 (Dev)


  • Updated V8 -
  • Updated WebKit - 537.16
  • Fixed tab character in text field when pressed Tab in a tag. (Issue: 149859)
  • Fixed omnibox suggestion: restore selection on WM_IME_ENDCOMPOSITION (Issue: 154379)
  • Fixed text that goes out of the box under Related section after an app was installed. (Issue: 154797)
  • Fixed Web Store icon (Issue: 149887)


  • Updated styling for Web Intents windows
  • Setting preference to launch in Metro on Windows 8 will no longer cause Chrome to launch in Metro mode upon uninstall.
  • Fixed missing print preview on Asian sites. (Issue: 161704)


  • Fixed a bug where Chrome would use an outdated version of Pepper Flash (Issue: 151716)
  • [r161874] Fixed a bug where Chrome would fail to quit if at least two windows were open and  a page had a beforeunload handler (Issue: 118424)
  • Fixed browser hang when webcam used on facebook with OSX flapper. (Issue: 152757)