Old Version of InfraRecorder 0.50
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InfraRecorder 0.50
Supported Systems
Legacy OS support
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Open Source
Release Date
12 August, 2009 (12 years ago )

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Download InfraRecorder 0.50
InfraRecorder 0.50

InfraRecorder 0.50 (3.27 MB)

okay 46 scans reported this version clean

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System Requirements of InfraRecorder 0.50
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
Program Information of InfraRecorder 0.50
Version Name:
InfraRecorder 0.50

File Size:
3.27 MB

Released Date:
12 August, 2009 (12 years ago)

MD5 Checksum:

SHA1 Checksum:

Version History of InfraRecorder 0.50
  • Relaxed default project ISO9660 settings.
  • Made progress dialogs resizable for easier reading.
  • Added wait cursors to time consuming operations.
  • Fixed bug causing failed operations to sometimes be reporeted as successful.

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InfraRecorder Screenshots

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About InfraRecorder

InfraRecorder is an open source CD and DVD writing program for Microsoft Windows. First started by Christian Kindahl in the Google Summer of Code 2006, InfraRecorder uses the cdrtools software library to perform the actual burning. It offers a wide range of powerful features; all through an easy to use application interface and Windows Explorer integration.


  • Create custom data, audio and mixed-mode projects and record them to physical discs as well as disc images.
  • Supports recording to dual-layer DVDs.
  • Blank (erase) rewritable discs using four different methods.
  • Record disc images (ISO and BIN/CUE).
  • Fixate discs (write lead-out information to prevent further data from being added to the disc).
  • Scan the SCSI/IDE bus for devices and collect information about their capabilities.
  • Create disc copies, on the fly and using a temporary disc image.
  • Import session data from multi-session discs and add more sessions to them.
  • Display disc information.
  • Save audio and data tracks to files (.wav, .wma, .ogg, .mp3 and .iso).

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